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  1. MONDA AGAIN, Come Wheel-N with me to shake the Afternoon lull.
  2. Sunday EMPTY parking lots are the best. Wound up at The Millworks in Midlothian for a Wheatley Ride on the Inmotion V10 EUC. Might be showing my age if u can recognize the Theme song at the beginning.
  3. Happy MONDAY everyone, back to the work week. Hope you had nice weather to get out and RIDE this weekend. Found some shady trails around the reservoir. First ride with the E-Unicycle Slow Triangle. Now I don't feel so bad not stopping to answer everyone's question, "WHAT IS THAT?" Music - Avicii "Without You" & OneRepublic "Connection"
  4. Jonny B WHEEL-N Through Powhatan VA Part TWO. Nothing to exciting, just full park day. Pedestrians on the trails, and heading to baseball complex. Oops... No Wheeled devices on the baseball complex during events. Music: One Margarita / Footloose
  5. Awesome another V11 in the Central Va Area. Just got mine March. The only group I have found is a ONEWHEEL group on FB. They seem friendly towards EUC's, just haven't had the time to do any rides. Kinda hit and miss when they get together, gotta catch the post when it happens. I am slowly going through different parks here and there would recommend Lewis G Larus Park. Lot of FUN off road bike trails + connects to Pony Pasture & James River Park System. If I had more time might have been able to make it to the Floodwall. I might be starting a Richmond / Virginia EUC Group soon.
  6. GREAT DAY FOR A RIDE! Come along for the ride and enjoy the MUSIC!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqIULAKaAOI
  8. We got store of the month 3 Times in a row. Thought we deserved a little highlight, since we tend to get overlooked by the other stores. Welcome to the country!
  9. Meet Spike or Blu? "OH NO!!! Someone got the Blue Spiny Turtle Shell." Was a phase commonly uttered during my childhood playing Mario Kart. Even today with my own kids, u can hear it while trying to get some sleep for 430am work in the morning. The Shinko Dual Sport 244 sings beautifully on the road and handles VERY responsive. Feels like a pair of fresh Timberlands that I will actually wear outdoors and get dirty. White backed Dreamcast LED lighting with separate usb power bank. Meilan X5 turn signal for cops approval. Currently working on a brush idea for the kicks
  10. V10 Trolley handle always seemed a little tall and was resting right at the Brake light. Removed Putter and cut 3" off handle. Added some gasket sealer inside the Putter to secure it on. Really like the height and the placement above the tail light now. You can stand on Wheatley and see the brake light perfectly looking down.
  11. So I have been watching this on Indigogo for 3 years. Keeback is a futuristic tech backpack and finally getting released this year. Dont know if just USA or not. I'll drop the youtube link here. What are ur thoughts, one video shows a biker warning light mode. https://youtu.be/S4nvuBYmFxY
  12. Scenario.... You got into EUC's during Covid-19 & now your addicted. You live in an area that is completely oblivious to what you are riding. How do you act, ride, & interact to set a good example? No one wants to be the cause of EUC's banned. I have yet to run into a cop and don't wanna open a can of worms, by talking to one early. My nearest City in USA, has only just now started Electric Scooter and Bike rentals with new bike only lanes. New laws pop up, how to ride and what classifies as a PEV, scooter, or bike. If you read closely, EUC's don't follow all the specs
  13. Writing this incase any newbie's might be confused and having same issues. For months now, since two updates back, my Inmotion app won't change setting to my V10. Don't even get me started about trying to Transfer DIY light patterns, ewheels helped me troubleshoot. Long story short, I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, found out the iPhone app works just fine. Sucks that I have to ask my wife for her phone every time I need to change a light design. Once the V11's came out the Android app has gotten worst. I couldn't even get a simple "Comfort" to "Off-Road" setting to work. I use E
  14. Finally Figured how to insert an image. This is my Portal inspired V10. The thin Shape of it has always reminded me of the Sentry Turret's.
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