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V11: exploring charging the V11 over 5A


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I am interested in exploring this possibility for long routes that require an intermediate charge and perhaps be able to lower the 3 h that require full charge to 5A.

Reading @Sebain his interesting ūü§ďarticle https://euc.world/blog/v11-vs-ks-18xl-a-long-distance-test-of-inmotions-suspended-wheel/ ¬†I see in the specs (https://www.batteryspace.com/prod-specs/11514.pdf) that the cells of the V11 can be charged at 0.3C (= 1.45A) as normal charge. Since they are 20s4p they can theoretically be charged at 5.8A as a standard charge (so I suppose it can really be charged at something else, 6 or 7A without much of a hazard :innocent1:). Or have I made a mistake in the calculations?

Has anyone explored this possibility for a reasonable time? (It is not contractual and if something fails there will be no claims, hehe :D only personal responsability).

The BMS may act as a firewall and automatically limit the load?. A local colleague today is going to do a load test at 6A

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The one I see as a problem is the Mosfet in the BMS that starts and stops the charging mode. Besides my own, I know of a few others that have had the Mosfet burn despite having never charged at above 5A. My guess is that a higher charging current would greatly increase the risk of toasting the BMS.

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Now Inmotion made it clear they do not recommend using anything but 1 or 2 original V11 charger on the V11. 

One thing what cells af hould be able to handle on theory another matter is what happens going to the very limit. It is not only about cells but also the weakes link will break the more strain you force on it the bigger the risk you have for a fault. 

So to do "super lo g rides" there is only a few ways to go. 

Get a wheel with bigger battery pack... Or

Slow down as you go faster the wind drag reduces range. A better balance and with some speed is arpund the 25km/h mark.... Or

Loose weight....

Or do more frequently pitstops and try to find recharging options if possible. It is the top5% battery that tales the longest to charge. Just like on a phone too. 

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