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  1. I am actually rather interested for someone to get their hands on it to review. The battery does seem small for most modern wheels, and even on their own page, a "100% original" 2021 Msuper X 84v is only 100 more usd, with the new headlights and a larger (1600wh) battery. Not quite sure who would not want the jump up of a established product with larger battery for the mild price increase. I guess the pedals/pads are nice, perhaps its light to carry. I love the headlights/taillights built in on each side of the unit, that seems awesome, but likely very floody light with possibly a dead spot
  2. Yea, there seems to be many choices, I hope I can make up my mind soon, need to get something on the way. Kinda leaning towards monster v3 pedals because they are almost 2" wider, hopefully they don't break like my gen 1 did, Trying to find out if they have any tilt (and if not how I can make tilt), and if I can find pedals as Wide in other brands that do have tilt currently, but I think the v3 monster pedals might be best choice.
  3. So far pedals on my radar are chicway, Nylonove, monster v3 pedals, aliexpress states v11 pedals could work. I would like something bigger (wider)than what the monster had, I added some padding to the outside shell and stand hanging off the edge of the stock gen 1 plates. I just found out via staircase what was talked about early of gen 1 monster footplates being breakable, Are monster v3 plates durable? as they seem bigger/wider than gen 1 which would be nice if compatible. I mainly just want bigger/wider plates, and a slight angle in vs flat as was on the original monster. Thanks for
  4. Honestly I'm not 100% sure. I have heard the older gotways were ABS. But in general the best part of most plastics are they are thermoplastic blends and suitable for the hot stapler. With the stapler you really don't need to know the kind of plastic, but I understand why you would want to add more material. I think ABS is a common choice and the first I would try.
  5. Hey. I have a gotway monster Gen 1 and recently been having a hard time with some of the brittle plastic not staying glued. I just finished using a hot stapler and thought It is worth a mention ( I wish I took before photos ) but the repair feels very sturdy. Some pictures of the repair are on my Instagram at this link https://www.instagram.com/p/CKsoifHB-sR/?igshid=17nspdc78o79w I bought the gun on Amazon for 42 dollars Canadian. Its totally worth consideration. Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. @ArbolestDo you still recommend the control board swap for gen 1 monsters? My control board looks so different in shape, does it usually mount up similarly, without the severe redesign you made? Also my motor wires are soldiered to the board, did you just soldier on new 4.5mm bullet connectors to hook that up? Interested if it helps a lot, my monster actually has a lot of motor/powered on whine. Thanks, and love your custom monster!
  7. I am hoping the Hollow motor of Gotway/begode T3 has taken some of the issues to heart a little bit, looks very interesting, I wonder if they will use a smaller diameter bearing for the hollow motor, being that it is just a 16" tire with even smaller rim diameter. If not, it would likely increase contamination by the smaller size rim pushing the bearing closer to debris, and higher rpm of smaller tire. I guess we will find out soon, it is to be releasing in bulk likely early 2021.
  8. Interested in MSP for sure, Sent you a PM
  9. I am honestly so tempted to get it, but I am the worst person to review it if I did. It would be my first real performance wheel. My Icewheel, and poor shape battery Ninebot E+ don't count for much. Only thing holding me back really is the new T3 being about 300 cheaper (CAD) , in some aliexpress stores, hopefully would have better bearings, It could be a great wheel too, and now its 1500wh but still low pedals and skinny tire. I should probably just get the msx though, a proven wheel for the most part. (It's going to be a long time before I would be wanting to jump it)
  10. So, which motor was that from then a 2500watt non hollow motor? was it the 100v MSUPER (pro) Speed version now running on a 84v platform? I can't think of many c30 motors being 2500 nominal before the RS hollow motors and the 100v MSPro 2500w c38 motor. Really interested in finding out more about this model. Especially if it has the older reliable motor. Thanks
  11. I am excited for new wheels on the market. I really hope the price/performance/reliability is there. I dont need super speed. I'd like a affordable versatile reliable wheel. I hope these aren't super far from market and we can get pricing soon to get excited.
  12. Yes it was just something I saw for sale locally (a few hours away) and its not something many talk about anymore, Monsters have had V2 and V3 versions and I had wondered what opinions of the first generation is, Also thanks for your opinion and the article! I kinda figured its not really worth getting, with the advancements that have been made in wheels.
  13. I have two slower wheels already, I saw a old monster come onto the classifieds days ago(Canada used market is slim pickings). Part of me was looking to buy a new Tesla or mcm5, but would like more battery (maybe the 1500wh tesla rumored). Are monster gen 1 84v reliable? I have heard of possible shim issue things, but it has under 2000 kms, if I can get a okay price is it still good or has it aged poorly compared to other options? Thanks for any opinions!
  14. I saw models like this too, on aliexpress as well as chicway shop, I was hoping it was 84v and HT motor I have never been on a fast wheel yet, (I own slow and crappy wheels) and that's not a big draw, safety is though and torque would be nice. I guess abundant speed is also a safety margin. One thing of note, Is they do sometimes brand C30 motors and C38 motors in the MSP HS and MSP Torque as well respectively, so what I think you get here is the MSP HS, with leftover 84v battery. Because it has the newer headlights and pedals, I don't think it would cannibalize its sales of the RS with th
  15. @Dancer Is that just the regular 84v Monster? Have you had to do much/any repairs on it other than obvious things like tires? Seen one for sale a few hours from me, an I am considering between that and a msx 84v but few people talk about the old monsters much anymore. Thanks for any reply.
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