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MSP Torque $1200 [Sold]


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I am selling my wheel because of an accident. It was in great shape before the accident and seems to have suffered mostly cosmetic damage. Comes with blue Roll.nz cover and charger. Balances fine. My friend rode it and said for the most part everything felt good. I just got out of a wheelchair last week and onto crutches so I haven't rode it.

I am located in Rhode Island but will ship. View more pictures here. If you would like detailed pictures of anything else let me know. At its current 47% charge it's free spinning to 43 MPH. All lights and speakers work. The tip of the handle broke in the accident. It can be bought on ewheels for $28.



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8 hours ago, Chriull said:

Why are you spreading your wrong opinion?

PMing should work now (or within the next 24h...)

Thank you. Yeah, I was surprised this random person targeted me. I hope he isn't always this mean to people


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