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  1. I've owned H5102, C-186, and K262. For street use, I like H5102's behavior, but I'm nervous with it around broken glass because the tread seems very thin. C-186 is actually more carefree on the street for me, since the thick tread seems so robust to damage (but carving is very different). I've ridden C-1488 and generally like it, but it wears out very fast. Other possibilities below- has anyone tried these? Thx __ Kenda K340, 2.75-14 35P: CST CM610 2.75-14 35P or 49P (not available in USA) : CST C6004 2.75-14 41P (thx @fbhb) : Kenda K272 2.75-14 35P (not available in USA) : CST C137 2.75-14 41P : see @supercurio's note here CST C113 2.75-14 35P : @EMA likes it, fits nicely ContiScoot 80/90B14 46P (tubeless): (left, vs 1488 right) Recalled; discontinued. Michelin Pilot Street 80/100B14 49L (tube; discontinued?) or 80/90 46P (tubeless) or 70/90 40P (tubeless) : Michelin Pilot Street 2 80/90-14 46S (tubeless) Michelin City Pro (not available in USA?) 80/90 14 46P - too wide for MSX/MSP . OK for RS and heavier EUCs. 70/90-14 40P - ez fit Michelin City Extra 80/90-14 46P (tubeless) - fits S22 rim nicely IRC NR77 80/90B14 40P (fits MSX/MSP but only if your shell is centered) 70/90B14 34P (more clearance) Avon AM63 Viper Stryke 80/90B14 40S : Bridgestone 80/90 -14 40P BATTLAX SC (tubeless) (thx @Steve Jo) or 70/90-14 34P (tubeless) (thx @XaBi) Eakia / Jiluer J-1836 18x3.0 : Jiluer 820 (J-820) 2.75-14 (tubeless) Kingsong S22 OEM tire ChaoYang H587 18x3.0 : ChaoYang H-666, 18x3.0 ewheels has stock again (May 2022) Poor fit on 60mm wide Sherman rims. CST C-1593 18x3.0 : (unknown) P218 2.75-14 35P : Shinko SR567 80/90-14 43P (tubeless) Shinko SR898 80/80-14 43P (tubeless) Shinko SR877 80/90-14 40P (tubeless) or 70/90-14 34P (tubeless) @houseofjob also had a lovely reply to the Sherman thread:
  2. Just finished my ride and went to the charger, rolling it "on" with my hands. there was a small pile of clothes in the path, I roll over a pair of sweatpants and they get sucked into the back of the wheel and I hear a revving sound and it notifies me, "overload, please get off" I frantically try to turn it off. I takes me a second but I turn it off. I pull out the pants and try to turn it back on to see if I hurt it, it doesn't turn on. I plug in into the charger and it reads two bars (it's at 38%) and I attempt to try it again. the battery lights up and the sounds indicate a start up but instantly cuts out. it wont do this process unless in plug it in again. I tried a factory reset but had no luck. I'm pretty new to the hobby so my knowledge of the actual wheel and it's mechanism is pretty weak. if anyone has a suggestion or hopefully a solution I would much appreciate.
  3. RE-HOMING MY “InMotion V11” suspension EUC. This wheel is in MINT condition and has been owned my a meticulous owner. It’s never been crashed, laid down, abused or used for jumping and/or off-road mud trailing and riding. It’s only been ridden for street riding. ✔️Details✔️ ☑️—> Only has under 400 original miles on it. ☑️—> No structural or operational issues. ☑️—> It has been padded up for protection from the beginning. ☑️—> Will come with everything as it came from InMotion (Charger, Shock pump, Paperwork, etc.). 🔥BONUS BRAND NEW ITEMS INCLUDED🔥 1.) Inmotion V11 Electric Unicycle Seat. 2.) Inmotion V11 Leg Side Power Pads. 3.) Inmotion V11 V12 Honeycomb Foot Pedals. 4.) Black Crow V11 EUC Storage Stand. PRICE: $1700 Firm. LOCATION: Local Pickup Only in Central Florida (Kissimmee / Orlando area). Please message me with your interest and questions. Thank you for looking. Stay safe!
  4. My DIY solution what I missed on V11: bluetooth speakers, android terminal (with powerbank for long ussage) for navigation, eWheel apps, turn signal lights / winkers, action camera etc. I have considered a solution that does not require any destructive changes on the unicycle.
  5. Inmotion V11 Inmotion introduced its first ever electric unicycle with Air spring suspension system. Release date: 2020-Apr-03 Shipments date: Approx. 2020-July Specifications Color Black (+Carbon print) Weight 59.5 lb 27 kg Range 75 mi 120 km Speed 32.5 mph 50 km/h Lifting angle 35 deg Maximum load 120 kg Charging time 10 hours (5 with two chargers) Motor Power 2000W (rated) Charger 84V@1.5A Battery 1420 Wh (80 cells, 21700, 20S4P) Headlight 18W, automobile-grade Wheel diameter 18" Tire width 3" Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0, BLE Water protection class IP55 Dimensions 26.6 * 19.7 * 7.87 in 67.5 * 50 * 20 cm susp2.mp4
  6. I’ve found myself on vacation in Sonoma county and was wondering if anyone had experience with renting an EUC in this neck of the woods (I’d be willing to travel as far as SF). I had a wheel reserved for a week and a half on friendwitha, but the merchant cancelled the day of and tried to get me to rebook at double the price (which I would have paid up front if he’d asked). I thought I’d be ok forgoing the activity, but it’s looking like it’s just to pretty around here to give up the chance. I sport a V11 and a PintX back in Chicago —I’d also be happy to a borrow/swap if anyone here is traveling there in the future.
  7. As you may have noticed Inmotion released the firmware V1.4.15 for V11, with a statement. This post from @Cecily Inmotion describes it with a lot of restraint as bringing "New Functions", underselling it IMO. As far as I understand, it is all about battery safety, alerting the user in various cases where the packs experience faults in order to reduce risk of fires when charging. At the time of writing (June 7 2022), the fire history thread now lists three V11 fires, the last two of which occurred on May 20 and 25. Here's a preview of the battery safety and charging alerts this firmware added: I don't own a V11 nor understand how the voltage between packs can drift (maybe due to BMS drain while idle?) nor how it can result in a fire, but these alert precautions and instructions look reasonable. Inmotion noticed however that the rate of install of this new firmware is low, so @Cecily Inmotion asked for a signal boost. Given the severity, I understand any help is welcome, therefore: Apps Adding a firmware upgrade prompt, explaining why. @Seba EUC World: Would it be possible for you to include a persistent prompt requesting to update the firmware to V1.4.15 or newer? With a link to the Play Store for the Inmotion app. @Ilya Shkolnik @Alla Shkolnik DarknessBot: Could you also encourage the rider to upgrade its Inmotion V11 firmware to V1.4.15 or newer? A link to the App Store with some minimal instructions would also be welcome. Reviewers, YouTubers In no specific order: @Mike Sacristan @Hsiang @evX_Mick @ThaBlackCobra @GoGeorgeGo You Since you've just read this message, you can help broadcasting this to anybody relevant.
  8. Hi all, Today the Inmotion app pushed the 1.4.13 firmware for my V11 (Main board: 1.4.13, Driver board: 4.2.21, no BLE firmware). This time, the app was very adamant about me installing the firmware: the app actually locked the wheel on connection (flashing battery indicator, motor disabled) until I would accept the new firmware. As I've learnt my lesson on installing V11 firmware with an iPhone - V5F, V8 are fine with iPhone, rock stable, probably older bluetooth hardware, but V11 not so much - I did not accept the new firmware on my iPhone. I used my iPad instead, which worked fine, last last time. After firmware upgrade, my wheel was unlocked again (*phew*). Release notes: Optimized motor drive parameters and higher stability of high-speed riding. Body-sensation separation mode added to allow independent adjustment of sensation while accelerating and braking. Known bugs fixed. Perhaps point 1 and/or 3 prompted Inmotion to disable the wheel until the update was installed...? In any case, this firmware adds the split mode pedal sensitivity adjustment (2), which should help with braking - something I felt was weak in this wheel. After trying it out (50% forward - 30% reverse), I noticed mostly faster acceleration, but not much difference in braking. I will just continue my practice of bleeding off speed when approaching an area where I may have to make a full stop ("pre-braking"). Also, Inmotion added dynamic remaining range estimation - like Darknessbot has supported for a while now. It requires you to ride for 3 km for it to calibrate, and then it gives you a sensible reading. While it's still a bit optimistic, it's much more accurate than the default range estimation. Aside from that, I noticed that the Darknessbot app no longer gets correct readings of the various metrics, such as speed and battery level: the battery level now appears to vary with speed, turning it into a wonky speedometer. Darknessbot is therefore no longer usable with firmware 1.4.13. That's a shame really, as I used my iPhone as an arm-mounted dashboard while riding (I use one of those arm-mounted phone sleeves for running), and Darknessbot would disable screen locking and rotation when enabled. The Inmotion app has no rotation lock, and more importantly, it allows the screen to go dark and become locked: this is a no-no for a dashboard app. Hopefully, Darknessbot will get updated to support this firmware. And hopefully, the Inmotion app will get updated to support screen lock disable and screen rotation lock. Two great apps are better than one :-). And while I'm requesting Inmotion app fixes: I think the Darknessbot offline mode is great for reviewing ride metrics afterwards: no need to connect the wheel, and metrics are remembered after switching off the wheel. It would be great if the Inmotion app could also make recent ride metrics available without having to connect the wheel. What are your experiences with this firmware?
  9. Hi, guys, recently my V11 started it's jackhammer routine. Thanks to those who already described this and provided a fix via tightening the motor bolts. So here I am, disassembling the wheel, deflating my bottom shock absorber ports by pressing the allen key on them from the bottom, and both of them not only discharged air, but also some white fluid, denser then water, like a lubrication of some sort. I don't think that's supposed to happen, does it? All seems fine after assembly, I get my sag and suspension seems to be working and comfy, but still, what is that liquid, and how likely would I need to replace the pump, given that I've also tried to deflate them via the bleeder valve, and it seems to have gotten inside the pump as well?
  10. Hello everyone! I'm selling my Inmotion V11 in great condition with LOTS of awesome accessories. This is a 2021 4th batch model with 573 miles on it. It runs perfectly and has no structural or mechanical damage, just some scrapes and scratches from regular use. It's running the latest firmware and has been cleaned and maintained thoroughly. Not sure how to add pictures so I'll provide them upon request. Below I've listed the accessories included with the wheel. Each accessory is removable and in great condition. -2.85 inch TICWRIS Digital Display (Touchscreen mounted right above battery indicator, provides a large, bright display for helpful info including speedometer/range/music/gps right on the wheel!) -Official Inmotion Spiked Pedals (also including stock set) -Official Inmotion Power Pads (one full set) -Digital Display mount/front-upper protective bumper -Rear-upper hardshell protective bumper -Lower protective hardshell bumpers (4 total) -Custom-molded "flight fins" (for grip and stability, adjustable) -Custom-molded air valve extension holder -Kickstand extender (allows for the kickstand to be left in the "down" position at all times for quick park/go) -Inmotion 2.5a charger Lastly, here's a few specs. You can find the full spec sheet on the Inmotion website. Top Speed: 34 mph Max Range: 60 miles 2200w motor 1500wh battery Air Suspension Bright headlight/taillight/brakelight/day-time running light Dual charging capable I'm hoping to sell before I move so I've dropped the price to $1950 for this wheel, shipping, and all accessories (all of which would total over $2700 if purchased new). Please leave any questions or offers here or in a personal message, thank you!
  11. I'm sold the Inmotion V11 that I purchased last January, but failed to master riding. Rode 6 km (3.7 mi) around parks trying to learn. Few scratches from attempts at learning to ride. Added a bicycle seat modification, but that didn't help with riding. Seat is yours if you want it. Willing to meet for exchange in Arizona otherwise am glad to shipped at my expense. Sold for $1500
  12. POST YOUR CUSTOMIZED EUC's HERE! So hard trying to find specific EUC searches. With so many brilliant & talented minds riding EUC's, I know there has to be some cool Customized Wheels out there. Even if you just have a couple stickers or complete overhaul. Share your Modded / Customized Wheels here!
  13. I thought it would be nice to have thread on guides that can assist you when you have a problem with Inmotion V11. So I hope if you have a link or video or guide you can share that this is a place to make it visual. I will shave a place where I found some nice made PDF. Unfortunately they are in French. But they are very nice made. https://www.inmotion-france.fr/guides From here you have guides for pedal change and tire/motor change. Now I am personally seeking a guide on how to change a fully assembled drive board on both my V11s. I hope someone can assist me so I can be prepared once I get the parts that are in shipping now.
  14. I am just curious what everyone prefers on their V11 (and why): * Commuting Mode or Off-roading Mode? * Hard Pedals or Soft Pedals? Lately I have settled in to using off-road mode (regardless of terrain), with 70% "footboard" sensitivity. I find I get a bit more torque with off-road mode and I can accelerate/turn faster with some softness in the pedals. What do you use guys use?
  15. hey there, after i fixed the first vibration problem in the headlight I hear what sounds like plastik creaking to me. Im curious if you´ve ever heard it at yours. way to big for here, dunno why i filmed anyway. the sound occurs when leaning into the pedals or espacially do a force switch from forward to backwards. as always, thanks in advance and cheers
  16. Hi all, Looking for some input, especially from those who has experience with both the Sherman and V11, or if you by chance have both. Your input would be appreciated. I've been riding the V10F and thinking of upgrading to either a Sherman or V11. I'm 58, 6' 1" and around 110Kg/240lbs fully geared up. I'm not a speed demon and looking for a stable and reliable ride. Majority of the riding is on the streets and hardly any trails. Most of the riding is leisurely cruising around ~ 20 mph. Don't use it for commuting, more for cruising around the city. Ride stability is an important factor for me. I'm a beginner with around 200+ miles so far. Interested in your experience with either EUC and your recommendations and pros/cons. Lately, been hearing V11 having motherboard issues and the Sherman is heavy and some crack rim problems. Thanks in advance.
  17. It's been there since day one for me. I've replaced the motor as well as the tail light assembly, and still it persists (the motor and taillight assembly had other issues, but I hoped this was tied to them). I'm pretty sure it's something in the headlight, but to be sure I need to ride it with the headlight removed. Problem is, that's where the power button is. 1) Does anyone know if I can remove the headlight, plug the unit into the charger, and then connect via bluetooth and power it on and ride with no headlight? 2) Does anyone have experience with this same noise, and what did it end up being? Thank you so much for any help https://youtu.be/LuH_sml3Jsw?t=13 I can't figure out how to embed the video... sorry.
  18. Hello everyone, my control Board has died after these circumstances: 1. Rider weighing about 90 kg. 2. Slope upward about 40 degrees. 3. A lot of mud. 4. The v11 went up with the pads (without the pads it would not have been possible to go up as much and maybe nothing would have happened). 5. The legs of the capacitors melted with the consequent cut off. 6. The control board is changed and the motor does not balance. 7. Solution, do a test with the official app and when it asks you about the motor, you have to say that you do want to do a specific test for it and there you have to put the wheel completely in HORIZONTAL on the ground and do the test. 8. The motor already balances!! A geeting.
  19. Hey everyone, I was browsing the /r/ElectricUnicycle subreddit and saw a post of a memo sent out by EUCO saying that the last two batches of V11's delivered to them had faulty control boards. It continues saying that the faulty boards caused cutoff during normal riding, and especially while braking. Has anyone heard of this? Do we know if eWheels batches have been affected? I just bought a V11 from eWheels in the last 2 weeks and really don't want to send it back. Original reddit post
  20. Dear EUC riders, If you are swapping the original tire to a "knobby/off-road/winter tire" on your V11, please be carefully handling the kickstand and the gap on the tire. Yesterday, we were testing an off-road tire on V12. (The final tire model is not settled yet). The motherboard was burnt for two times when we powered up the wheel when it's on the kickstand. In a later inspection, it was found that the kickstand was stuck into the gap on the tire which prevents the wheel from spinning. The solution now is to find a replacement tire to test since the kickstand mold has been made. You can also take a few minutes to share with us your ideal off-road tire for a high-performance wheel. Thanks in advance. To prevent it from burning the motherboard, please choose the tire model more wisely or other protection gear to separate the kickstand and the gap. It might apply to other wheel included a kickstand. Please take it as a kind notice for you. Keep rolling and stay alert. Thanks INMOTION Team
  21. Crowd sourcing an issue with the Inmotion App I have had since September 2020. The LED RGB lighting patterns won't transfer to the wheel properly. Only load a couple of panels of a DIY light design. I was stuck just leaving them on a steady pattern for months. This happened around the time V11 came out and the Android App kept needed updating. I was waiting hoping they would fix this BUG, but no new updates since Nov. The Guys at ewheel.com helped me back and forth. We found that the Apple's Inmotion App is working Perfectly. I can change RGB lighting to my hearts content, but one downside I have to borrow my Wife Iphone every time I want to change it. Hoping maybe posting something here might help to get the word to Inmotion. I have Sent multiple emails and comments to Inmotion, but maybe they to busy getting the V11's perfected to worry about my little V10 ATM. Is anyone else having the same kinda issue? Does the new ipod touch with Wi-Fi work on the Apple Inmotion App? (looking at that for a quicker fix)
  22. Hello community! I have a new pair of V11 FlyPads by Hulaj (Poland) for sale. Why? Well, unfortunately, they push my big feet too far back on the pedals. I wear size 12 Merrell Moab Tactical Boots when I ride, and setting the FlyPads at their highest level doesn't allow enough room for my feet to sit where they need to. I had a fear of this when ordering these, which is why I also ordered the V11 PowerPads from eWheels, just in case these didn't work for me. Still waiting on those. My loss is your gain. $30.00 (firm) gets these to you, shipping included. Best of all, you don't have to wait 3 weeks for them to arrive from Poland.
  23. In mountain biking, the "mousse" is being used more and more. It consists of removing the chamber (tubelizing) and filling the space with that foam. That allows that, even if there is a puncture, you can continue rolling. It also helps to avoid the "tire" and you can take less pressure = more grip, more comfort, ... without fear of the tire coming off. My question: Would it be possible to convert the V11 (or another model) into a tubeless wheel? I am thinking of buying a V11 (I have practically decided already), but I do not like how difficult it is to fix in case of a puncture. I have had a V10F and people has tell me that in the V11 it is almost impossible to do it in the outdoor. Finding yourself far from civilization with a 28 kg device can be very difficult. I use anti-puncture fluid of course, but one day I will puncture, and Murphy is still vigilant to what happens and has to walk impossible 10 km with 28 kg dragging them. I am a mountaineer of long routes and large backpacks and I do not mind walking, but I find it impossible to carry 28 kg that are difficult to carry for several kilometers.
  24. Barely used Inmotion V11 For sale - NYC $1800 - In your hands today. Only 90 miles on it, never dropped. Shell is in great condition. Suspension works perfectly. All air chamber caps are here. Inlcudes 2 chargers and 1 air pump for suspension chambers. Also includes fly-pads and light bumper. Runs beautifully. Prefer local sale, but open to North American shipping if you pay for shipping on top of listed price. Selling in order to pay some bills.
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