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  1. I see you eliminated the second charge port. Will you cap your charging at 10A?
  2. Could you link to the BMS units you are using? Are you running all of the discharge from both packs through the primary BMS?
  3. Very nice work! What is the capacity of the new battery pack?
  4. Any idea if Gotway is going to update the 50kph tiltback limit? I for one would buy this wheel if it had tiltback at say 65kph!
  5. Tiltback over 50kph! Beeps alone aren't safe at high speeds!
  6. Battery pack size is directly proportional to power output from a wheel up to saturation of the motor. I'd definitely be buying one of these S18 wheels if they had 1500+wh.
  7. Any word on how water resistant these wheels are? I live in Portland Oregon and ride year round rain or shine so I'd like to ideally get a wheel that can handle rain. My 16X had the on/off switch fail last winter and I was unable to turn the wheel off until I replaced it.
  8. Does the MSP not do well in the wet? I live in Portland Oregon which gets a lot of rain each winter and spring. I got my 16X so wet last winter the on off switch stopped working and I had to replace the PCB with integrated switch. Would I have similar issues with the MSP? -Justin
  9. They use the LG MJ1 3500mAh cell. One of the best high energy density 18650's currently on the market. In my testing of the 16X I've never pulled over 65 amps and this is only for brief spikes. Highest recorded power input from the pack to the controller on the 16X with wheel log for me is 4450 watts. Given the cells 3C rating this is right in line with its continuous discharge rating 3 X 1554= 4662 watts. https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/threads/lg-mj1-10a-3500mah-18650-bench-test-results-an-ok-10a-battery.688540/
  10. No additional falls at speed since that bad accident last summer. I'm still on FW 1.05 and it seems fine to me. I just try and be aware of the surface I'm riding on so that I dont hit major obstcles when I have it right at top speed. So far so good! I just got a new tire, new shell sides, trolley handle and new on/off switch pcb (switch failed about a month ago in the wet). I'm excited to have the wheel back to new condition! Hopefully I dont instantly wreck it haha.
  11. I liked it best at 22-30psi. Any lower and I worried about the tire not protecting the rim sufficiently up curbs and down stairs. 35psi gets twitchy for me after getting used to the lower pressure. I think its all about what you grow accustomed to. I wasn't trying to squeeze every last mile of range out of the wheel so I tend to run it a bit lower for more stability. I ride the wheel at 28-30mphs constantly so I'll take all the stability I can get especially over uneven pavement here in Portland.
  12. First batch tire is done at ~2500 miles on my 16X. 190lb rider typically carrying a laptop so lets say 205lbs loaded with motorcycle helmet and gloves. I liked this tire so I'm just going to do another one as a replacement for now. Might explore other options in 6 months when this one is worn out.
  13. After 2100 miles of nearly daily use on my 16X I still hit the "please decelerate" message every time I ride. I'd like to see an offering in a similar form factor that can safely do 30mph and peak ~40 like its competition the Nikola. The ability to turn off all of the voice messages would be great as well. I randomly get an overpower messages from time to time even below my 60amp Wheellog alarm. Not sure how Kingsong determines when it triggers that one. My only other bone to pick is better waterproofing as having the wheel turn off on me in a rain storm would suck. I still ride mine daily in
  14. I just hit my end of year mileage goal of 2000 miles on my first batch 16X!
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