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On 12/31/2020 at 5:24 PM, Jappierre said:

How is it to ride during winter with stud tire on their Euc?

I rode with studs last winter, and now that we finally got a lot of snow, I’m installing it on my V11 as well.

 It does make dry pavement riding feel a bit more burdened, and noisy of course, but riding on ice or snow (on the CST C-186) is not much different from riding in the summer. I didn’t push the wheel in corners to much, bit I wasn’t being exactly careful either. I had no trouble riding at 45km/h in places where I get to those speeds in the summer as well.

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Hey guys. Where are you getting your studded tires from? I would like to put one on my Nik+. We're having an icy winter, more ice and a little less snow, here in Maine, northeast USA. 

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I think you have to pick them yourself. I haven't looked TOO deeply into it but I'm definitely considering it. Chooch talked about picking his tire in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_h5R5vt4jA 

He hasn't yet finished but I think he's going to make a video on it soon. He said he bought some 1/4" sheet metal screws and he's going to screw them in from the inside of the wheel. His plan is to buy some more screws (started with 50 but that wasn't enough, recommends 150) and then line the inside of the tire with Guerilla tape to protect the tube. He is also a huge proponent of Slime and so that's something he mentioned as well as a final protection for the tire/tube. 


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