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  1. Oops, it turns out I needed to create a group and I created a channel instead. The link is now fixed. Join away XD
  2. Yup, that's pretty much it lol
  3. Haha, no, I actually didn't know it was a thing until last night. I've really been itching to catch up with other riders recently knowing that the season for riding is closing up
  4. I just found out there is also a facebook group called Maine PEV https://www.facebook.com/groups/mainepev
  5. Also, I noticed the EUC Boston group isn't on the list. https://www.facebook.com/groups/198546257732226
  6. @AtlasP Oh, ok, that makes sense. In that case, there is already a FB group here in Maine called Maine PEV https://www.facebook.com/groups/mainepev
  7. Hey @WILSON-YT, I know we've already met on YouTube but it's cool to see you on here as well. I'm looking forward to our community growing and can't wait to go out on a group ride sometime. I don't know if you use Telegram but it's how the NYC and Boston riders coordinate so I thought I'd make one for Maine. https://t.me/SouthernMaineEUC I'm jumping on Facebook now so I can join your FB group as well. That's quite the collection of PEVs and congrats on the new Gotway by the way. Super pumped for you.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has tried this with a bigger wheel
  9. Good point, It might just be that I never pushed it unless it was above 75% battery anyway and so the beep was pretty constant. (ya, the battery drains very quickly at those speeds especially if I hold them for any length of time lol) My biggest fear is not hearing the beeps. I need some sort of warning that isn't audio biased. I would set the EUC World app to vibrate if it gave me the option to set the warning to 80% power that is built into the Gotways. I wonder if there is an app that I can put on my smart watch and then mount it to the visor of my helmet 🤔 Tire pressure is usually around 26-28psi. I go off road a lot and like the little extra traction. It's cool to see that it's capable of more than I expect it is. Riding around Rome, that must be absolutely amazing!
  10. Hey @WILSON-YT With my MSP, I found I could cycle the lights with the headlight button. I can't remember if I've ever even used the Gotway app. I've always just used EUC World and it's done everything I need. As far as the torque goes, I think it's very difficult to compare because finding that limit is not a fun place to be. I also came from the 16x and I think I know what you mean. I found it was easier to accelerate on the 16x. I also found that torque limit on it a few times. I'm not sure if it's the software, the size of the wheel, the weight or a combo of them but they definitely feel different too. It might also be the "firmness" of the software but I really don't know. Something else I noticed about coming from the 16x to the MSP was that the MSP was very uncomfortable to me. Those pads they come with just took all the hair off my legs where they hit and my skin got raw. I got some NYC EUC pads and it's made a world of a difference. IMO, the 16x was comfortable out of the box.
  11. Just started a telegram for Mainers The most Northern EUC group on the East Coast. A place for Mainiacs to hang and chat about EUCs. Group rides encouraged. https://t.me/SouthernMaineEUC
  12. Just started a telegram for Mainers The most Northern EUC group on the East Coast. A place for Mainiacs to hang and chat about EUCs. Group rides encouraged. https://t.me/SouthernMaineEUC
  13. the top speed on my MSP 2500w is 36mph It always seems to beep at 35 but this day I didn't hear it beep which could be due to the wind. It's honestly hard for me to imagine going faster than that but It's cool to know it still has some if it's needed. After a few big falls on my KS 16x, I've learned to respect the beep.
  14. This is very neat. I also build FPV quads so it's very cool to see the technologies cross over like this. If you end up riding by anyone flying an FPV quadcopter, there is a chance you could wash our their video feed haha.
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