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*SOLD* Gotway MSP-HT 2500w Motor/1800wh Battery For Sale in SF Bay Area - $1250 *SOLD*

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Here are the facts of my Gotway MSP-HT 2500w Motor/1800wh Battery for sale in the SF Bay Area ($1250) *SOLD*:

  • I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in May of 2020.
  • In February 2021 the original control board stopped responding to the power button and would randomly turn on/off the wheel's fans and lights and motor (not while moving). This wheel was sent to eWheels to be inspected and repaired. eWheels provided a new control board with the  most recent firmware.
  • This wheel is still covered by the eWheels warranty until May 2021.
  • It has approx. 950 miles on it (850 miles on the original control board and 102 miles on the new board).
  • The battery charges to 100%.
  • It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or in the rain.
  • It has never needed a tire change.
  • There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations.
  • All of the LED's, headlight, speaker, buzzer and trolley handle work correctly.
  • Comes with original and shipping boxes, original sidepads, after-market mudguard, original seat, and original charger.
  • This sale will be for local pick-up/drop-off only and payment will be through PayPal only.












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@Michael Tucker, it never ceases to amaze me with all the wheels you sell and the thousands of miles between them that they never have so much as a scratch, not even on the underside of the pedals. 

I'm still loving the Nikola I bought from you, otherwise I'd probably hop all over this.


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  • Michael Tucker changed the title to *SOLD* Gotway MSP-HT 2500w Motor/1800wh Battery For Sale in SF Bay Area - $1250 *SOLD*

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