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  1. This just in: most riders still clueless about how self-balancing vehicles work, call for option to disable tiltback while simultaneously complaining that warnings/alarms aren't obvious enough. More at 11. (If you're constantly riding the tiltback, you're already in the wrong.)
  2. 100% true. I wish this were more true, but my few years observing this community has lead me to the literal opposite conclusion. Although while I 'think' I'm right on this one, ultimately I *hope* you're right. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ We'll call it a draw/more data needed. ;-)
  3. So this is an EX-less EX. But which is not a RS/MSPro. But using the RS motor instead of the EX motor. And also not a Monster Pro. It's like watching a person go through some kind of trauma (the successful back-to-back V11 & Veteran launches this year were obviously traumatic for Gotway) and as a result of the stress some of their worst idiosyncratic behavioral traits become even more extreme/pronounced (Gotway's usual lack of cohesive product lineup/narrative or release cadence, now seemingly cranked to 11). *insert gif of Gotway rocking back and forth in fetal position wh
  4. The mental gymnastics here never cease to amaze. *Of course* the EX was direct knee-jerk response to the V11 & S18--a very rushed and poorly thrown-together suspension, cobbled together with other usual Gotway high-performance tech. The fact that the subset of its more usual Gotway tech puts it in a different category of performance and range doesn't change the fact that the wheel's very existence was a direct response to the V11 & S18, and an extremely-poorly-reviewed one at that.
  5. Another fantastic first/learner and/or last-mile offering for somebody (great wheel + price).
  6. I don't know the answer to the first question ("commute mode" vs "off-road mode"), but I think it's better/easier "when learning" to start with pedal stiffness at 100%, and then later you can experiment with varying pedal stiffness. Ultimately this just reduces the amount & types of movement involved which I hypothosize helps both simplify the set of muscle memory actions you need to learn to ride, but also helps psychologically to instill confidence in just how stable the wheel is capable of maintaining. (Lower pedal stiffness has some mechanical advantages, but ultimately also includes m
  7. Considering Veteran is composed of disgruntled former Gotway employees, I imagine Gotway's claim is more specific to details of their implementation (circuitry/software/etc) which Veteran may have 'borrowed'/used too directly/literally on the Sherman--not merely the concept of EUCs or self-balancing tech.
  8. Non-sequitor? Nobody said anything about achievement, and there is no joke to be made. I was responding to a user who said "Man i can't wait for Inmotion or any of the other companies [other than Gotway] to make a really fast, high battery capacity... euc" by confirming that InMotion is indeed working on their first 100v, higher-speed & higher-range wheel--exactly as he was suggesting/requesting. My comment was perfectly in line, unlike your frankly bizarre response. I bet you're one of those people who absolutely hates the fact that InMotion outsells all other EUC manufacturers combi
  9. lol, in that case (according to google translate):
  10. InMotion's rumored next wheel, the V12, is supposed to be their first 100v wheel and exceed both the speed and range of any of their prior offerings.
  11. Can I get a phonetic spelling? bee/bay, go/gah, dee/day?
  12. Notable updates from the past ~month, mid-Nov 2020 edition: Both 67.2v/420Wh/$650 and 84v/512Wh/$999 editions of the MTen3 have been consolidated to and replaced by a single new 84v/460Wh edition with a black, feaux-carbon-fiber shell for $780, at least on Ewheels. (The new shell had been shown/known about for a couple months, but the change/consolidation of configurations was news to me.) The last of the 84v Nikolas, the larger 2100wh version, now sold out everywhere/presumably permanently? With the prior point, Gotway's abandonment of the higher-end 84v space/discontinuing
  13. One of the strong advantages to InMotion wheels for kids (and even for some adults learning IMO) is being able to configure exact speed warning beeps *and* tiltback speed using an analog slider. Conversely Gotway only allows you to turn on/off various speed warning beeps at fixed/preset speeds and its tiltback is not configurable at all (beside either its default or off). So one could get a V8F for a young kid with a top speed of 22 mph that they could grow into, but you can set both the speed beeps and tiltback to only 10 or 12 or 15 mph for days/weeks/months/even years and turn it up as
  14. Nikola is like riding with a pumpkin between your legs. If you want a narrow wheel, V11 or KS-18XL are your best bet.
  15. Either the V8 or V10/V10F (depending on rider weight & usage case) are a better first wheel than the mten3. Also the $650 mten3 on ewheels is no more, and the cheapest mten3 on ewheels is now $780.
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