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  1. Can someone define this term for me with regards to EUCs?
  2. The table is organized into what I consider the logical wheel 'classes' based on a combination of price/motor/overall size (but somewhat disregarding battery size as this enables keeping obvious pairings like the KS14D/KS14S or V10/V10F or KS18L/KS18XL together). Far from being random, the organization is very much intentional and was one of the main reasons I made my own table in the first place--to visualize them in this particular way. The classes ended up being: ~$550/500W/15mph/14"/25-26lb MTen3 is a category by itself ($1k-class specs paired with tiny 10" wheel) Mostly $850-899/800W/18mph/mostly 14"/30-34lb $1299-1599/1200-2000W/mostly 22-25mph/mostly 16"/37-45lb New 16" ones/$1999/2000W/31mph/52-54lb 18"/$1920-2200/mostly 2000W/mostly 31+ mph/mostly 52-53lb "The weird tall ones you can sit on" ;-) (18-22"/mostly $1995+/30+mph/mostly 57+ lb) Looking at it this way, the V8 has more (practically everything except for wheel diameter) in common with the KS14 iterations in the $800's and was placed in the third class, the MCM5 has more in common with 16" wheels in the $1300's and was placed in the fourth class, the V10(F) has more in common with other 16" wheels in the $1300-1500's range (not the 18", $2+k ones it's usually grouped with) and was placed in the fourth class, etc. Further reinforcing my organization scheme, the color-coding (based on individual values/ranges) was done after the class groupings, and yet observe how neatly the colored bands coincide with the class groupings for the most part, particularly regarding price/motor/overall size. __ Unfortunately the Excel 'filter' option that enables you to dynamically sort/filter without actually moving the data around only works for rows and not columns. The only way to sort columns would be using the general 'sort' option but which requires write privileges and moves around the actual data. (And I think the particular data set makes more sense with the wheels as columns instead of rows.)
  3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the V10 and V10F are the same (GX12-3). For the V8 it depends on if you're talking about the Glide 3 (US version of the V8) or the actual, international version of the V8. The international version of the V8 supposedly uses the same GX12-3 connector as the V10(F), however the Glide 3 (US version) uses a different, GX12-4 connector. (I have a Glide 3 and a V10F and they came with the same identical power brick [84V, 1.5A] but have different charging connectors, but I believe if you got the international V8 and V10[F] they would have identical power bricks & connectors.)
  4. I run a completely different/unrelated business (a service actually) that also happens to accept online transactions through PayPal which are in the similar price range ($500-2000 transactions). Thoughts on a proper replacement? Must support both domestic US and international payments so things like venmo (us only) and transferwise (international only/can't pay US-to-US) are out. Are there any services with fixed transaction fees instead of percentage based? (Even if the fixed fee was high it could be cheaper for those of us dealing in primarily large transfers.) Every couple years I do a bunch of research into alternatives but there was never any clearly better alternative. (Although I guess now with this latest change over refunds, even some of the less-than-perfect replacements might become better.)
  5. I ended up getting one of the eWheels rapid-chargers which appear to offer the same main functionality as ChargeDoctor (particularly the ability to stop charging at 80% or 90%). Are there any notable differences in functionality or quality between them that someone would want specifically the ChargeDoctor instead?
  6. I re-purposed a meme (it seemed appropriate).
  7. (Back on topic) Update: I have completed adding the Gotways, etc for a more complete table. I very much appreciate those who have helped provide clarification to resolve some of the peach-colored, question-marked entries, and am still eager to resolve those remaining if anyone else can help.
  8. Did we already forget about how the latest firmware has been causing terrifying dips on the flagship KS18X(L) prompting many enthusiasts to have to do an unsupported firmware downgrade (which is only doable on an Android phone)? Lots of chatter about this with the NYC E-Riders group the past couple weeks. King Song certainly has nice build quality but they're definitely not immune to issues. (I had almost pulled the trigger on a KS18XL before deciding on something else [unrelated to/before this issue came to light], and man am I glad I didn't get one right in the midst of the current situation or perhaps the issue coupled with my inexperience with the new/bigger wheel might have landed me on my face.) Of course it will probably (hopefully?) get fixed and the KS18X(L) is likely still a great wheel, but I would stay clear of such blanket statements/endorsements as each brand has had its issues over time.
  9. I have both a V8 (aka Glide 3) and a V10F. I still actively ride and absolutely love both of them (for different situations), but my g/f definitely favors the V8 and finds the the size of the V10F just a bit too cumbersome as a daily driver (particularly to maneuver/lift/etc when not riding it). Conversely I would strongly recommend against anything less than the V8--anything less will definitely be outgrown quickly--whereas the V8 is a fantastic first wheel for a more petite person (also super light for the power, very nimble, and has an excellent trolley handle).
  10. I will never understand this sentiment. Most everything Gotway has ever made has been ugly as sin *except* for the Nikola (edit: and perhaps the Monster, but which is just too gigantic for me that I kinda forget about it) which is their first step in a better direction. The logo on the side isn't great and especially the light-up logo/font for the tail-light is pretty hideous (waiting for a mod for that, should be easy enough to dremel out and replace with a plain taillight cover/lens), but otherwise it looks like a bigger brother to the Ninebot One S1/S2 which are some of the best looking wheels around (look-wise, disregarding their specs). (This comment doesn't necessarily warrant a response; I don't really want to side-track this thread arguing about aesthetics versus the focus on specs; just something to get off my chest/contributing a differing opinion which I think belongs in the pile.)
  11. Thanks, I hadn't seen this one. Another that's hard to see big picture at a glance, but a good source for individual numbers/data/fact-checking.
  12. Was just looking at that the other day and it indeed looks to be down today. I was excited when I first saw their site which looks pretty slick, although I found their ranking system obtuse, and it contains a bunch of old models which just aren't relevant anymore and really get in the way, thus making it not actually that great for getting the big picture of current wheels (the compare feature is better, but cumbersome to use/cannot be reordered/etc). I did pull the 'year released' row from there, though (and nothing else; I just couldn't find that info anywhere else consistently)--thanks for reminding me, I will add credit to them in my initial post.
  13. I have begun adding more of the Gotways over to the far right--it wasn't something I was against, it just wasn't a priority when I originally created this. When I'm more confident with the readiness of that data I'll probably try to integrate/intersperse them more with the rest of the table. [Done.] I appreciate suggestions to resolve the peach-colored, question-marked boxes, but please try to include a source whenever possible. (Not that I don't trust people's intentions, I just want this to be more trustworthy than merely "things people said on a forum"--although I recognize that this forum is more reliable than most.) Regarding InMotion's manufacturer claims, that's kinda fair/it is at least certainly skewed towards smaller riders (as a smaller rider I find them pretty close for me), although note the eWheels estimated ranges are based on a travel speed of 15mph, whereas different motors/batteries might be more efficient at higher or lower speeds, and also we don't really know what methodology eWheels uses to create things like their estimated ranges or recommended weight limits (whether by empirical testing, or some basic mathematical principles, or just by 'feeling' in comparison to the range of options available). I tend to trust Jason overall, but that still doesn't automatically mean that any delta between his numbers and manufacturer claims is entirely the product of manufacturer exaggeration.
  14. (Long-time lurker, first-time contributor to this particular forum; be gentle.) I created my own personal EUC comparison table (inspired by the one on eWheels.com, credit to them, but which I wanted to add things to/remove things from/generally rearrange & reformat) to collect my thoughts while deciding on my next upgrade as well as for helping friends with wheel recommendations. Of course the choices regarding what was included or omitted and particularly the organization and color coding are based on my opinion--it was originally created just for myself and not with the intention to publicly share/post, but after spending so much time on it I figured some other people might be interested to use it as a reference. I am open to discussing the aforementioned choices/opinions, but not particularly interested in arguing or having to defend myself from attacks. ;-) I would particularly appreciate help fixing any errors or verifying/completing any of the peach-colored, question-marked entries (with sources, please). Link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ag0ky7mWfH9cm9dMfvYothdqZtIsdw Additional notes: While the majority of data came from manufacturer spec sheets and eWheels.com (credited above), I should also credit that just the 'year released' row (and nothing else) was pulled from electricunicycles.eu . Full disclosure: some of the store links at the very bottom of the table contain my referral id's--after all, this was partially created for me to be able to copy/paste links for my friends when discussing/recommending which wheel they should get. One can still easily use the table as a reference without ever touching those links if this matters to you.
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