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  1. So my kid crashed his MSX - the wheel hit his head on its way down a 20ft slope and impact was on the front above the light. kids helmet saved him and he is 100% ok but the 2 front posts inside the shell are damaged. The stew head pulled clean through them leaving 1 post cracked and the other without shoulders for the screw head to rest on. I have found a couple of threads where people have suggested using bolts nuts and washers to hold the front case together. does anyone have some pics or extra detail on how to repair these posts in the shell please ?
  2. Great wheel - super stable super nice to ride. Condition is used with signs of use. No hard crashes. this wheel did 42.2 miles last weekend - it’s a very good and reliable wheel. price £850 its had a new trolley handle in the last month. Comes in original box with 2 chargers.
  3. Hi, I am in Liverpool and may have a nice but used KS18L for sale soon. Its a darn good wheel too.
  4. Ahh ok so this is an app issue - thanks for the clarification
  5. Hi all my MSX seems to be spiking on watts, it hits 5441w really regularly - it’s seen in darkness bot - is this a software error or anything to be concerned about ?
  6. Ok so I stripped out the struts so I could access the lock pins in the lower struts and both were jammed. I got one strut working but no chance on the second strut. I drilled out the 3mm peg at the bottom of the strut and slid out the mud section that houses the lick pin mech. it’s worn and jammed up beyond repair unless someone has an old grey strut I can take one out of. looks like I’ll be ordering some black ones
  7. Grey - and bought second hand so not sure I can get any warranty
  8. Hi All, I just got this wheel and the handle was working normally and all of a sudden got stuck half way down and both lower parts of the struts will not move down with the handle button pressed in. I can see the locking pins on the upper part move in and out with the button but the lowers won’t budge. any ideas on a fix ? thanks
  9. @Wavertree I’m Liverpool too - you on the WhatsApp group ?
  10. Just back from a 15km or 10 mile ride on the S2 and met a guy with an 18 - whoa did that thing go. looking forward to learning the KS18L!
  11. Good advice - I came tot hat conclusion in classifieds - KS18L on its way.
  12. Hi all, I have a ninebot one S2 from new with about 200 miles on it and I can get a king song KS14D for about £340, I saw the tech specs and see that the 14d has more motor more power better hill climbing etc etc - is it worth the upgrade ? The KS14D I found has 700 miles on it and it’s in very clean condition. thanks in advance
  13. Well I think I fixed it - recalibrated the wheel and now it seems fine
  14. Checked all connection and they were fine. Board firmly in place too. pretty stumped 🤔
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