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Inmotion App for Android Acting up (R others having same issue)


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Crowd sourcing an issue with the Inmotion App I have had since September 2020.

The LED RGB lighting patterns won't transfer to the wheel properly.  Only load a couple of panels of a DIY light design.  I was stuck just leaving them on a steady pattern for months.  This happened around the time V11 came out and the Android App kept needed updating.  I was waiting hoping they would fix this BUG, but no new updates since Nov.  The Guys at ewheel.com helped me back and forth.  We found that the Apple's Inmotion App is working Perfectly.  I can change RGB lighting to my hearts content, but one downside I have to borrow my Wife Iphone every time I want to change it.  Hoping maybe posting something here might help to get the word to Inmotion.  I have Sent multiple emails and comments to Inmotion, but maybe they to busy getting the V11's perfected to worry about my little V10 ATM.

Is anyone else having the same kinda issue?  Does the new ipod touch with Wi-Fi work on the Apple Inmotion App? (looking at that for a quicker fix)

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