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  1. I think speedyfeet uk have it.
  2. The only difference is you will need more washer
  3. Jappierre

    Stud tire

    How is it to ride during winter with stud tire on their Euc?
  4. For the pedal I recently receive the inmotion foot rest and I install it to thw sherman. It work like a charm. I combine the pedal with a power pad and my foot stay without any issue. I clip the pedal on a trail with snow and no problem to go out, is like the traditionnel foot rest for the bail out. The foot dont have fatigue, and it can be adjust easily but with a weird feeling due of the stud. Highly recommand it
  5. I use hankle protection from g-form and it work like a charm.
  6. I really like this idea. Hope we can buy this upgrade when it will be available. Awesome job
  7. Wow that awesome I would like to install this on mine. But i does nt have the knowledge sadly for me. I can install it in but not building it.
  8. Salut J ai une V10f et je vais etre a mtl pour le week end, si jamais... Pierre
  9. I have one if Char already sold his
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