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  1. Grey - and bought second hand so not sure I can get any warranty
  2. Hi All, I just got this wheel and the handle was working normally and all of a sudden got stuck half way down and both lower parts of the struts will not move down with the handle button pressed in. I can see the locking pins on the upper part move in and out with the button but the lowers won’t budge. any ideas on a fix ? thanks
  3. @Wavertree I’m Liverpool too - you on the WhatsApp group ?
  4. Just back from a 15km or 10 mile ride on the S2 and met a guy with an 18 - whoa did that thing go. looking forward to learning the KS18L!
  5. Good advice - I came tot hat conclusion in classifieds - KS18L on its way.
  6. Hi all, I have a ninebot one S2 from new with about 200 miles on it and I can get a king song KS14D for about £340, I saw the tech specs and see that the 14d has more motor more power better hill climbing etc etc - is it worth the upgrade ? The KS14D I found has 700 miles on it and it’s in very clean condition. thanks in advance
  7. Well I think I fixed it - recalibrated the wheel and now it seems fine
  8. Checked all connection and they were fine. Board firmly in place too. pretty stumped 🤔
  9. Thanks both for the replies. Went out on it today and it only happens on decelerating. there is no reboot or shut down. I’ll check board connections tomorrow and report back
  10. Hi All, we have a quite new E+ with some 50km on it and it recently developed an issue when it comes to a stop there is a rotational judder coming from the unit. Any ideas would be welcome thanks
  11. This is interesting as I am learning to mount / dismount without a wall / helper - will try the bent knee
  12. It was the forst 5 mins of the day lol not my first 5 mins on an EUC. It was probably within my first few hours. We did the training myself and my son in the local park with a railing for fall back, by the end of the forst few days we could ride around the park and cause the brakes to come on so I think it was just a dodgy day. Never the less - the point still stands - wear your gear !
  13. 48 year old novice rider. this goes to anyone who is sceptical about using protection. today I was out with my 11 year old who has taken to it like a duck to water. I was in my first 5 mins of riding and went arse over tit at about 10mph and wiped out with zero pain thanks to my biker jacket helmet and knee pads on landing I knew just what body parts were saved by the gear. shoulder knees elbow and hands all saved by Skate and MC gear. just saying
  14. Hi All, has anyone made any leg pads for the S2 ? Im a nebie learning to get on and off is killig my inner leg and I know there must be a solution. Many thanks Rake
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