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  1. Media influencers & vocal forum participants take note: if after some preliminary 'research' (likely centered around youtube videos and forum discussions) new people are being lead to think that one of those three wheels are where they should start, you/we as a community are doing something very wrong. Virtually any other wheel in between the listed extremes would be a better recommendation for a new rider--seriously, they could throw a dart at all remaining options and end up with a better starting point.
  2. AtlasP

    Gotway EX

    Gotway EX weighs *more* than the Sherman.
  3. All here: https://ewheels.com/parts/#products_categories_row_208
  4. I haven't tried the Veteran's soft mode in particular, but in general soft mode is primarily a comfort feature that can greatly reduce foot/leg fatigue (at the expense of acceleration & braking), and secondarily some people just like the sensation of a more-pronounced pendulum feeling. Keep in mind that differences in firmware implementation across brands and also a particular wheel's pedal height (put the opposite way/more importantly, the distance between the pedals and the axle) can make a drastic difference in how this works/feels, so soft mode can be a surprisingly different experience from one wheel to another.
  5. ? The same picture demonstrates what I said; here it is with a visual aid. You can even ignore the exact position of the top line/imagine moving it up or down a bit, it's just there as a horizontal reference reconciled against the ground. Unfortunately I don't know of a picture of both production versions side-by-side, but we know their final pedal heights are extremely similar which removes that layer of complexity. (A handle parallel to wheel orientation is only ~2-3in wide/not relevant.)
  6. Those are the pre-production/demo models that made the rounds. As stated by others, the final production V11 has notably higher pedals. With that in mind, then yours is the most bizarre interpretation of that picture. The only height difference is in the handle (irrelevant to perceived wheel height between the legs), and otherwise the main body of the two wheels is very nearly the same height (look at the picture again). Now the width of the saddle carries the width of the wheel up to be a bit wider at the top compared to how much the top of the S18 tapers, which I'm assuming is what you're referring to, but which is different from what you keep insisting. (And/or you got to try the pre-production/demo model V11 with the lower pedals, but again which is substantially different in the final production version.)
  7. Edit: these are the pre-production/demo models that made the rounds. The final production V11 is the same height but has notably higher pedals.
  8. @Mark Wilson -- my bad/removed, thanks for catching that.
  9. You mean just like everyone was saying they did, and exactly the same as what happened with the 16X? *shocked Pikachu face*
  10. Does tire deformation play a significant-enough role to make a measurable difference? Wouldn't some combination of a higher pressure and/or a lighter rider producing less tire deformation result in a larger outer diameter and therefore higher speed? Or I wonder if they just calculate for the algorithm using math derived from the cad drawings of the size of the tire (without any rider) not taking tire pressure/deformation into account at all.
  11. I'm a world-renowned dance workshop instructor; I make my living teaching workshops and judging contests throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and for about two months each year I run my own series of prestigious retreat-style camps. ...Or at least I was/did until COVID obliterated all partner dance events/conferences for the foreseeable future and made frequent flying sound terrifying. Now I'm still trying to figure out what to do with myself in the interim. =/
  12. To be fair, a large contributor to this problem in EUC land is the language barrier and poor translations. That combined with the fact that these companies aren't great at communicating like a proper modern business (in any language)--with poor or in Veteran's case non-existent websites and enthusiasts left trying to find information piecemeal through the grapevine across forum & social media posts. (Honestly this is an even bigger problem than the language barrier/translation issue. If they at least did a good job on a native language website the internet could crowd-source reliable translations.) I have to laugh when I see people applaud this or that company having a company representative on the forums here or there. You want to impress me? Just have a fscking news/blog/press-release page on your website that releases information in a formal/proper way. ("New product announcement on <date>", "all the info from today's product announcement", "first batch orders are now shipping and hit <continent> shores by <date>", "product refresh/changes to <product>", "<product delayed another month to <date> due to <reason>", etc.)
  13. Things are looking very promising for batch 2/3 and beyond of the V11, whereas the S18 is still a complete mess (many requiring a full teardown and rebuild of the suspension out of the box before even being usable) and harder to predict how long before King Song gets it straightened out (if ever). The Gotway EX is reported at 38 kg/84 lbs(!) (that's even heavier than the Veteran and Monster!) and in no way a reasonable recommendation to a new rider. Even worse the suspension only has 5cm/2in of travel (which means less than 1in of travel from default position if calibrated properly). Not to mention it isn't released yet and even when it does it will see the same first couple batch issues as every other wheel, which means realistically not a good recommendation (for anyone) until sometime into the new year at the earliest. At this stage the V11 is the pretty clear recommendation out of those three particularly for a new rider.
  14. @Sidestreet Reny (https://youtube.com/channel/UCT-qSaIEzwCHeeMqvkkOh3w) is the biggest name I know for specifically freestyle on EUC, and he swears by his InMotion wheel(s) over others he's tried for his kind of tricks. Not sure how much he visits the forums, but you could try messaging him about it (either here or through youtube).
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