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  1. @MordraugI experienced a similar issue with my new RS. Acted very similar to your description. It ended up being the taillight. If the MSX wiring is like the RS then the tail light is wired to the control board and there are 2 wires coming out of the tail light assembly to the LED's. After replacing the tail light assembly, all issues were fixed. Hope this helps.
  2. All asphalt and pretty much non-stop except to stretch my legs when I started getting cramps. There are also no hills around where I live, the route I took follows along side the Dismal Swamp canal which is part of the Intercoastal Waterway.
  3. You went from 97% battery to 15% in under 15 miles? How much do you weigh and how cold was it outside? I weigh about 190Lbs. probably 210 geared up. It was probably 50s out. Mind you that was on its 1st charge & I was pushing it hard. Today I got 25.5 miles out of a 100% charged pack (down to 15-20%) taking it a bit easier & now on its 3rd. charge cycle. Click my signature to see stat's.
  4. Got mine Friday and have had some time to go for a couple of rides. 1st thing, coming from an Inmotion V10F, this wheel is a beast. It's alot heavier and took me a few minutes to get used to the added width as well as weight. 1st ride I just stayed in the neighborhood and got used to it. 2nd ride I took it to the local bike path (unused road that they replaced it with a highway) had a chance to stretch it's legs a bit. I noticed this thing eats the battery when cruising at speed! These new 21700 cells have alot of battery sag. I drained my battery from 97% to below 30% and even dipped t
  5. I think that would satisfy most of us. Passing along the choice to the end-user so we can make the decision of pedal height would be great. If they do not do this, I bet there will definately be aftermarket pedal hangers with options for pedal height and maybe even pedal angle adjustments.
  6. Mine is not scheduled for delivery until Thursday the 29th. Not sure why mine is taking soo long. Glad you got yours quickly! I cannot wait, been without a wheel for tooo long! (3 months is too long once you get bit by the EUC bug). Curious if you have tried the dif. hardness settings yet? It might help you dial it in if you can get the pedals to react closer to what your are already used to I will ring in with my experiences as this is my 1st Gotway/Keybe/Begode...(whats next?) I do have EUCworld and that is my go-to app so far.
  7. Don't know if anyone else got this, but figured I would share here. eWheel Sales 11:11 AM (1 hour ago) to sales, bcc: me Good morning, The Gotway RSs have arrived into port & cleared Customs. If all goes to plan, we'll be shipping
  8. Mine is already paid in full. Just awaiting shipment. But if your getting an email to complete the pre-order that is good news!
  9. I too am awiting shipment of my RS19-HS from Ewheels. Was quoted similar dates in an email from Jason on Oct. 6th. I see your from Sanford, ME... Almost ski season up there! I grew up in Limington/ Standish area and eventually bought my 1st house in Westbrook. I got sick of shoveling/plowing snow and the long cold winter's. I now live in VA Beach.
  10. Nice, I am thinking on getting the high speed version too. My question is whats the temps' like? Give it a good workout and report back please, I am about the same size and my only concern is in the heat of the summer in the city with alot of stop & go...
  11. I don't believe they have fixed it totally. My control board just burned up while I was not even riding it. I leaned the wheel up against my truck and was getting on my gear when I heard "overload get off" as the wheel fell and brick'd itself. It must have shifted and was leaning into my tire or the curb, either way it should not have burned up the control board... Mind you this wheel is only 3 months old. SAD
  12. Recently (3 months back) I bought an InMotion V10F off of Ebay New in-box. The ebay purchase went smooth and I received my wheel in good shape. It came from EUCO as all the new user guide and registration paperwork was there. I have been riding it since I got it putting over 350 miles on it, I love the EUC! The other day, I was getting ready to go for a ride. I leaned the V10F up against my truck(powered on so it would self-balance) while I got my gear out and was putting it on. The wheel must have shifted and was not balanced, it was leaning into the curb or my tire and I heard "ov
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