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  1. Yes, InMotion did one for the V11 launch.
  2. Is there supposed to be an actual launch event like for the V11? If so, where/link?
  3. Why attempt to paraphrase (and misrepresent) what EVX said when he's already made his position clear in text in this very thread:
  4. Money quote. In the fervent desire/pursuit of "better/faster/longer" it's like everyone forgets how product categories/price categories work.
  5. I have added your link at your request. Personally I just hope this doesn't become a thing as IMO it's the wrong direction for successful local group curation. Unsolicited opinion: I'm a gamer and huge user of Discord (literally every day), but frankly I think it's the wrong tool/poorly suited for providing the two main functions of an online presence for something like this--baseline info on the group & scheduled upcoming events, and discoverability for potential new members. This is not to defend/advocate for Facebook, but then there are a dozen other online tools I would use before
  6. On a fundamental level, it's about keywords and gaming the youtube algorithm for views--the people doing this couldn't care or understand less about the legal side. Although I do think it might have the legal benefit as an accidental byproduct.
  7. Time to update the list of EUCs under your name.
  8. Straight from ewheels.com: (https://ewheels.com/product/new-inmotion-v12-1750wh-battery-2500w-motor-500-deposit/) Ballpark $2200 is a fantastic launch price for that class of hardware coupled with those production values and shiny new features. Particularly at a time when the competition seem to be focused almost exclusively on $3200+ options. InMotion is gonna make bank with this.
  9. Hello Mike. :-) When requesting wheel recommendations, it is important to include your approximate weight, price range, and general usage scenario(s)--desired top speeds/general attitude towards speed, desired/needed range (particularly any fixed commutes), where you plan to use it (whether mostly just bike paths or what types of roads or any off-roading, etc), how much you may need to carry it (i.e. in conjunction with public transpo or living on a third-floor walk-up or something), etc. Never trust wheel recommendations from people who offer them without first having this type of information
  10. I feel like between this and the MCM5 v2 there is enough good DNA to make one good wheel. Just give me the 2.5" width from the MCM5 v2 on a 16" diameter like the Tesla and a battery somewhere between the two/anywhere over 1000 Wh, but without the stupid width of the T3 (which is wider than a Nikola/as wide as the old Monster) and keeping weight around/under 40-45 lbs. Basically a Begode V10F with a top speed approaching 30 instead of just 25 mph. If they could sell that for $1500 or less it'd be worth considering for some segment.
  11. This is technically currently true but somewhat misleading in the big picture. For the majority of the 100v Nik+'s life it was a $2200/2300/2400 wheel. It's only more recently that its price has dropped so much, largely I presume because distributors recognize it will be harder to sell once the V12 releases. For all intents and purposes, the V12 is looking to be in the same price ballpark as the Nik+ was for the majority of its life, and especially its first year or two.
  12. Jesus, what decade--nay century--is this?
  13. I always thought the 18S form factor was ahead of its time and still looks great.
  14. I'm flattered you'd think of me :-), but alas this particular information for most wheels does not exist publicly in a form that I would consider anything remotely close to definitive. At most we have marketing claims and the crowdsourced and then blind-repeated claims through the community, with a subset of those perhaps having origins in one-off conversations with/comments by some manufacturers but which have been passed through the most mangled game of 'telephone' (let alone the influences of brand allegiances/biases on that process). At one point I had tried documenting just the collo
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