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  1. Broke the 3000km mark today! Looking good to hit my goal of 2k miles in my first 5 months of EUC ownership. My poor motorcycle barely gets any attention now around town.
  2. Had a great time riding in the snow on my 16X! I had never tried an EUC in the snow and although nerve racking at first I had no problems riding about 5 miles yesterday! Here is my buddy testing it out in the snow.
  3. Still plugging away over here racking up the miles. I need to start getting more serious about ordering a replacement tire!
  4. I'm actually going to be in the market for a 16X upgraded and would love to know that a MSX V2 was in the pipeline rather than grabbing a Nikola plus. Wants: 100V+ 2000wh+ 45mph top speed with rider weight of 195lbs (85kg) acceleration equal to 16X internal trolley handle water proof speakers improved headlight under 60lbs
  5. I'm the hand plant guy, My face is fine haha. I've put another 1000 miles on my 16X since that accident with no issues. I use WheelLog for amperage alarming. I used this more as a method for testing to see the maximum power I could get the wheel to draw without overpowering it. Here is the most I've logged to date. I dont really see a point in doing this as honestly the wheel doesn't accelerate much faster leaning so aggressively.
  6. I have my alarm set at 60 amps and can hit that from a standing start on the flat but that rarely happens. FW 1.05
  7. Chugging along and am tracking to hit 2000 miles before the end of the year. Batch 1 tire is holding up well. I'll most likely be ordering the same tire again as I don't find much fault in it and am used to how the wheel feels at this point. I don't want to change tires and sacrifice tread life or overall stability at 30mph.
  8. Hit 1500 miles on my 16X today. I haven't fallen in two months on it and am very much enjoying FW 1.05. I think my big fall was likely caused by not properly calibrating the pedal angle plus me riding with a heavy backpack. That's my best guess after reflecting on the incident. I'm not going to upgrade the firmware until there is a bug free stable version to jump to.
  9. 21700s don't have any energy density gains to speak of over the 18650s. In a compact case like the MSX you are more likely to actually be able to squeeze the 18650's into tighter spaces allowing for more capacity. The 21700s primary benefit is a total reduction in parts and failure points.
  10. Anyone else get the audible warning: "Be cautious overpower" V1.05 here and I can't seem to change it to just beep warning. Regardless I find this warning amusing. Hopefully I can get this to happen when I have the wheel log activated so I can try and see what power draw triggers this.
  11. I've been riding my 16X rain or shine for the past 1350 miles with no issues. I wouldn't ride the wheel through deep puddles but besides that go for it. The controller has a conformal coating and all the wiring has nice connectors. I don't see an issue with winter riding on these. I live in Portland Oregon so I'll definitely be putting the wheel to the wet test this winter. -Justin
  12. Tire check in at 1225 miles. I bet I can get 2k miles out of this one but we shall see. Also I upgraded to Vicious grip tap and really enjoy how planted my feet are now even when my shoes and pedals are wet.
  13. Over 1100 miles on the 16X and my biggest advice to new EUC riders would be wear the right shoes with thin soles so that you can feel the pedals. It is downright scary to ride fast over bumpy/uneven terrain when you can't feel the wheel. I've attempted to ride to work in dress shoes, boots, sandals ect and its very stressful being so uncertain if your going to blow a foot off the pedal when hitting bumps.
  14. Cracked 1000 miles this morning. Still riding daily and don't intend to change from this as my primary form of transportation any time soon. I'm wondering how many miles I'll get out of this tire before its dangerous in the wet. I'd hope at least another 1000 miles but we shall see.
  15. Hey everyone! I've been having a super busy summer and haven't been on the forums lately. I'm at 915 miles on my 16X so far and ride it every day. I'll try and give my 1000 mile review in the next week or so. My wounds from my fall are pretty much completely healed. I look forward to this cooler weather so I'll be comfortable in my motorcycle jacket, gloves and helmet! My goal is 2500 miles by the new year. We will see how I progress and how much I enjoy riding in wet Portland outside of my short 2.5 mile round trip commute.
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