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MSX/MSP seat options..?


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Don't laugh, but the original Gotway seat just doesn't fit my ass. It doesn't matter what I do, I can't get comfy nor stable on it. The problem seems to be my ass bones sit right on the edges of the seat, so my hips want to fall one side or the other. This has the rather comical effect of me tilting the wheel left and ride as I ride it as my ass bones slip one side or the other. It looks daft, and isn't comfortable at all. To suit me, it either needs to be narrower/tapered like a bicycle seat, or wider like a motorbike seat. At the moment, it's exactly the wrong width.

I can't believe I am the only person who has experienced this, yet I haven't seen anyone else suffering.

Anyone have any ideas/options? A bicycle seat would be the obvious answer, and they locate properly in your ass, but whenever I have seen them lashed onto EUC's they look Heath Robinson at best and downright manky at worst.

Has anyone managed to fit a seat from a different model/manufacturer without it looking crap? Ideally I would like it easily removable as well as per the Gotway one.

Suggestions on a postcard would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd take the stock seat and add 3-5inches of yoga block foam on the top. You could even add more height than that if you really wanted. The yoga block foam should be pretty easy to work with and cut to shape. Once you like the height wrap it in duct tape and cover it up with baby foam. It'll probably look similar to what a couple of these guys have done. I think the black colored baby bumper foam looks pretty good.


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Cheers, yeah I could probably MacGyver something but I was trying to avoid that due to looks tbh. It's not so much height I need either (although it wouldn't hurt), it's mainly extra width (or less width). I am considering cutting side sections out of the stock seat until it fits my ass properly (more like a bicycle seat shape) but I didn't really want to butcher a perfectly good (for some) stock GW seat as it would be worth nothing after. I guess I just need to bite the bullet and try it.

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