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E+ Juddering at standstill ?


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Hi All, we have a quite new E+ with some 50km on it and it recently developed an issue when it comes to a stop there is a rotational judder coming from the unit.

Any ideas would be welcome 



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I have heard of this problem in the past with other wheels.  It might be from a cracked inner shell.  Or a loose power control board.


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9 hours ago, mike_bike_kite said:

As Paradox says, it's usually just a loose control board so just check for any loose screws in that area. Also check there aren't any loose bolts on the pedal hangers. This video shows where the screws are on the motherboard.



Thanks both for the replies. Went out on it today and it only happens on decelerating.


there is no reboot or shut down.

I’ll check board connections tomorrow and report back 

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Don't panic; it should be fine. This happened to me on my first E+ a couple times during the first 1-200km, as well as a strange grinding noise that occurred on two occasions. It did not happen again in eight thousand kilometers, and the wheel has been rock-solid and reliable.

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