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  1. I keep your advice, thank you, because such a change will probably be necessary in the future. I want to use it for offroad, which is what I bought it for, (in addition to using it in the city) and without having to look for rain. Hopefully now it is not necessary to do it this time
  2. True, I had already read your experience but had not related it to you, Thank you . I see that there are few cases (only 3 I know at this moment). Great response from your supplier and we hope you have a good experience with the new engine
  3. Thanks πŸ‘, but I already dismount the wheel thinking that was the problem, but no. Now the wheel and the case are clean and the bearing is still making noise πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  4. @StealthPhoenixand @Jonesq Thanks for your suggestions πŸ‘. I already disassembled the wheel and I did not see anything stuck in the housing or debris on the axle or the bearings (on the outside, since inside I have no way of knowing what is happening). The noise was exactly the same with the motor separated from the casing and it happened just after passing that area of mud. The thing about the jammed rope to try to remove the internal mud from the casing (which was not the problem) was anecdotal later at home, because he thought the noise was due to mud, but it was not. I have not
  5. I have searched, but I have not seen if you have published a post indicating your problem with the bearings . Could you tell me, please? (or tell your experience, if possible)
  6. Yes, I am calm. I have had bad luck mixed with having used it in that section with mud. Then she got stuck with the rope, but that was many km later and the sound started after passing that area of about 100 m. Probably also my bearing problem was partly my fault for not having turned around on the course in those 100 m of mud. I don't know, I think I should be prepared for the mud. My mountain bike has tens of thousands of km with a lot of mud, even covering the bike (and having had to drag it full of mud) and it has always worked perfectly. Nor does it have an electric motor with a holl
  7. No. 3B seems πŸ€” to be the version with the bigger bearings. In general, I think there are few V11s sold and few km to draw conclusions. In a few months we will see, especially when the heat comes at north 🌎 and the final of 😷
  8. In summary: I received my V11 on December 5th. It is from lot 3A. I have done 400 km in the first 8 days until I have this problem. On one of the routes, I got into a muddy area in about 100 or 200 m. The wheel was quite muddy, but I was able to continue. From that moment on, it makes a lot of noise rolling due bearing problem. I am in process of the warranty, waiting for a response from the manufacturer through my spanish seller. More info: I attach some videos. I don't know if the sound is well appreciated. The wheel works fine. It "just" makes a lot of noise and people turn around
  9. Maybe you need deactivate the energy saving for the app
  10. Thank you very much, @Seba, for the complete explanation. Makes sense. Looking forward to that next update with those cool new features. I take this opportunity to ask, if possible, for a day mode option. Normally we will use the actual dark mode to save battery, but sometimes we have no battery problem or we want to see clearly those wonderful OpenStreeMap maps that are so complete that thousands of editors make (I am one of them, haha). It's easy to ask for new functions. Doing things is always more complicated than it seems, I know
  11. I have had exactly the same for a few days for my V11 and I am very happy. I usually use the original to take care of more batteries I guess, but this one is perfect to carry and charge when needed
  12. The app is closed alone without apparent cause. The option that you indicate is diasabled. It had never happened to me in 2000 km so I suppose it will be some temporary error on my mobile. But I have read that Sebas is going to implement that join routes option, so greatπŸ€“. anyway thanks for your idea because it could have been a cause. Yesterday I did 70 km with several disconnections and it made me a continuous route
  13. Ups, sorry, I see there is a similar topic answered. I am not sure if, in this case, it is better to delete this or it is better to leave it as a general positioning reference πŸ€”
  14. Today I have done an interesting route that I wanted to have in just one. I have separated a few minutes from the wheel (V11) and when I returned, I found that the app had started a new tour Can I join the two tours? Is there a possible cause of close of app? Note: it may have been my mobile problem, but it had never happened in 2000 km. As I approached the wheel, it was off. Today is the first day that I do a route with the V11 (55 km). Otherwise, the app always works wonderfully and is very stable in my experience
  15. My V11 has not yet arrived, but as soon as I can disassemble it, I will try to put this invention on it: the mousse, to be able to continue rolling even if it is punctured: https://www.technomousse.com/en/bike/green-constrictor/ Being fully punctured, it would be equivalent to having 0.5 bar of pressure, which would make it possible to return smoothly. I don't know if anyone has tried it, but it seems like a perfect system in order to don't always have the uncertainty of having to drag the wheel for miles. You don't need to tubelize and therefore you don't need to put a special
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