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  1. There's no such thing as a 'hoverwheel', let this nonsense die already. ("Stop trying to make fetch happen.") (I really can't tell if this person is just a troll or if they're delusional, but along with reports that it's an alt account for someone previously shunned from the forums, together with a lack of a proper block feature here, it's increasingly becoming an annoyance.) -- Edit: this comment was moved here from elsewhere. I wasn't trying to revive this nonsense thread, I was calling out this nonsense spreading to/contaminating another thread. Maybe the mods should move /every/ comment this guy makes to this thread to contain it. O_o
  2. AtlasP

    InMotion V8f

    I disagree. Name another 16" wheel in the vicinity of 32 lbs that can sustain 18-20mph for anywhere close to $1k? Anything close is some combination of: smaller tire or several hundred dollars more expensive or noticeably heavier. I suspect the goal price is $999 (including the better motor and better quality cells, and with a little more breathing room)--so they launch at $1099 and make a few extra bucks at the initial launch from the earliest extra-eager buyers who are willing to pay (InMotion does have costs to develop and migrate manufacturing to the new design), then after some months/half a year or something they drop to $999 which is seen as a good price (whereas if they launched at $999 at the outset and left it there people would just complain about the price increase from the V8). As you say, the V8F is "the best in its class for a short commuter" and InMotion has been obliterating the competition around the $1k price point. With the quality of life improvements to the V8F they've merely strengthened their already industry-leading entry in that particular price segment where they really don't have any competition. The ball is in King Song or Gotway's court to offer a solid 16" entry closer to $1k. (14" is too small and $1350+ is distinctly more expensive.) It would actually be really good for the market if they did.
  3. AtlasP

    MSuper Pro?

    LOL, these are Chinese businesses, they'll unapologetically copy anything and everything they want to without hesitation. Whatever their reasoning for sticking with the sh1tty trolley handle (likely them not wanting to change the case and have to create new, expensive molds), neither pride nor patents have anything to do with it.
  4. AtlasP

    MSuper Pro?

    Jason confirmed this was a flat-out marketing lie in regards to the Monster; the latest Monster has the same 2000W motor as previous ones. No idea about this new MSuper Pro, but the Monster is NOT a 2500W motor.
  5. Before the V10 price cuts and with its original cells, I would've said KS16S. With the current V10 price and now-upgraded cells, I say V10 all the way. (Be careful that many commenters even today let alone in any old threads don't or wouldn't have know(n) about the silently-updated cells in the V10 or how the price landscape has changed, because these facts change things pretty dramatically. A 2000-watt motor with a 16x2.5" tire, easily capable of sustaining low-to-mid-20s mph, now 750Wh battery, extra large cushy pedals, etc, for only $1200? That's a really good deal compared to what that same money would've gotten you a couple years ago.)
  6. Some thoughts: The term "electric unicycle" is unfortunate. E-bikes, e-sk8, & e-scooters all work and are ridden exactly like their non-powered counterparts, just electrified. By contrast electric unicycles work and are ridden nothing like traditional, non-powered unicycles; they’re essentially two completely different things that just happen to have the same number of wheels. (In the same way bicycles and Segways both have two wheels but are completely different things.) Also it doesn't help that traditional unicycles are widely perceived as a joke, a sentiment that transfers with the name. Unfortunately the most obvious, better names are taken (Onewheel or Solowheel) and most of those that remain are less ideal or downright awkward. I personally always liked either 'monowheels' or 'monocycles' (I never understand why one of these never got any traction other than maybe being confusingly similar to 'Onewheel'), or I'm ok with just 'ewheels' (this seems like the favored answer every time this comes up), or I would've also been ok if 'Solowheel' had been appropriated for the broader category (but that ship has sailed as the brand fizzled). (Anything resembling 'Segway'/'seg' or 'hover' in the name should die in a fire though. Why on Earth would we go out of our way to distance ourselves from the term 'unicycle' only to saddle ourselves with another term that has similar or arguably worse public perception than 'unicycle'?) In the end I've settled on a two-prong strategy: If someone asks me what it is when they can see me riding it, then I use what is technically currently the proper term: EUC/electric unicycle. If they can already see the obvious differences between it and a traditional unicycle, then the name otherwise makes sense in context. (And also works as something they can google later if they're interested--which I believe is actually the most important consideration on this subject.) If it comes up in casual conversation, or someone sees it when I'm not currently riding it (trolleying or leaned against a wall or something), then I avoid the term 'unicycle' and instead lean towards a mix of more ambiguous descriptors: it's a self-balancing, monowheel/one-wheeled vehicle/ewheel/Personal Electric Vehicle/whatever. I haven't settled on a single correct formulation here, excepting to leave out the term unicycle. (Unless it's a longer conversation when they genuinely seem interested and I can set some context/show video/etc--but even then I find myself tending towards phrasing to the effect of: "it is most-commonly referred to by simply the acronym EUC, which technically refers to Electric UniCycle".) I very much recommend my two-prong strategy/point #3. :-)
  7. Wait, so it's a powered but non-self-balancing electric unicycle? LOL. Anyway, interesting--I wonder the specs (voltage/cell count, etc). I'm guessing it's probably much lower voltage than EUCs and closer to many low-voltage ebikes in the 30s v (since the guy referenced ebikes).
  8. The silent upgrade to the V10 cells was first discovered/reported by EcoDrift: https://ecodrift.ru/2019/11/12/inmotion-v10-snova-na-sklade-dorabotki-i-novyj-akkumulyator-750vtch/ (it's in Russian, but I've found Bing/Google translate do a fine job of making this readable--also the photos of the new cells speak for themselves without translation) I asked Jason about this who was able to confirm it was true with his InMotion contact(s). (I don't think I'm violating any trust by sharing this as it was already publicly announced by EcoDrift, Jason just re-confirmed it.) I believe it's a change with all new V10's (recently manufactured--no idea when exactly this change was made--and of course there's the issue of new vs old stock). I don't know if there's any way to tell apart from opening the wheel and then the packs themselves to inspect the individual cells (*not* something I'd want to do). We don't know anything about wheel serial numbers. I don't know if it'd be possible to tell via software? (Someone else chime in/help here?) Best bet would be to contact Jason who should be able to know based on recency of batch. I believe he said they continue to order more V10's & V10F's, so they must still be selling well such that stock should be fairly fresh. The reason the etailers haven't updated their websites about this is that InMotion doesn't seem to acknowledge the spec bump publicly. Obviously at some point they had to replace the cells in the V10 due to failures or other supplier issues, and the next best cells they could source at a similar price just happened to have this side bonus of slightly higher capacity, but I'd bet the capacity jump was just an accident--not something they were aiming for. Maybe they don't want to be committed to keep the V10 at 750Wh and might use cheaper/lower cells again in the future? Or maybe they just don't want to undermine sales of the V10F (since now the two are that much closer in capacity) and/or just don't want to muddle the line-up by having them appear so much closer in specs on paper. *shrugs* I'd bet a new V10 now/in the near future will have them, but who knows after another few months or a year from now.
  9. I am so torn regarding tire width. The extra cushion of the 3" tires is nice, but it can't be overstated how much nimbleness you lose in turning which has never been satisfactorily addressed/resolved. (The somewhat-misnamed "gyroscopic effect" is very real and I agree with those who think it sucks/can hinder riding enjoyment.) If you just want to ride as a means of transportation the extra shock absorption may be worth it, but if you love carving man do the thinner tires/thinner overall-wheels feel so much nicer to carve and turn. Ultimately I agree with those voting for the 18XL (assuming we're only talking about 84v options). Anyone arguing in favor of only 3"-wide tires sound like someone arguing that all cars should be SUVs. Of course an SUV has its advantages in floatiness, but there are reasons some people still prefer the agility/handling of sports cars.
  10. You basically just described the V10 or V10F. It's a bit larger/heavier, and has a slightly-less desirable (although still functional) trolley handle, but otherwise it's a V8 with a 25 mph speed limit, 2000 watt motor, 16x2.5" tire, and either 750 or 960 wh battery depending on V10 or V10F. (The V10 used to have sh1tty cells that were only 650 Wh, but they recently/secretly upgraded them to better cells that are 750 Wh and hold-up much better.) Particularly with the latest price cuts over on ewheels, I think the V10 is now a good competitor to the KS16S in that category, and the V10F is an even better competitor to the Tesla than it was before (again, due to the price cuts).
  11. I've been wondering about what you had going on. I knew you had a group of friends you seem to ride with regularly in some of your videos, but didn't know if it was open to the public; and then I knew you hosted public rides during the week of the LA EUC Games, but didn't realize it had continued. It seems your telegram group is currently still named after the LA EUC Games (presumably that's when/what it was created for and you just kept using it). Can you/do you want to change that to something more broadly--and/or what do I call your group? (Or if you don't answer me I'm going to call it "The Backe-aneers". ;-p )
  12. Ding ding ding, I think these guys nailed it. A refresh to the 16" and/or 14" categories with 84V directly aimed at competing with the V8/V8F makes the most sense to me. (If they're smart, aiming to get their KS16S successor to the $1k pricepoint where they get fleeced by InMotion.) (And I agree I'd love to see them refresh the 16S to just be a scaled-down version of the 18L/XL styling.) I wouldn't expect it to have anything to do with competing with the forthcoming 18" InMotion wheel teased with suspension--if they were going to try another entry in that space I don't think they would have bothered with the 2200W refresh to the 18XL so recently.
  13. Ignorant premise. Imagine your comment instead applied to the hotel industry: “the problem is people use their own bed at home and only use a hotel a few times a year on holiday. How would a hotel make money with such low demand?” Lots of people travel for work 10/20/30+ times a year, and lots of people have hobbies that they travel for or just enjoy traveling and do so much more than just once or twice a year. (Also there are people that live outside the US and have 4-6 weeks of vacation each year which enables way more travel.) While EUCs are too small/niche, a standardized battery size that supported a wider range of PEVs (escooters, ebikes, esk8, OW, EUC, etc) should have enough of a market in the near-ish future.
  14. This might be the first person I've ever heard of who rides their OneWheel more than their EUC.. (Everyone I know with both eventually ditched OneWheels completely.) The KS16S is still a great first wheel for many people, especially sub-$1k & sub-100 miles. Anyone up that way should definitely consider it.
  15. I often refer to what you're calling "hotdogging" as riding "youtuber style" (or "wannabe youtuber style")--i.e. many PEV youtubers (EUC, esk8, whatever) tend to over- accel/decel/carve a lot as it looks more dynamic/'cool' in videos, and consequently you end up with a bunch of new riders who learned everything off youtube and ride like that and then b1tch about how all advertised ranges are bogus. (Apologies to Marty who is a youtuber and doesn't do this, but I think he will understand/sympathize with what I mean.)
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