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  1. Yes! I only did 37 because I was riding seated, crouched down, on a flat open road. I also have two speakers right by my ears with EUCW alarms set. Going over to a Derby track so I wanted to see if I can hit 40. Gearing up!
  2. Thanks guys! Great info/advice from both of you. I was making sure I was safe with the assumption that the beeps would come at low 40's.
  3. I've had it up to 37mph with no beeps and was wanting to know the estimated top speed. I understand that some light weights can get it up to 45 but I'm not looking to push it too hard as I'm at 185lbs.
  4. I have no issues on my KS but I do on the MSX. I disabled the alarms on EUCW because I couldn't stand the voice prompts but see that I can just disable voice prompts and keep the alarms. I picked up a pair or Tribit Stormbox micros so that should be nice and loud. If that doesn't work then I will go with one bluetooth earbud.
  5. Sweet. I'm a member as well but haven't dug in to the settings that much. Thanks for the info!
  6. How do you get the beeps to go to bluetooth?
  7. Definitely contact the seller and get it replaced and buy a 600psi RockShox pump and make it easier to pump up. I now a pump at home and in my backpack. https://www.amazon.com/RockShox-00-4315-023-030-High-Pressure-Shock-Pump/dp/B00D0SFMJS/ref=pd_lpo_468_t_0/136-5911084-4246200?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00D0SFMJS&pd_rd_r=87e6234e-d557-4ff0-adf7-07eab1276a11&pd_rd_w=Qh3R2&pd_rd_wg=h2ydl&pf_rd_p=a0d6e967-6561-454c-84f8-2ce2c92b79a6&pf_rd_r=K0MAFD5S69YTFS2Q4FDX&psc=1&refRID=K0MAFD5S69YTFS2Q4FDX
  8. I put a martial arts kicking pad on mine with heavy duty velcro and love it! Postcard attached. 😆
  9. I bought the new "reinforced" mudguard but doubt that it will hold so I reinforced it by copying @Rehab1
  10. Where can I get these exact power pads? They look amazing!
  11. First real try @Skatepark starts @1:57 https://youtu.be/dpSzreKz778
  12. You may want to try these. I switched mine because the spring/clip came loose in a few days and these stay nice and snug. The seller also makes a cable protector and a nice stand. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283981200650
  13. I'm not a premium user but I'm able to update and downgrade. I just had to create an account. Check to see that you have the latest Android version of the app or just uninstall and reinstall from the Google Play store. You should be able to create a login for free and have the options.
  14. You may also need to create a profile and login before what Seba said. Good luck!
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