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V11 "Overload, Please Get Off"


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Just finished my ride and went to the charger, rolling it "on" with my hands. there was a small pile of clothes in the path, I roll over a pair of sweatpants and they get sucked into the back of the wheel and I hear a revving sound and it notifies me, "overload, please get off" I frantically try to turn it off. I takes me a second but I turn it off. I pull out the pants and try to turn it back on to see if I hurt it, it doesn't turn on. I plug in into the charger and it reads two bars (it's at 38%) and I attempt to try it again. the battery lights up and the sounds indicate a start up but instantly cuts out. it wont do this process unless in plug it in again. I tried a factory reset but had no luck. I'm pretty new to the hobby so my knowledge of the actual wheel and it's mechanism is pretty weak. if anyone has a suggestion or hopefully a solution I would much appreciate.

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The first thing I’d try is to put the wheel on it’s side and try to spin the tire with your hands. Does it feel stiffer than normal? Can you make it spin freely?

 If the tire spins freely, the next thing to do is to connect the charger and then connect to the wheel with the Inmotion app. Check if there are any errors in Settings -> Diagnosis.

I already have my guess. :(

PS. You should give the batteries a while to recover before starting to charge them. Even just 15 minutes.

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1 minute ago, alcatraz said:

Is the V11 equipped with any fuses that could have blown?

Yes, but they are very rarely blown by themselves. They are on the board, but rather difficult to get to and replace.

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