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  1. I get mostly positive comments/questions, and I mostly ignore the rare negative ones, although I do have a retort I've used a couple times specifically in response to those who have a particularly obnoxious tone while making it out to be a fitness issue and say something like "that's cheating"/anything about "why don't you walk/bicycle" or "this is why America is fat", etc (usually from middle-aged people who are quite a bit bigger than I). To these people I have a few times slowed down to match their speed and say: "I didn't know this was a competition, although I'm almost 40, under 150 pounds, and a professional <insert my very physically active career>, so if we're competing then it looks like I'm winning--you keep walking/pedaling" and then I speed off.
  2. ? I clearly know that. Read my comment again. I was asking *why* anyone would be considering the 18S *at all* in 2019 (almost 2020) with its only 67V + 1500W motor. If someone is considering an 18" King Song why would anyone choose the 18S over the 18L/18XL (84V + 2000W motor)? Alternatively if he's in the minority interested in a seated EUC, then why is the MSX in the comparison? Either the question should be 18S vs Monster, or it should be 18L/XL vs MSX? Otherwise it's a weird apples vs oranges comparison.
  3. Why would anyone consider the 18S (67V, only 1500W motor) over the 18XL (84V, 2000W motor) at this point, unless did you mean the 18XL? At least MSX vs 18XL is a more interesting/fair/direct comparison (MSX still wins for speed but 18XL at least has a far better shell, Bluetooth speaker, etc).
  4. It's all a matter of riding context/environment. Sub-20mph/sub-1200W wheels are definitely for dedicated bike lanes and in parks and on sidewalks, not for riding in road traffic. This doesn't automatically make them a toy (in the same way a bicycle used as a commuter device in these settings is not automatically a toy)--lots of non-toys still don't belong in road traffic. Riding in road traffic is definitely the province of PEVs that are comfortable at least in the 20's-30 mph.
  5. It's mostly just the switch that's finicky. Make sure the wheel is still/not moving and hold the button down a little bit firmer and longer when you press it and you shouldn't have that problem. Either way the finicky switch doesn't seem to have any relevance to safety as the switch is completely disabled when the wheel is moving.
  6. InMotion USA and InMotion proper are two separate businesses/entities. As stated above InMotion USA (and its now-parent, the EUCO) is just a distributor of EUCs in the US that has some limited partnership with InMotion the manufacturer. The people who run InMotion USA (a distributor) expanding to sell other EUCs says absolutely nothing about InMotion the manufacturer (nor about any other EUC manufacturers like King Song). There is zero evidence of any mergers between any manufacturers and/or distributors, this is just a distributor expanding their scope to include devices by other manufacturers. Consequently the EUCO is not "InMotion led" in any meaningful sense.
  7. Have you not been paying attention? Not only does the 18XL have better range, but it stays at max speed for a much larger portion of that range (down to 25% battery) compared to the latest firmware on the 16X which is now throttling super-early (as early as 50% battery or some claiming as early as 60%). Also the 18XL's thinner tire and larger diameter should theoretically be more stable/smoother at higher speeds on good road surfaces and might have less gyro effect when turning. 16X -- better acceleration, slightly less stable at high speeds and top speed quickly drops with battery 18XL -- better for cruising longer distances at high speeds all the way down to 25% battery
  8. While it's true InMotion USA is a distributor, their relationship with InMotion was clearly a little more than that as they were allowed to call themselves "InMotion USA" whereas it looks like they're presumably not allowed to call themselves "King Song USA", hence the brand asymmetry: myinmotion.com = "InMotion USA" mykingsong.com = "MyKingSong" I wonder if (and if so, how hard) they may have tried to become "King Song USA" and if there's any story there. Surprise surprise, "mygotway.com" is currently not available for purchase. ;-) I wonder if that's already on its way/to be seen soon, or "just in case"/"maybe one day". It actually makes sense that they would choose to branch out and expand to other brands. (As long as this doesn't damage their relationship with InMotion, but I'm guessing that relationship was/is pretty limited.) More broadly it's interesting to see them expanding their overarching brand to this "EUCO". I wonder if it's merely for the sake of expanding their scope, or if they actually want/need to distance themselves from InMotion for some reason.
  9. Sorry, you're right that's technically not confirmed for release, but I was still surprised to see explicit confirmation of existence in prototype form (versus merely hypothesizing)--you'd think they have to be pretty confident to reveal something like that publicly (compared to how tight-lipped Inmotion normally is).
  10. Combination of these two shows the VX as an 18" and then the VX prototype as having suspension.
  11. @houseofjob: Inmotion has confirmed all of: a refresh of the V8 with a bigger motor/higher top speed (although the same tiny battery unfortunately), a refresh of the V10 (no details at this point that I've seen except for the updated pedals which are a hybrid of the prior design but with traditional griptape on top), and a new "V12" with an 18" wheel and shocks/suspension. No release timeframe, but they've confirmed all three directly (with zero ambiguity) through twitter/forum posts on several occasions spread out over the past few months.
  12. Two things: 1) Regarding Marty's "I basically never lean hard into an acceleration. I accelerate more with a bending motion at the knees." --I can relate to this, I find just 'bearing down' on the wheel by pushing down with/lowering my center in an athletic pose in conjunction with bending my knees to be a very stable-feeling way to accelerate--I think this works largely just for the simple reason that it rocks more of your weight forward on the surface your foot. (Try it standing on the floor: start standing up, then drop your weight/bend your knees in an athletic pose and feel your weight shift forward on your foot.) Plus there are other advantages of having a lower center of gravity, like increasing stability and lowering wind-resistance. 2) I can also definitely relate to accelerating through a weird way of carving (carve-celerating? ;-) ) as I think houseofjob is describing although I'm not sure if his description matches the way I experience it, but I can't determine if it's because we're doing it differently or it's just the difficulty of describing the complex motion. I would say either of these are both more common to me and feel way safer than just leaning. I don't think I ever really lean into any hard acceleration--in fact it's likely the opposite, I probably only lean into very slow accelerations.
  13. I assume they'll mostly be pushing the stuff they just announced only weeks ago (like the segway minipro clones), but here's to hoping they finally announce the new EUC products they have confirmed are in the works (refreshed V8, a new V12, etc).
  14. I know there's gotta be more of these. Los Angeles? San Diego? Seattle? Denver? Chicago? Montreal? Places in Europe other than France. ;-) Show me the links.. :-)
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