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Found 21 results

  1. I got a monowheel secondhand, it had no battery. I put a battery together myself and the EUC started working, it had an error code, I think it was 4 green Binks and 2 red or the other way around. It also had a very annoying buzzer which I disconnected. It all worked for me and I had a lot of fun with it. A few days ago I crashed and then the EUC went crazy, after that it started jerking going back and forward, jerking a lot, not rideable. It did that for a minute, I tried restarting it and eventually it became normal again. I have used it a few times after that and it was fine, but today it when back into jerking mode, i opened it up to see if I could find a problem but I found nothing. I would love some advice how I can fix it. I don't know much about it. It says IPS on the wheel. The company that sold it here is Sweden doesn't exist anymore. It has a 12 cells li ion battery, it's maximum 10 km/h I think. Pictures https://ibb.co/zsrnkGR https://ibb.co/VWjXVy1 https://ibb.co/cCSgfjK https://ibb.co/YR733bG https://ibb.co/x8CCRW7 https://ibb.co/7WsKTGV
  2. Anyone knows where to find decals / stickers for Nikola Plus? Like this Or like in other wheels Like the vinyl made by @Esper here Anyone ? #help
  3. Figured I should make this it's own thread instead of hijacking the update one as I think everyone there is already pretty tired of me. At least if you're here, you've chosen to be, haha. Alright, so I've been having a bit of trouble with the latest update. I'm riding the KS-18XL legacy. First, some of the light settings I have are different than others. I have far less options. I wasn't even able to fully turn off my lights when I checked. Second, the lift sensor has gone off the rails. I had to turn it off completely as, without even touching it, it would beep, disengage, then double beep and come back on. Then beep again and repeat until finally it would disengage and not rengage at all. Not sure if that's physical damage to the chip (I have the upgraded sensors but they've never worked correctly). One day they messed up in a drs office and have never worked since but after the update they finally didn't glitch out the wheel. I rolled it back then reupdated with the official 2.00 on my iPad, and the issue returned (yay!) Haven't had a chance to open the wheel yet. I will be soon to replace the inner tube. I'll report in the state of the internals then. And finally, the one that I've been bugging people with is the pedal play. I posted a video showcasing how it works in a super extreme and exaggerated way. I purposely did a bad calibration where it's super tilted back, then I rotated the wheel 180 and the wheel tilted close to the same angle on the other side. I noticed this was happening when I added my small forward tilt to my wheel. Normally I'm able to have it set to a few degrees forward and it's fine. Not too much play. But this time with the same calibration, if I went downhill, I would be forced into a pedal lift to the same degree it was tilted forward. I do NOT remember this happening on 1.13. It may have leveled out a slight bit, but never to the degree as to match the degree it was set in the opposite direction. I'm still under the conception that this is a software thing as I've had two seperate results with updating now. When I updated 2.00 from the engineer app, some of the wheels strange behavior stopped and only the pedal stuff remained. So I'm wondering if that's just the new way that kingsong is balancing now, since it does seem to have it's advantages while moving. Anyways, any feedback or ideas or comparisons to your own experience would be helpful, thank you! Edit: one last thing. People mentioned a red charging light. I have not experienced this at all. Wondering if I should attempt to update via darkness bot on my iPad?
  4. I left my fastwheel for a few months and now when I try to turn it on, it wont work. It turns on fine while its plugged on to the charger, but when I disconnect it, it just turns off. The battery says it is charged by about 2/3, so whu doesnt it work?
  5. Dear Community, I am in need of your help/advice. My Monster is acting up a little bit, making some weird creaking noise when shifting forwards/backwards, accelerating/decelerating or changing directions from forward to back. I've had just recently replaced the shims and tightened the axle nuts. It does not appear to me that there is any play when making the noises (as there would be if the axle nuts where loose). The sound I would say is comparable to wood creaking noises (maybe like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75RJJWQchLo ?). I've already done some research on it and there are some threads already that seem to ask similar questions, however none of them ever actually got to any conclusions/the thread became inactive. I'm attaching a video of my wheel and the noise when moving it back and forth.... Every idea or help is greatly appreciated, as I actually don't feel relaxed (like the YT video says) when hearing these noises. Really feel like I'm breaking something. Thank you! My Movie 2.mp4
  6. I have a programmable charger from canada, "cycle satiator" can i solder an xt60 plug to it, program to charge from the low 29v upto 84v at 0.1amps? is that a safe workaround to revive it?
  7. Hello folks. So I've been taking my new MSX out for a few rides a week ever since winter started trending away and the roads got more and more bare. I've had this wheel since November, just itching to start riding it. However, I noticed recently as I was adjusting my mudflap, that the wheel isn't perfectly centered. There's not a huge amount of clearance between the tyre and the part of the mudflap that slides onto the chassis. I could always just be hypervigilant, and my worries are unfounded, but I'd like to hear from any of you and what you think about it. The "misalignment" is more or less not visible at all from the front end of the wheel. My biggest worry is that the wheel would be off balance and causing me to make bad standing habits while riding it.
  8. Hi everybody! I'm new to this forum, but from spending a couple of hours reading different posts, it seems like a very devoted one. Awesome! I am looking for my first ECU. I have previous experience driving Segway PT a couple of times with great success and enjoyment (pretty fast learning curve for that one). For a long time I have been interested in ECUs, and now that it has been allowed in Denmark, I really want to try it out. Here are some information that hopefully can help you provide me with some of your helpful advice: About me: Height: 180 cm Weight: 100 kg About my future ECU: Best value for the buck Able to carry my high weight Will mainly be used for commuting to work (1,2 km) and to the gym (2,5 km), but also around town Hopefully I get so excited about riding that I will go on longer trips, so some range would be great Either cheap to be intended for a starter wheel (should be able to sell for a decent price afterwards) OR have the potential to be a riding wheel for many kilometers Preferably possible to buy it in Europe Anything I have forgotten to mention? One thing I can't figure out is e.g. if I should just purchase e.g. a Ninebot One S2 (669€), use it as a starter wheel and be OK with it getting scratches - and then sell it for a decent price (at some point when/if I want to get a more expensive/feature packed wheel) - or if I should go all the way and get a wheel I might keep longer (but which also can become scratched from my initial learning curve). I have read many topics in here (especially recommendations for first wheels), but I am still super confused on what would be the best choice for me. I hope you can help. All inputs are highly appreciated. Huge thanks in advance!
  9. Otis Knight


    HELLO, I have had my IPS F400 for a while but only recently have i had this problem! Basically i went to plug it in to charge and gave me a nasty white spark and then the light on the charger just stayed green, when its meant to turn red to indicate its charging! Please someone help, this is my only way of travel XD
  10. Hej Hope somone can help me deside wich Teamgee model to buy. Found a realy good deal at gearbest.com, but all the specs look compleatly the same to me. Loking to buy either the T1, G1 or F1B. And the deal runs out this friday. Thx
  11. Hello :) I recently bought a Inmotion V5F and it should do 25 kph but I can only set the max Speed on the Inmotion App (Android) to 20 kph and the Wheel is not going faster then 21 kph. I tried to update the firmware of the Wheel, but it says it has the newest firmware already installed ( V1.3.506) and the App version is the newest too. Isn`t the maximum speed 25 kph ? And if so how can I update this ?
  12. Hi all i have just got my amazing MsuperV2 but i can’t connect the bluetooth app on my iphone, i have downloaded the app and registered with gotway, i have registered my account number as my phone number (possibly the issue but i don’t know how to change it) am i missing something i’m really hoping somebody can help thanks
  13. Hello, someone knows how to repair skateboards. They have problems with pedals only one works. and with synchronism.
  14. Im'italian and i'm living in Rome. I'll be in Philadelphia from the 15 of August for one month. Do you know if there is any shop in Philly where I can rent an Euc or buying and then resell it when I leave? One month without a wheel sounds like hell!
  15. Hi new here although i've been soaking up info for a few weeks now. Basically i bought a generic 14" learnt to ride it love it and now im looking to upgrade as it really isnt cut out for off road use. I have the option of getting a gotway msuper v2 for a very reasonable price. ( £750 in the UK btw). A gotway msuper v3 would cost around £250 more or i could get a second hand ips 132 for around £270. My question is do you guys feel the m3 is worth the extra £250? I primarily use an Iphone and am i right in thinking the m2 doesnt have ios bluetooh support? Or considering im still new should i just go for the ips and worry about the more advanced gotway later? Any tips or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. I received my V5F+ yesterday and have had a lot of difficulty getting starting learning this thing. I've watched several videos and tutorials and did a lot of research prior to its arrival, and am still struggling to get on the thing comfortably. I've seen a few showing a person practicing by putting one foot on the pad and balancing while slowly bringing the other foot up, but this put tremendous weight against the calf of the mounted foot and is a bit painful. After 2 days and hours of practicing, I still cannot mount without it hurting my calf and wobbling all over the place trying to get upright. Additionally, the process of mounting and dismounting puts a lot of stress on my calf, to the point of my calf being bruised a very dark shade of blue and purple. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong? Also, most videos show it touching both calves, but my calves physically cannot touch the pads at the same time because I guess I'm slightly bow-legged or something. Is that an issue for stability or is it workable?
  17. After an iOS update the Inmotion app wants me to Verify the SCV password. The last time I did this was when I first got my EUC last October (Thank you Jason from eWheels.com). So of course I forgot everything. For the past 3 or so months the app has been pretty much hands off. I've since deleted and reinstalled the app, reset my password using the password reset. Something is lost in the translation & the owners manual isn't very helpful, it was for binding the vehicle. I've attached the screenshot. I am not sure what Confirm Password or Reset Password means. What is the password it's asking for, where do I get it? I've been religiously updating the app, hoping I could do something more with the coins, display the speed when recording a route. But not this. NOTE: Typing this up, the EUC was charging. I get limited functionality (can get battery reading, turn on/off light). But if I try to do anything more the Password dialog pops up.
  18. So I just recently bought a hoverboard off of eBay and the on button to turn on the board is no longer working. Whenever I click it it just beeps for about a second, no lights light up or anything. The battery is full. So the only way to turn it on is by using the lock/unlock feature on the key/remote that came with the board. I don't think the board is branded because it came in a box that said "Smart Balance Wheel" or something like that. It is a Bluetooth board btw in case that has anything to do with it. If someone could tell me why this is happening and how to fix it that would be mucho appreciated
  19. I'm from the Philippines and I wanted to buy a electric unicycle ( to get to school and back home which is 6kms back and forth) but the thing is I don't have any options on which to buy but I've found 3 on the net. Which of this 3 is better ? I don't know the technical stuff specs but I hope you help me Here's the link 1. http://www.lazada.com.ph/moonwheel-e-001-electric-unicycle-black-440356.html Link 2 http://www.lazada.com.ph/x3-electric-wheelbarrow-unicycle-blackred-470355.html link 3 http://www.lazada.com.ph/mars-kingdom-f3-mk-moonwheel-black-249365.html thanks
  20. hi guys... I just bought ips i130+ . After i ride just 3 miles i can not find bluetooth signal anymore... Any idea how to turn on the wheel (euc) bluetooth. I try using my iphone and my android phone no bluetooth from my wheel (euc).. Please help thank you. Ps : The software said device not found
  21. Hi, i have had my IPS eui for about 1 month and yesterday it started blinking twice red and twice green while making a continuous sound. I thought it was empty for battery and charged it. After charging it again started to blink and make the noise. Any ideas about what the problem might be and how I can fix it? Thanks for your help! Best regards, Carl
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