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  1. @mike_bike_kite I really appreciate you asking and must confess I strongly prefer that you wouldn't. All of my data has been manually sourced over countless hours from a combination of eWheels.com (who I prominently link right back to), manufacturer sites & documentation, and scouring forums/image searches for pictures of disassembled parts and stock chargers with specs printed on them. (To be clear, I don't use self-reported data from random forum posts or anything like that, only actual picture/video proof.) Conversely my spreadsheet currently contains no data pulled from any other or competing table/database/wiki project with the exception of the single 'Year Released' row which I simply cannot find anywhere except for a single place online. I would strongly encourage you to follow similar principles for data acquisition. All told I must have spent well over 50 hours working on it (honestly this number is likely even much higher but which people probably wouldn't believe if I said so) which I'm still always updating/tweaking/redoing parts of (in fact I was doing so /the very second/ I got the ping of my name being mentioned here :-p --as just in the last week I have made and been working on finishing a major overhaul). And I think it's a testament to my efforts and the unique value I have created (from methodology to presentation), that even with all the other online comparison tables/databases/wikis that exist (both those around a lot longer than mine and several that have cropped up since), increasingly mine is one that people are linking/referencing more and more in places like this (like @meepmeepmayer did here). Ultimately I'm happy to answer questions about and discuss specs or the absolute mess that is the current state of both manufacturer documentation and most reseller listings. But I would prefer you not just copy/reuse my data set or any significant portion of it.
  2. No because the individual cells are bigger. The energy density remains the same (energy per mass). The overall weight should remain the same.
  3. Seconding the request for any updates on these. :-)
  4. This is perhaps the biggest news out of this, yet! Well done. Any similar efforts/progress regarding Gotway? The newer Gotway app for iPhone (the one everyone recommends over the old one) doesn't work on my phone and I'm left having to meet up with my buddy & his Android device to change any speed limits or alarms on my new Nik+. (Unfortunately it seems Darknessbot can't change the speed limits or alarms for Gotway either?)
  5. Fairly detailed disassembly is over at ecodrift and Google translate actually does a quite passable job.
  6. Wow, I was going to speculate *exactly that* but didn't want to spout arbitrary conjecture. (I bet Jason's fed up with the manufacturer app situation on iPhone [whereas at least Android users have Wheellog] and apparently thinks it's bad enough that it's hurting his customer experience [presumably measured by the volume of support messages from eWheels + iPhone customers] that he/eWheels needed to fund to accelerate the development of the only iPhone alternative.) Good on you both for doing so but also for telling it straight. :-) Every time I think there's something not-quite-right going on behind the scenes particularly involving the manufacturers, it seems like it always turns out that eWheels is on the 'right' side of the situation/doing the 'right'/best thing given the circumstances. Continually impressed.
  7. This is neat. Can any more be said about why eWheels would be sponsoring DarknessBot/anything that might come out of this as a result?
  8. AtlasP

    InMotion V8f

    It's definitely a different motor, confirmed in the ecodrift teardown. It even has different internal physical dimensions.
  9. Out of curiosity, do we know what the motor in the KS16X has stamped on it? Is there any chance they're the same or related?
  10. AtlasP

    InMotion V8f

    I was perplexed by that line in the EcoDrift disassembly. That would surely be an expensive and labor intensive process (without even getting the speed improvement) which makes zero sense to me. I could see if you already need to replace the side panels on a V8 (due to scratches/cracks) to replace them with the newer V8F panels instead and get the pads upgrade 'for free'. But swapping out the inner case & tire?--no way. Also while the battery would seem like a simple swap-out upgrade, with being such a minor upgrade and the batteries being *so expensive* by themselves it just doesn't make any sense. As in most cases you're better off just selling the used wheel and buying a new one.
  11. I understand why you leave Ninebot off that list due to the well-documented Z10 vampire discharge issue, but two questions: Do other Ninebots (the One S1/S2) have that issue or is it just limited to the Z10? Is there any evidence of InMotion being any different from King Song or Gotway in this regard? (Or do you just leave them off your list simply because you don't own/ride InMotion wheels?) If the answer to both of these happens to be 'no' then your original statement could be simplified/broadened (and simultaneously lose the loaded brand implications) to: "Pretty much all modern EUC batteries (except for the Z10) last forever."
  12. In the past there haven't been many noteworthy deals on EUCs or EUC-specific accessories, but you could find deals on non-EUC-specific accessories--tire gauges/pumps, flashlights, safety lights/reflective gear, general protective gear (helmets, guards, pads, etc), etc.
  13. AtlasP

    InMotion V8f

    Weird coincidence, I was literally on: https://www.inmotionworld.com/product/electric-unicycle-inmotion-v8 less than ~8 hours ago and tried adding an 'F' to the end of the URL ;-) which did not work at the time. Now they've completely taken down the former V8 listing and replaced it with the V8F one at the new URL.
  14. Thanks. I used to have dimensions but they were an inconsistent mess and I removed them. (Different sources for measurements seemed to be using different methodologies which made them useless for making comparisons--the whole point of having them in a table.) I might go back and try again now that Gotway Kebye has redone their English site with somewhat passable spec sheets. Edit: started looking at these again. Length and Height are mostly ok-ish, but it's Width that's especially all over the place (which is the one that'd actually be the most useful to have). It appears some are measuring width including the pedals down (which is an absolutely useless number IMO), while others are measuring with them up and/or not including pedals--but even in the latter case, some seem to be measuring the width with the pedals up and including the pedals/pedal stand-offs, whereas others are measuring just the case/body minus the pedal stand-offs at all? Either of these would be ok/usable if everyone did it the same way (I personally would prefer body width ignoring pedals/pedal stand-offs completely), but as it stands now the officially reported width measurements are worse than useless--they're extremely misleading by virtue of their different measuring methodology. Regarding columns vs rows, I've actually tried it both ways on multiple occasions. The other way would certainly fit slightly better on screen, but I find the current configuration much more readable for reasons that are hard to pinpoint. I think it's mainly due to cutting down on the amount your eye has to move/scan to see all the data about any one wheel. (Wheels-as-columns makes each individual wheel's data shorter in length versus wheels-as-rows makes each wheel's data an extremely long and skinny strip that's much harder to read/perceive as a single unit.)
  15. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that every final KS16X has the 2200W motor.(Although there might be earlier pre-production prototypes floating around with the old 2000W one.)
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