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  1. I'll be in Peru for the next two weeks. I've always dreamt of going somewhere abroad and riding around with a local. If there are any of you out there and you see this, I'd love to hear from you. Peace
  2. I was just checking to see some stats on my most recent ride and noticed the "wheel Statistics" never showed up where I could see some of the max/min stats. All my other tours has it. Wondering if I did something wrong or maybe there was a glitch. My tour: https://euc.world/tour/599848151899049
  3. I got my Sherman from the same batch I think. Same issue. I have the street tire and it was a bumpy ride going around 25mph. I went to a gas station, completely deflated the tire, loosened the rubber from the rim and kind of moved it back and forth, along the rim, keeping an eye on the air valve so it wiggled a little bit. I then filled it back up to 40 psi. Doing a lift test told me it wasn't perfectly balanced but riding it, I couldn't feel the bumpyness anymore so I'm happy.
  4. How can you tell it's imbalanced? What do you mean by this? Are you saying the button to disengage the motor isn't working?
  5. Looking like luck of the draw at the moment. It's either a QC thing with the casting process or even the quality of the metal itself.
  6. Thanks @RagingGrandpa I just read the post and it looks kind of like a toss up at the moment. @Elliott Reitz said " I saw someone on YT with an SR244 on an MS Pro that looked like it fit without shaving so I wonder if the MSP shell is 1/4" or so wider. " not sure if this is true or not but the tyre just arrived in the mail so I'll be able to see how it fits. I'll explore the Tyre Thread more and see if I can find more findings.
  7. Is that the wheel under water?
  8. I couldn't find the C-186 for sale anywhere so I went with the Shinko 244 instead. I also have the Sherman on the way so I guess I could always put the 244 on the Sherman and put the sherman wheel on the MSP.
  9. Cool. I just found it on Ewheels.com 18×3″ Tire, Kenda 262 Knobby. Sherman $55
  10. Thanks, That helps. People really seem to like the C-186. I'm leaning toward that one now.
  11. Has anyone else had any experience with this tire? I'm not sure if I should get this or the C-186 for my MSP I have the Sherman on it's way and I was going to use the Sherman as my street cruiser and the MSP as my off-road, torque wheel.
  12. I see where you're coming from but everything about these things look like a dangerous idea. Think of every time you pass a pedestrian going 30+ mph. At any point, you could have fallen and that wheel could have smashed into them. There's risk in everything we do. Driving cars is probably the worst though. I just find it funny that you're worried about the risks of the people already strapping pieces of fiberglass to their feet to fly down a frozen mountain. It's more like every pedestrian I ever see in an EUC video is a potential innocent victim. Then again, so is any car I pass in the opp
  13. This post seems to have looked at all the good knobby tire options. I'm very curious about that IRC T10299 for my MSP
  14. Does anyone know if this will fit on the MSX/MSP rim?
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