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134.4V Extreme Bull Commander? (rumour)


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Apparently, Begode is currently considering whether or not to produce an Extreme Bull Commander equipped with a 134V motor drive system, and a battery capacity of 2900 Wh, using Samsung 40T cells. Additionally, a requested freespin speed of 120 km/h. 

Probably not 2900 Wh because the 40T has 4 Ah capacity, therefore 6P x 4Ah x 134.4V = 3226 Ah.  

Perhaps Begode is going to create a 134.4V EX20S to go battle with Inmotion's V13? But that is going to be heavy.


First, very loosely hinted by @Afeez Kay in one of his Tech Torque videos.

Source:  (Already time stamped  at 19:36)


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When it comes to performance wheels, you got to hand it to Begode. It looks like they still got the competition beat. When Inmotion brought out the V12 to play catch up, not only was its performance still somewhat behind, it was plagued with random cutouts and other lesser issues. Kingsong's ambitious attempt to leapfrog Begode's 100V wheels, crashed and burned, literally, and its performance was worse than some 100.8V wheels. Begode's 134V wheel should be on demo soon. Denis Hagov figures Inmotion V13 will most likely be a 2023 wheel. Therefore, it doesn't look like there any real threats in the near term to Begode dominance in performance wheels. After the Master, what wheel segment should Begode go after with the 134V drive system?

It is exciting to see the manufacturers duke it out. Unfortunately, this niche market is too small for great wheels to come out sorted wihout first going through a great many teething problems. And so the great waiting game persists, and maybe even getting worse. It looks like its going to be a long wait for exciting new wheels to come out, further developed so they can be what they were originally slated to be, and be issues free. What a great shame.

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Your math is incorrect regarding capacity based on the AH of the battery. Typically it is calculated at a nominal voltage of 3.7.

192 cells * 3.7 volts * 4 ah = 2842 wh

If you look at what these cells actually test at they are about 14wh per cell.

192 cells * 14 wh/cell = 2688 wh



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1 hour ago, BleepBloopBlop said:

Your math is incorrect regarding capacity based on the AH of the battery. Typically it is calculated at a nominal voltage of 3.7.

Right you are. Thank you for pointing that out. 

32 x 3.7V x 4Ah x 6p = 2841.6 Wh

This jives with what Denis Hagov said (2900Wh). My bad.


I see, in actual testing, each cell drops from 14.8 Wh to 14 Wh. But, I think I am OK with 2.7 kWh. Thank you.

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9 hours ago, alcatraz said:

High amp cells in a commander are quite the waste. The pack is already huge. :rolleyes:

But, perhaps Denis Hagov is thinking about compensating the loss of 2p, since it is dropping from 8p to 6p?


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