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Begode RS19ht cutout at low speed today ~14mph

Kamen Rider

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Begode RS19ht cutout at low speed today ~14mph

Not sure what happened. 

Speed: ~14mph
Road: gravel w lots of potholes
Battery: ~82%
Temp (wheel): 118F
Ambient temp: 68F
Duration: abt 11 minutes into ride
Total Mileage (wheel lifetime): ~350 miles
Was not riding fast. Cutout at low speed (12 to 15mph). 
Wheel beeps when pressing power button but will not power on 
I took screenshots some time after the cutout so times might not match exactly
Glad I was ATGATT! (fullface helmet, wrist sliders, knee guards, kevlar jacket)
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For those interested:

Gear tested from cutout


not pictured:

Biltwell lanesplitter helmet (didn't hit helmet at all)

TCX baja mid boots


Road rash: some road rash on my left elbow where I landed, right hand where the triple 8 doesn't have great coverage, also a bit on my right hip where jacket must have flipped up on the ground

Sore: Left Shoulder, right hip, left knee

I can walk ok (slight limp) and could have ridden the EUC back home if it would have turned on. ended up phoning a friend to pick me up. prob won't ride for a few days though

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That sucks. Based on what you are saying and what the EUCw shows, you didn’t do anything wrong. The wheel was barely getting out of the newborn test phase, but I guess it just had an unexplained issue that probably destroyed the controller since it doesn’t turn on. You didn’t mention the motor being stiff when powered off, which would indicate a fried mosfet. I guess this was just a different kind of bad luck.

I hope you bought it from a reputable seller that respects the warranty.

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My msx84 did a similar thing on a hot summer day. I don't know for sure but I BELIEVE it was a mosfet that hadn't been properly bolted down into the heatsink. I got my board fixed, and then I loctited all the mosfets down properly. Haven't had a problem since. Did 1000km on the repaired board.

I couldn't see damage on the control board by just removing the side cover. It had to be separated from the heatsink to expose the obvious blown mosfet. The damage was big, even though it was a low speed failure.

I also added extra cooling to the wheel by adding two more fans. The blown mosfet(s) was at the end of the row, farthest away from the fan.

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Oh too bad you didn't do the screen shot of the graft... The stupid ks app would delete all data as soon as the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, unlike EVW app.... 

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Wow. I wonder if this is perhaps a quality issue with the connector. 

Either that it has corroded (contamination?) or that the tolerances weren't that great. The pin didn't expand enough in the sleeve, resulting in high resistance. 

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