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  1. Thanks guys! I'm VERY slowly getting better. I'm trying the ski pole assisting method as there are very few places around here to learn/practice against a fence, wall, or railing. The poles allow me to practice in almost any flat area. I don't think the ski poles will become a crutch, and hamper the learning process. Some people offer their opinion of their dislike of the ski pole method. I reply, "What ever works for the individual person is right!". One woman said that I have to get used to falling 100% of the time! If that was true, I'd be on the ground 100% of the time. NO riding! No time
  2. Hey guys. My EX is back again! Also, I ran into a guy riding a 36" pedaled unicycle. Totally awesome! I bought a use 20" to learn on. Has any of you ridden or ride a UC? Any suggestions? Especially with EUC experience? Can't find how to turn on the self-balancing!!! UCs are tough to learn. Yet' it looks like, I'll get it. So far, mounting without a side assist, no wall or rail, does seem to work well. Like almost always, YT vids are very helpful. I'm hoping the UC will help me ride the EX seated. Eventually, I want one of the 36" UCs. Yet another transpo method! Cool! Oh, on the EX, anyone ha
  3. Hey guys. I've been thinking about it. I finally got my EX going again and it would be nice to back it up with a Nik+. Since the EX is now the long distance wheel, an original Nik+ would do fine. I've not ridden an original Nik, 84v, before. Maybe the 84v Nik would be ok. My V8 is just too slow and small compared to the EX. It's a good wheel though. Very faithful! Peace from Maine...Guy
  4. So sweet! I wish I knew. When was this? I'm near Portland, Maine. I would have liked to join the ride. I have an EX and a V8. Just got my EX going again after the main board failed. Almost a two month wait for parts. I'm happy to be back on my faster suspended EX. Peace...
  5. Hey guys. I’m looking a used Nik+. I would consider an 84v Nik. I may be waiting quite a while for my EX to be up and running again. My V8 is ok, yet I really miss that Nik+. A stock Nik+ is fine, as I used to have a Loomo 2.7 kWh Nik+ which was near perfection, at least to me. The EX, when working, will do the fast, long distance things. I won’t need the extra range. I live in southern Maine. Portland area. Peace…Guy
  6. Hey all. My EX shut off while riding without notice. Does not turn back on. Luckily, I was going slow, about 15 mph, only soreness and a big scratch. There's power to the board, enough to have to drain the main board caps of their 100v. Wheel takes a charge, yet does not turn on. The EX was at top charge. Only rode about one mile. No visible damage or burnt smell inside the wheel, yet the side with the electronics had lots of sand in it. I never opened this wheel before. I think it's possible that sand dust may have caused a short on the main board, inside was very dusty, causing the shutoff.
  7. Hey guys! I got my Nik back out of the water. It's pretty much toast! The batteries burned while underwater. The heat damaged all of the shell. Melted! I'll get a handle, pedals, tire, and hardware from the Nik, but that's about it. Too little wheel to rebuild. The batteries will be taken to a recycling center today. Poor old Nik. She was, and still is, my favorite wheel. Peace...Guy
  8. OH MY GOD! This is terrible news. Erwin was the guy that got me started in EUCs a few years ago. He's a prince of a man. A gentleman of the first order. My thoughts are with you my friend. Peace...Guy
  9. I agree with you guys. I saw bubbling white smoke come up from the wheel as it was submerged. The bubbling and smoke did stop after about 5-10 minutes. Nothing since. I've been by many times since. I will find a correct disposal place for the batteries. The only salvageable parts are probably the non-electrical parts: shell, if not destroyed by the batteries, tire, tube, cover, handle, pedals, etc. Still' it would be nice to rebuild the wheel. Probably to the state of an original 1.8 kWh Nik+ instead of the 2.6 kWr as I now have the EX for long distance. The project, if we are able to find the
  10. Hey Giffy. See you today at Kennebunk Farmers' Market at 1300. I'll have my EX and V8 with me in my red '94 Miata. Looks like nice weather today. I can't get rid of my V8 either. Beat up, yet keeps going strong. CarlW: I think I did a thread on losing my Nik+. I stupidly got spooked on a path next to a marina with a traffic cone. I got nervous and fell at a very low speed. I also have, myself, Tourette syndrome and ASD, T1D, etc. Like that marina fall, with Tourettes, sometimes, if I think it, it will happen. Sucks! I had just thought of falling and the wheel going in. Them it did. Again
  11. Hey guys. I started with a V8 for a year and a half. Then the Loomo 2.66kWh Nik+. Now an EX. The EX is definitely not a beginner wheel. But the Nik+ could be. I loved my Loomo Nik+. I think, except for the almost 3 month wait to receive, the Loomo Nik+ is one of the best wheels for the money. There are newer wheels that I may not know though. The EX.N seems popular. I weigh around 160 pounds and have no trouble with any of my wheels. The 30# V8, 65# Nik+, or the almost 90# EX. The only trouble I have of late is the really high pedal height of the EX. But I'm getting used to it. I finally got t
  12. Hey Giffy. I'm waiting for a little warmer weather and sea temperature, also low tide, and I'm going in to get the Nik out and back.Yea. I used to be certified NAUI. Haven't dove in years though. Still have wet suits and a semi-dry. No BC or tank. What I was thinking is to dive to the wheel and put a rope through the handle then pull the wheel out on shore, bulkhead after getting out. There will probably be very little I can use as parts from the Nik, yet its worth a try. I'm doing alright on the EX. The EX is like a monster Nik+. Really, thinly thing I'm have a little difficulty with when mou
  13. Hey wheel riders. I got my EX last Wednesday. Holy Shit! What a heavy box to get up the stairs to my house. Anyway, I set the tire and suspension pressure, put the pads on and rode. At first, I hated this wheel. Not its weight though. Hard to ride. Then, after I got to a place of desperation, I removed the pads and rode the wheel virgin. Clean. What a difference. It was like a monster Nik+. I like the EX now. I weigh 165#, and with the tire pressure at 30 psi and suspension pressure at 6 mpa, the ride is nice. I can still carve the shit out of an almost 90# wheel. I guess I'm not a "pads" ride
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