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A Testament of KingSong S22 Build Quality


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  • 5Cauac changed the title to A Testament of KingSong S22 Build Quality
6 minutes ago, onkeldanuel said:

This wheel is designed like a thank...nearly indestructable in crashes 

I was sure at least the rim was shot but he still rode it and made the jump. CRAZY!

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Well THAT's quite some jump, and a rather uncommon level of bravery / recklessness, depending on your view. Quite rare to see that level of disregard for either themselves or the machine too ! Well done indeed S22 for landing it at all, and surviving to try again when it didn't ! All that and additional comedy from the choice of helmet - what's not to love ?! :)

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Will the pro be as durable, with the new sliders? 

It's the weel I'm more attracted to now but I want to see how it ages in the next months, I might pull the trigger after a few batches... 

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lets see if the same can be done on an inmotion, or begode euc.  whether its reckless or not,  he didnt give up and he did complete the jump.  thats testament to the riders' perseverance.  as for his choice of wheel,  kudos to him considering that this brands image has tarnished over the last several months.  but then again,  there is not one euc model and manufacturer that can claim a model that has zero problems.  and it seems that all eucs end up being someones late nite hobby anyways with tire swaps,  suspension upgrades,  firmware uploads etc,...  so great for the rider !!! and abit of a cheer to the S22.  lets see if there are any 'reckless' riders out there willing to do the same with their inmotion or gotway whatever euc... its just not about who can go fastest...

no no no, not me... im keeping my euc on the street where it belongs...

that video reminded me of evil knievel... damn, miss that 'reckless' stunt rider !!!

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