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  1. How bizarre that now everyone wants to talk about range while sidestepping throttling percentage (when in the past the first thing everyone brought up about earlier InMotion wheels was that they throttled so early/aggressive). The thing that matters is Un-throttled Wh (I propose 'UtWh'), or how much battery you have to play with at/near its advertised speed before it can no longer sustain those speeds and essentially downgrades itself to a lower class of wheel until recharged. The S18 with only 3p will have to throttle at 50% (or possibly higher as some claim newer 16X firmware starts throttling closer to 60%), which means it has at most ~555 UtWh (1110 Wh * .5). Meanwhile the V11 is guaranteed 50km/h all the way down to 30%, which means it has ~1050 UtWh (1500 Wh * .7). The bottom line is that the usable, Un-throttled Wh of the V11 is basically double the S18 if you consistently ride in the upper 20s mph. (I would love a slightly more sophisticated formula for this idea that takes into account the amount of voltage each wheel will drain to, although which would only change things by less than 5-10%, but either way I think the idea is sound.)
  2. "Nikola" is a proper noun named after Nikola Tesla--one of the fathers of modern electricty--and is pronounced with emphasis on the "nick", not the "oh".
  3. As discussed in other comments, InMotion consistently has the best IP rating, his comments here are way off-base. Calling the suspension 'sub-par' is really disingenuous. Considering even by early July nobody yet owns a suspension wheel, "par" for pretty much all riders is the complete absence of suspension whatsoever. And since as Kuji says both suspension wheels have superior ride quality to any non-suspension wheel (and Kuji says he wishes all his wheels had suspension), such suspension is still a great improvement over current non-suspension ride quality 'par' as riders know it. Calling the best 84v commuter wheel ever made--the first-ever suspension paving the way for the future, as well as an 84v wheel that beats the 84v MSX yet made by InMotion(!) of all people--'boring' is a bizarre statement. The only interpretation that makes sense is that he considers all 84v wheels boring, but then that's hardly a mark against this particular wheel, and should've been disclaimer of his bias against the entire 84v category. Ultimately this wreaks of trying to 'atone' to his NYC crew for otherwise saying positive things about an InMotion wheel.
  4. Body language is much more important than your gear's appearance in shaping how pedestrians perceive you. When approaching pedestrians particularly in denser, pedestrian-centric/pedestrian-heavy places like a park and/or when around kids, etc, in addition to slowing way down I'll do things like raise my wind visor to make eye contact, nod or even offer a verbal greeting to older adults, wave to small children if they're staring/pointing, etc. You can visibly see the adults' body language change/relax as they can see that you see them & are paying attention, or that you see & acknowledge the presence of their kid, etc.
  5. Given it is my understanding that: The majority of EUCs use a bicycle tire, with its size denoted as [<diameter>" x <width>"], where <diameter> is some weird measurement which is neither the rim diameter nor outside diameter, but rather somewhere between those two. A few EUCs use a motorcycle tire, with its size denoted as [<width> - <diameter>], where <diameter> is the diameter of the rim. Then these are my questions: Are the above premises correct? Are the Monster and Sherman the only EUCs that use moto tires? What about any of the incarnations of MSX, or the weirdly-wide Z10, or the new V11 or S18? Any others? Is the stock Sherman tire a moto tire of size 2.75-14 ? What is the stock Monster (V3) tire size? Do we know anything about the new Monster Pro tire size?
  6. Honestly all the EUC manufacturers have pretty poor post-sale support (typical of Chinese companies), which is why the community recommends/raves about the most trustworthy resellers like ewheels and speedyfeet--they provide excellent support in lieu of the manufacturers' deficiency in that regard. Such resellers keep an inventory not just of wheels but also parts and for example ewheels can often get parts shipped out to you in a day or two. In talking with ewheels about InMotion's reliability, it's really interesting. They said InMotion tends to have a slightly higher than average failure of boards where they just won't turn on for some reason? But on the flip side they have a lower than average failure of boards while in operation/while being ridden. Personally I'll take that tradeoff any day of the week. Never really seen that distinction talked about online, but ewheels spoke about it as if it was pretty definitive/proven.
  7. Ouch, the amount of rust in a brand new wheel...
  8. Surely you can't be serious? Tiltback is not simply to 'inform' the rider that they are approaching the wheel's limits, but to actually & physically help prevent them from exceeding those limits by physically shifting the rider's weight backward. The more aggressively/dangerously the rider approaches this failure point, the more drastic tiltback is required to achieve this end/prevent them from crossing the limit. The number of people that do not understand this and simply believe that tiltback is just a 'nanny' feature is proof of both why tiltback has to exist and why it has to work the way it does, or else there would be a lot more faceplants by riders who have no idea what even happened. The only brand that supports firmware updates by the third party apps is King Song, and then only very recently and after a great deal of having their hand 'forced' by Jason of ewheels (and possibly other etailers)--ultimately due to their longstanding failure over their handling of their own app situation, not because they're more supportive of the third-party efforts. (And indeed the hoops that third party app developers had to jump through was still pretty ridiculous.) There is often a delay between when new wheels are released and their being supported in the third-party apps, which is not at all unique to IM or the V8F. Otherwise IM functionality in the third party apps is on parity with every other brand, including Gotway & Ninebot.
  9. I currently own 3 wheels and still use at least 2 on a regular basis. I think 2 is a bare minimum to cover my varying usage.
  10. @shellac Ultimately there is a spectrum of wheel sizes and riding characteristics, and unfortunately you went from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other (or close to it) all at once. Compounding that, the Z10 has some very unique riding quirks due to the 4.1"-wide tire which makes it very polarizing even among very experienced riders--who either love it or hate it. You may eventually learn to love the Z10, or if not it just means you should explore some of the mid-size wheels or even just other large wheels that don't have the Z10's 4.1"-wide tire.
  11. Tiltback is a remarkable safety feature, and the degree of its severity on most wheels is an indicator of the egregiousness of rider behavior, particularly acceleration. If someone characterizes it as "tiltback of death", then the "of death" part is a characteristic of their riding behavior which the tiltback is saving them from, not the other way around. It amazes me the number of people who have no common sense idea of how these things work and what something like tiltback is and does. If you're experiencing tiltback on your wheel, it is /you/ who is doing something wrong, not the wheel. I have no idea where you're getting this from. InMotion wheels are just as well supported by the main third party apps as KS & GW, and I believe the majority users of said apps are doing so on IM wheels.
  12. A dissenting opinion but I think a lot depends on the weight. While I could see someone not using their V8 much once getting a V10F (since the V10F is still pretty svelte/compact and 'only' 45 lbs), but I still use my V10F a fair amount since getting my Nik+ because the latter is just so damn heavy/bulky (almost 60 lbs, like the V11). I think I would feel limited by 'only' having a wheel that large & heavy. I see a lot of value in having/keeping a smaller, more nimble wheel especially as your largest wheel gets over a certain threshhold--with that threshhold likely varying person to person.
  13. Super glad to hear the orange rubber will be switched back to black--I think it just looks way more premium. Overall I'm a fan of a "blacked out" aesthetic and kinda wish I could get the black rubber from v2 with the silver/no-orange plate from V1 (or a new black/no orange one).
  14. InMotion has committed to 50km/h (~31mph) all the way down until 30% battery/no throttling until 30% battery. As a nice little bonus they'll also be offering an enthusiast firmware that will allow 55km/h (~34mph) when above 80% battery.
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