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  1. I think Gotway-class 100v performance in a mainstream form (55-65 lbs & low $2k's), without Gotway (not to mention with InMotion production values), is something completely new. If you think about it, I bet only ~half of the hype with the Sherman was "holy-sh1t the top speed & range", but probably half of it or more was just "100v perf from anyone other than Gotway, thank g-d". I still think Veteran should be making their own MSP/RS competitor if they really want to build any reasonable marketshare (not instead of the Sherman line, but in addition to).
  2. The mental gymnastics/shifting goalposts here are so blatant and regularly occurring they have become cliche. For years all everyone talked about here was "yay 100v MSX/MSP/100v Nikola+ speeds & ~1800Wh batteries" and "boo 84v InMotion & King Song speeds & smaller batteries". And "sure InMotion has nice construction/polish/safety... for girls/kids, but just doesn't hit <aforementioned specs that are supposedly where the baseline should be>". Well the V12 is essentially 100v MSX/MSP/RS/Nik+ speeds & battery size--which everyone said was the standard we should mea
  3. I agree with this comment: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/21930-new-rider-needs-advise-inmotion-v11-vs-kingson-s18/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-357596
  4. ROFL, that's a new low. "Gotway--too sketchy even for AliExpress.."
  5. I don't understand where comments like this ("slightly better V10F"?) come from. V12 is confirmed at 100v which must mean at least 35-40 mph (if the V11's hidden setting enables 35 mph on their last 84v wheel), a 16x3 tire (a la Nikola+ or KS-16X), a kickstand like the V11, will obviously have at least V11-class lights, and based on deduction from comments likely 1800-2700 Wh. It sounds exactly like 100v Nik+ specs with V11 niceties (kickstand/lights/etc minus suspension)--which is absolutely nothing like the V10F.
  6. Unfortunately I can't help, but I genuinely wish you the best of luck.
  7. Alternatively: the Veteran Sherman was the last decent wheel to come out of Gotway. ;-)
  8. While I'm looking forward to this functionality in a wheel, I doubt we'll see it on something like the V12. I think it makes more sense to start with swappable batteries on smaller wheels as a possible solution to traveling with them.
  9. @LorenW - to corroborate what @Denny Paulsaid, one must learn the difference between a 'max speed' (with rider) and a 'no load speed' (which is the max speed at which the motor can spin without a rider). The latter is technical measurement of the hardware but which has no bearing on real world usage with a rider. The 'no load speed' for the MCM5 is somewhere in the low-to-mid 30s mph, but which is in no way possible with a rider and should not be attempted. The MCM5's max speed with rider is somewhere around 25 mph.
  10. The plot thickens! 'InMotion Global' has liked my comment (quoted here) in which I speculated on battery size. Does that corroborate my 24s6p hypothesis? ;-p
  11. @meepmeepmayerThis is quite possibly the single-best post I've ever seen on this forum. Certainly within the top-five or top-ten. (Side note: we need a pinned reddit-style, best-post-of-the-year nominations thread with voting at the end of the year.) It should (also) be re-posted/pinned somewhere more prominently where more new riders can find it and people can easily direct others to it when the subject comes up.
  12. ROFL, that's a new one on me--another (loaded) euphemism to add to the list along with "big-boned". So apparently according to UniMe any dudes under ~225 lbs--including large swaths of most men in some entire countries/continents--are less than full-sized men/aren't fully men? I'll extend the benefit of the doubt that (hopefully) you didn't mean it that way (although who knows, maybe you did). But really, there are already a host of functional euphemisms for this kind of use ("athletic" and the like), no need to invent another one that turns the subject into "us versus them" divided by we
  13. Completely spitballing, but I'm not sure it would help much? The rim and housing of the motor other than the bearing are all quite weatherproof, the weatherproofing issues involving those things are around the bearings/entry points, which you couldn't seal with something like that because they have to move separately from one another. Now where it could theoretically help is up inside the shell/particularly the seam of the shell. So you'd have to completely remove the wheel/motor, and I just don't know how feasible it'd be to spray up inside there like that, but maybe?
  14. Assuming the placement of the mirror is functional, then this looks 1000x better than most other mirror installations. I like it. Well done.
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