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  1. Surprised to not see anyone mentioning that several riders in the NYC Hoodriderz group have reported similar issues due specifically to the 1.12 firmware (and which were not resolved in 1.13). I'd definitely recommend the firmware downgrade before swapping out any more parts. Then if that proves to fix it, the next question would be is Lutalo running the latest firmware and, if so, why are some wheels affected and others not? And in that case does that mean the firmware issue still reveals some kind of hardware difference or hardware problem with some wheels over others? (Like perhaps the 1.12/1.13 firmware is just more susceptible to battery inconsistency/battery problems, such that wheels with perfect batteries don't exhibit the problem on 1.12+ but certain battery issues coupled with 1.12+ do exhibit it?) In that case you'd want to resolve the hardware battery problem, although then the firmware still should see a fix to minimize this kind of instability anytime anyone begins to experience a battery problem--if the earlier firmware could then the latest should be able to.
  2. I feel like I've gone the opposite direction of many others here--for many months I thought I preferred a squishier tire (35-37psi) and now I strongly prefer the recommended 40psi--it just feels so much smoother/more stable to me at speeds over 20mph.
  3. I think we're saying the same thing re: eWheels vs InMotion USA pricing--i.e. eWheels often has less markup than InMotion USA. My point was just they do this for most InMotion wheels, not at all specific to the V5F's, and in fact for at least the past 6+ months (IIRC) the V5F was the *only* InMotion wheel where this *wasn't* the case/that was actually priced the same on both sites. Which means it sounds like they were having no problem selling what they had, or else you would expect them to price more aggressively during those last 6+ months (versus just in its earlier days) like they already do for all other InMotion wheels. > Jason created a topic a while ago about having too many EUC options and wanted to know what people valued most.. the majority was battery capacity then motor power.. I'm just guessing, I can't know because I'm not him that he just sold the remaining v5f stock and is going to be keeping the ks14d as the main entry level wheel instead of it and the v5f.. This makes sense overall, although I would've gotten rid of the IPS a130 before the V5F myself. (At least when it comes to strength of the lineup. Obviously it could come down to a range of other things like the price they get them for/amount they can make per wheel, relative difficulty of dealing with manufacturers, etc. I guess it was exactly these types of things and my curiosity about them which is why I created the thread in the first place, but so far no-one has had any inside info on these things.)
  4. At least some of this sounds like pure rubbish. The eWheels V5F stock had been running low for quite a while, absolutely no sign of "a whole bunch of stock" (of the V5F specifically--unless you just meant of all wheels, which I guess is a possibility). The eWheels price for the V5F was not discounted and was identical to InMotion USA for quite a while. (Unlike the V10/V10F which is decidedly cheaper on eWheels than on InMotion USA.) eWheels includes the free covers for all InMotion wheels. If you think it's a tiny, underpowered wheel just say that. Why invent what appears to be a fabricated narrative about it instead? I don't understand why people do this.
  5. I had heard (and InMotion had confirmed) the rumors about a V8 refresh, but I hadn't heard anything about a V5 refresh (nor did InMotion say anything about it when they confirmed the V8 refresh).
  6. I just noticed on eWheels.com that the Glide 2/V5F has gone from "out of stock" to being removed from their main "Shop" page entirely. And if you manually go to the old URL (https://ewheels.com/product/inmotion-v5f/) it still says "Out of stock"/"Sold out" without their usual estimate for reacquiring stock, and instead recommends riders to consider the $300-more-expensive KS14D. I know the V5F is well-below most enthusiasts here caring about it too much (myself included), but I still considered it a better recommendation for someone's kid or something than the IPS a130 eWheels still carries or the Ninebot One S1/S2 (with no handle) some people still recommend as a learner. Anyone know anything about why this is or if the removal has any greater significance? Edit: to be clear, I know it's still available elsewhere including from InMotion USA, I just thought the removal from such a prominent etailer was a little weird and worth asking about/seeing if anyone knew anything or if there was any wild speculation to be had. ;-)
  7. Should people interested in participating/hanging-out/volunteering but probably not competing still register as a 'rider' at: https://www.laeucgames.com/new-page ? Or just for a 'spectator ticket' at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/los-angeles-electric-unicycle-games-tickets-65375958251 ? Will spectator tickets still be able to bring wheels and hang-out/ride around/test each others' wheels at the event, or will spectator tickets be relegated to the bleachers completely cut off from the riders?
  8. I don't think you'd need a full-on suitcase, but definitely take a thicker fabric bag/sack that can be closed (or wrapped up with tape/twine/etc) completely around the wheel and which can then collapse into your backpack when not being used.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Oh then sure, I can absolutely do that already, no problem. :-)
  10. I'm super interested in coming out for a week of various group rides but the best I feel comfortable doing by this point is ~20-21 mph for ~30-35 miles (maybe by Oct that'll be up to 22-24 mph, but still presumably not the upper 20's and 30's some of you guys do). I'm assuming I would be left behind and/or I wouldn't want to be a hindrance. Any chance of group rides around my speed? Edit: just to be clear, I'm fully prepared that the answer might be "no" which is totally fine/I would understand. I don't expect to be catered to, just asking to see if there would be others in a similar boat. Edit2: unfortunately no 1600wh wheel just yet. But tempted..
  11. The obvious first rule is appropriate safety gear (in rough order): full-face helmet, wrist-guards, knee-pads, elbow-pads, other body/shoulder/hip body-armor. Although since that subject has been beaten to death, I might suggest people steer the present thread towards methodological rules for fast-riding versus how to gear/what to wear. I think one of my personal rules is to adjust my speed based on my familiarity with the particular route I'm on. I would rarely push my highest speeds on a road I've never traveled before, whereas I'm much more likely to do so on roads I travel all the time and where I know every dip/bump/pothole/etc.
  12. Anyone spot any Prime Day deals of relevance to EUC riders? Let us know below. :-) (Also FWIW a lot of other online retailers like Best Buy, etc have been running flash sales to coincide with Prime Day.) -- My contributions: Portable mini electric tire inflator (has its own internal battery) currently on lightning deal for another ~2 hours for $30: https://amazon.com/Oasser-Portable-Compressor-Inflator-Inflatables/dp/B07K8J9WQB/ (I bought this one several months ago and I like it/it has worked well so far, but I can't make any guarantees about it long-term.) Anker PowerCore portable chargers: https://amazon.com/s?k=anker&i=prime-day-secondary
  13. I'm from the northeast but currently/temporarily in Huntsville, AL this year. (I.e. essentially the other side of the country.)
  14. I want to go to this so bad, not even to compete or anything, just to hang out and meet a bunch of other EUC enthusiasts and show my support--it's such a shame wheel transportation is so difficult...
  15. @Jason McNeil - The listing for the 100V Nikola option on ewheels.com currently is a bit ambiguous, never using the term "Plus" but referring to it as a "Special Edition Nikola". Can you confirm whether this will be the blacked out version (instead of having the white trim) and/or whether it will be branded as the "Plus"? (In the past I believe the 100V versions of the Gotways looked the same as their 84V versions, so if in this case there are any significant aesthetic differences like that they might need noted on the store listing.)
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