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  1. The 18XL is a fantastic first wheel. It's really not that much bigger than the wheels you're currently considering, while having both a higher top speed (which means a higher safety margin even at lower speeds) and much greater range. If one can find a used 18XL in good shape for around or less than the price of a new V8S or V10[F] or 16S I say that's a great option.
  2. AtlasP


    Neat, although they don't seem to offer tire sealant for that one unlike their others? Maybe the V12s are being shipped direct-to-consumer differently than their other offerings?
  3. AtlasP


    I believe eWheels contracts out to a company at/by the port that unloads the containers and ships directly to you--this gets things to you faster (they don't need to ship from the port to ewheels and process things again to reship out to you) and cuts down on them storing inventory and wheels/batteries just sitting. (But which would prevent the ability to do this kind of per-unit inspection.) I imagine a great many online distributors are like this these days? AlienRides might be an exception since they're so small and they offer optional services like sliming your tire for you for an ext
  4. Sherman fire? Unclear if in this case the batteries went at all or just the control board (it seems this thread isn't tracking 'mere' burn-ups of the control board versus requiring the batteries to go), but worth maybe following up on as a documented Veteran/Sherman incident. https://facebook.com/groups/ElectricUnicycle/posts/4427837793980816/
  5. If that's a 3inch tire, then in that video the rest of the wheel looks crazy-wide by comparison. Maybe the perspective is skewed by the lenses (the image does look a little warped/weird)?
  6. Whether the best lights on some EUCs would even qualify by any stretch of the legal requirements is debatable and likely varies by jurisdiction and the mood of the particular officer, but certainly those narrow and dim little strips behind black plastic which have reduced viewing angles and are even lower than the top of our already low wheels don't stand a chance.
  7. This 1000%. As a dance professional with some knowledge about knees/ankles/feet and the consequences of various stances, the extreme pedal angles are absolutely terrible for everyone. Even for those that say it's not a problem for them or that they like a more extreme pedal angle, there's still a likelihood of longer term consequences as a result of the types of stresses produced by such a stance. I understand the benefit of some pedal angle but the Begode wheels take it too far, whereas both the King Song and InMotion wheels have a far more reasonable amount and are therefore likely
  8. Actually when I first got the more enclosed helmet with visor I was living in the southeast where it was much hotter. I determined it's fine (for me) up to about 95 degrees F as long as I'm doing a route where I can mostly stay above 25 mph without too much slowing down/stop & go. And of course can handle even hotter anywhere with more shade (certain streets/routes downtown based on time of day are entirely shaded by buildings, or wooded bike trails, etc.) With easy adjustments to my routes during the week or two here or there where it actually gets that hot it's enough, and certainly anyw
  9. For me once I went full visor I never went back. My first helmet was a more open/breathable mountain biking one because I was worried about temperature. Then I bought an enclosed one with a visor for the winter. But ultimately I just loved the visor so much that I haven't touched/gone back to the original helmet and use the one with visor year round. It was definitely the combination of gnats/insects and sun protection.
  10. Quite the contrary, the 100v wheels have a clear and obvious and unquestionable benefit over 84v wheels in top speed and safety headroom. I suppose King Song could argue that their 126v wheel will have better safety headroom when staying within 100v speeds than merely a 100v wheel, which may be theoretically true--although this potential benefit is offset at least initially by the risks inherent to an entirely new set of electrical components and platform for King Song which needs developed and tested and refined. But maybe that's the true long-term potential value proposition. Can't/d
  11. When I first heard the 126v announcement coupled with otherwise 100v speeds, my first thought was: why? As this won't be used to achieve some new top speed (as we all know Begode or Veteran would have done), and any slight improvement to acceleration and/or "power efficiency" are likely to be merely theoretical while the reality is somewhere between negligible to completely undetectable, it just sounds like a lot of extra risk (everything from electrical/hardware failure to fire) with no tangible benefits--and therefore likely screams more of a marketing ploy than a product feature. (Particula
  12. I'm afraid I don't know. The last I heard (months ago), v3 Monsters were still officially NOT discontinued, and they still appear on Begode.com (both the 84v & 100v v3's) including in the hero image alongside the Monster Pro as if they're a parallel product line to the Pro--but nobody is selling them (at least not in NA) and they haven't for a long time now/like a year or more. Begode/Gotway was never one for a cohesive lineup, with lots of random and seemingly-overlapping iterations without clear delineation, so who knows if it's just forgotten in their pursuit of alternatives like the Co
  13. The LiTech packs appear clearly superior to what Begode/Gotway have been using. (See the details including pictures in my recent news roundup: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/17309-up-to-date-euc-comparison-table/?do=findComment&comment=389532 ) And more importantly, it appears they're being manufactured entirely by LiTech and shipped directly to Begode for installation into the wheels at the time of manufacture, so eWheels is not doing any manufacturing or modifications to anything themselves. Essentially eWheels just helped Begode get a new/different supplier of superior packs f
  14. AtlasP


    Not in this case, although no doubt I'd be doing the same thing if my wheel was on that boat. Mine was more of a comment on the state of the entire western world right now due to the current supply chain situation--both professionally and of course regarding our toys. :-)
  15. September/October Update Another huge update to rival the last one as the past 6-8 weeks have seen a flurry of activity. eWheels has officially launched its unique line of Begode wheels featuring eWheels-sourced battery packs, starting with the T3/Tesla V3, EX.N (HS & HT), Hero, and Commander (HS & HT). This marks the first new Begode wheels added by eWheels in a year(!) (since the RS in Oct of 2020). The eWheels-sourced packs are assembled by LiTech Power and feature the following improvements/capabilities: Imported Korean Samsung 50E cells (Versus the Begode packs w
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