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  1. Well I'm back to riding my 16X after my nasty crash. The funny thing is I can't ride my motorcycle now since both of my hands have roadrash so the wheel gets the nod for commuting until I'm healed from the wheel injuries hahah. The push is on for 1000 miles
  2. The 16X can't be set at over 50km/hr in my testing and I'm at 750 miles.
  3. I was playing music and am on firmware 1.5 with the bluetooth patch installed previous to the firmware updated.
  4. My wheel had a pretty high state of charge as I was less than 10 miles into a 20 mile ride that I started at a full charge. I was on full tilt back and the pedals dipped forward and the wheel didn't recover before I went flying forward off it. I'm not sure if it was a complete cutoff/poweroff of the wheel or just a intermittent loss of power causing the pedals to dip forward from a tilt back position tossing me off the front. I didn't hit a bump when this happened but have experienced the pedals dipping at high speed when hitting obstacles and that's the scariest situation I've been on the wheel besides this crash. I'll recover from my injuries quickly, but my wheel is looking pretty sad now. I'm going to need to order some new plastics for it at some point in the future.
  5. Im good! Rode it home 10 miles after the crash. Might work from home tomorrow but I'm getting right back in the 16X. I had just hit tilt and leanback so about 50-52km/hr Injuries are hands and forearms plus knees. Mostly shallow abrasions that will heal up quickly.
  6. Careful out there. Not saying it's the new firmware but the wheel cutout completely after hitting the top speed beeps/tiltback tonight. I am 750 miles deep on the 16x and never had cutout issues until today and I was riding on smooth flat ground. Gear up! Firmware 1.5 Rider weight: 190lbs
  7. This isn't true @eddiemoy if the wheels are setup to have the same top speed. The reason you believe this is the current line of 84V and 100V wheels have the same KV, so the 84V wheel is essentially geared lower. If both wheels are outputting the same amount of power from the battery pack with the same KV motor, the wheel with lower voltage and more amps will will feel stronger at acceleration, but have a lower top speed.
  8. For a set number of cells at a given power level you will have the same percentage of voltage sag with a 126V wheel as a 84V wheel. Going to a higher voltage array doesn't mitigate voltage sag. For example: MJ1 cell at 10A draw produces about 3.5V near the top of its charge. 30S4P pack at this cell draw will be at 105V and 40A for a power output of 4200w 20S6P pack at this cell draw will be at 70V and 60A for a power output of 4200w Both of these packs have the same percentage of battery voltage sag while output the same amount of power. This won't change when comparing the same number of cells in different series and parallel configurations. There will be less loss through the wiring at higher voltage for a given power transmission.
  9. @chrisjunlee My riding has slowed down from my original pace this past week but I'm still riding as much as I have time for. I'm currently at 630 miles and should be over 650 by days end. The current firmware is totally ride-able and I'm not exactly going slow when I do ride. I'm still hitting the beeps and tiltback every ride. I'm excited for new firmware as the wheel will just get better, but its a blast as is. -Justin
  10. So with my trolley handle out of service I got to thinking that you could easily build out a battery pack that lives in the handle space. The battery pack could be housed in a seat allowing increased range. Show is 20X 21700 cells that would add ~350wh of capacity. You could easily mount 40X 21700 cells under a seat housing with a bms to increase the 16X range ~50%. I'm rather curious to build a seat battery pack for longer trips. I need to figure out a BMS and a simple way to wire this in so it is removable when I don't want to carry around the extra weight.
  11. Lenovo Slim Tip chargers are offered up to 11.5 amps @ 20 volts. I'd feel more comfortable using two connectors while I experiment. Worst case I roast the connectors and rig up an XT90 or similar charge port. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/chargers-and-batteries/chargers/PWR-ADP-BO-TP-230W-AC-Adapter-slim-tip/p/4X20E75111
  12. Time to build a twin Lenovo connector harness to test out my 1000w Quiq charger on the 16X! It's bulky but is fanless and nearly silent. Should be a good test to see if the internal wiring can take a 12A charge. I won't use this charger often. Just for a quick recharge mid day when I want to ride more!
  13. I haven't seen faster than 28mph on my GPS app. Time to find some radar signs to ride past here in Portland lol.
  14. That is exactly what I expected for the distance discrepancy on the kingsong app. I really wish it was closer to reality! Seems this wheel doesn't do 50km/hr as advertised due to the inflated numbers out of the app.
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