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  1. Looks great--definitely an improvement in aesthetics over the Sherman (which wasn't bad to start with/for their first out of the gate, but this is better). If you're not pushing 40+ mph, I'm just not sold on such a large diameter and how much this can sacrifice in higher weight, maneuverability, torque, acceleration, braking, etc--but definitely appealing for their highest-speed crowd. $3700 is yikes. I wonder how much that is inflated by the current battery crisis, and/or whether and how much that might drop when battery prices return to more normal. I wonder how heavy it's
  2. It was pretty-clearly created as a knee-jerk response to the hoverboard fire scare, and myopically at that--without any anticipation of the broader PEV/micro-vehicle revolution we find ourselves in.
  3. Good call, I never put those 2 and 2 together for the Z10's voltage specifically. Although in the end the Z10/Z-series was never UL2272 certified. But it would make sense as a reason for their otherwise strange design choice there, if the cert was something they were considering during the design process (and after having gone through the cert process once already for the One S1).
  4. There's another comment by Jason where he explains that the UL2272 cert doesn't even support the size of batteries (technically total voltage) used in virtually all EUCs today. So to get an EUC certified, you'd actually have to petition for them to extend UL2272 to encompass larger batteries/higher voltages, or almost NO contemporary EUC could pass. Everything else is moot if that wasn't resolved first. Edit: found it - https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/8518-help-all-lithium-ion-cycles-banned-at-usc/?tab=comments#comment-123703 . All bow to my google-fu. ;-) (To be clear, the specu
  5. Edited: The numbers were actually even worse than I remembered in my first attempted response here. I found one of the source comments by Jason McNeil on the subject: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/6954-v5fv8-ul-certification-safety-question/?tab=comments#comment-87760
  6. This is false. See: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/17309-up-to-date-euc-comparison-table/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-323377 . (That comment mostly talks about IP ratings, but it's a similar story for UL2272 rating--only a single EUC ever made was UL2272 rated, and that was the Ninebot One S1 [but NOT the One S2]. The certification is just too expensive and ultimately not worth it for such tiny companies. There is some discussion whether some of Ninebot's and/or InMotion's battery packs are UL rated and/or IP rated, but that's just one component and would not extend to the whole devi
  7. *All* of the currently active EUC manufacturers have shut down production and most have stopped taking new orders, pretty much until further notice. No need for furtive 'contacts', just need to be able to read: https://eucsale.com/buying-guide/important-news-euc-manufactures-suspend-production-due-lithium-batteries-crisis.html
  8. THIS! SO MUCH! My career has been in international events/conventions and public speaking (albeit not for EUCs of course), and being able to use my specialized skills in this way to support the growth of EUCs would be one of my dream jobs. If anyone knows of any businesses interested in doing conventions/trade-shows/etc similar to this anywhere in North America or Europe (or hell I've done a convention in Australia before), I would sincerely appreciate the contact information to be able to send them my resume.
  9. Pretty much all EUCs in your price range and above have trolley handles and tilt-back alarms. Around the $1k price point, a used 16S is a fine suggestion that will still blow away a Pint. The rumored/forthcoming V8S would also be an excellent suggestion but which is likely at least several months away from NA availability yet. (The current battery shortage places all such launch timelines in limbo.) Alternatively if you're willing to bump budget just a few hundred bucks and if you can find such used for under $1200-1300, there are lots of great options one tier up: V10F, 16X, 18XL, e
  10. Oh I see, good catch. It still seems 'InMotion Direct' is the one that created/controls the main 'Amazon store' though and the root listing for each model, with Freemotion piggy-backing off that as an alternate seller for those listings. (Presumably the default seller waffles depending on which markets each of those sellers has selected to ship to or not.)
  11. @bbulkow -- While mopeds and the older meaning for 'scooter' or motor scooter (like a Vespa) are technically ever-so-slightly different things, I tend to think of them as a set/roughly similar as they usually have similar performance characteristics. So on the spectrum bicycles are clearly one thing, then mopeds and motor scooters/vespas together occupy the same general space, then motorcycles are clearly the next/top end of that spectrum. I happened to choose the term moped over motor scooters for two reasons: 1) The term scooter is now firmly used primarily to mean what used to be calle
  12. Very interesting. Man some of you guys really beat the hell out of these things. Glad it holds up and you're having fun. :-)
  13. That's in "Other Sellers". (For those not familiar with how Amazon works, there can be multiple sellers of the same item/listing.) The main listing above that clearly states: Ships from Inmotion Direct Sold by Inmotion Direct
  14. The plot thickens. It appears "InMotion Direct" on Amazon is actually registered out of Hong Kong? So is this just a random reseller and not actually officially InMotion?
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