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  1. I have both the 18L and 18XL and both report 84.5 when fully charged.
  2. I hope you were geared up and suffered no injuries.
  3. Paradox


    This might solve your problem.
  4. Remember to gear up. Falling at 13mph is very different than falling at 26mph.
  5. Thanks for this update. It may help others in the future!
  6. It does not look like it has the energy monitoring function required.
  7. Great! The TP-Link switch is hard to find here in the US and it is expensive when found.
  8. I use the Belkin Wemo Insight switch that has energy monitoring. Any chance these switches will work with EUC.WORLD in the future or will I have to go buy new smart switches? Thanks for a great app!
  9. Exactly! Glad your ok. Wheels can be repaired.
  10. What about EUCO? https://www.euco.us/
  11. If your on Android, use EUC World. it has ride tracking.
  12. Are the angles of the pedals the same? Not backward or forward tilt, I mean pitch. I would think if the pedal angle was different it would lean to one side when standing on both pedals.
  13. I tried to find the post describing beep patterns. No luck. I remember someone responded with the reasons for various patterns. Make a new post describing the beep pattern. Someone will chime in.
  14. There does seem to be differences in the two boards. Possible not of the same version.
  15. Your pic seems to suggest you have the blue and green reversed.
  16. There are a few tear down videos on youtube. Maybe one of these can provide the proper connections.
  17. I have heard of this problem in the past with other wheels. It might be from a cracked inner shell. Or a loose power control board.
  18. Open the Galaxy wearable app and on the bottom Click Discover, scroll down to "Utilities", Choose "View more" then click the question mark then search for EUC World.
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