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  1. I am selling my wheel because of an accident. It was in great shape before the accident and seems to have suffered mostly cosmetic damage. Comes with blue Roll.nz cover and charger. Balances fine. My friend rode it and said for the most part everything felt good. I just got out of a wheelchair last week and onto crutches so I haven't rode it. I am located in Rhode Island but will ship. View more pictures here. If you would like detailed pictures of anything else let me know. At its current 47% charge it's free spinning to 43 MPH. All lights and speakers work. The tip of the handle broke i
  2. And with the upload file limit here is a separate post with the kneepad I was wearing which obviously didn't work. Doubt they still make them. Got them years ago for dirtbiking. With some better knee guards I might have walked away.
  3. Yeah I wish the tiltback changed with the battery level. I knew the beeps were an ongoing problem. With the helmit and wind noise the beeps were inaudible. I was looking at that whole transistor/diode setup to attach more beepers with a 9v battery. Gotway obviously knows its an issue and thats why the RS has a cutout for the beeper. I know I'm not blameless but I would of respected the beeps if I could hear them. Every other part of my body was basically fine. My leg must have taken all the impact. Heres what the helmet looks like. Surgery went well. My knee kills. Going to be in the hospital
  4. I had an ongoing problem with the msp that I could not hear the beeps at all. I had hit 41 so thought I would be good with an alarm at 37. I had a cut out with full gear face helmit, motorcycle jacket, shin guards and knee pads, wrist guards at 34. It seems the knee pads were not the best in the world. My knee and leg are shattered. I'm writing this from a hospital bed. Surgery is tomorrow and I'll have plates and nails in my leg for the rest of my life. Funny enough the ride was captured in euc.world including the ambulance ride. https://euc.world/tour/590631998943178 Heres a pic o
  5. Yeah I had full gear. Morotcycle suit and full face helmit. I cheaped out on the kneepads. I used dirtbike pads that weren't anything special when I got them 10 years ago. They protected the shin and knee but just couldn't take the impact. I should have got something better. My whole body is basically fine except for my leg. Tiltback should definitely change with battery level. I've hit 41 no problem. Never thought I'd cut out at 34.
  6. Wish I did this in time. Had a cut out at 34 mph. Couldn't hear the beeps. Leg and kneecap are shattered. Surgery tomorrow. If I ever ride again don't think it will be a Gotway.
  7. He wasn't riding it too hard. It was a group ride and you end up going as fast as the slowest one in the pack. My theory is the motor wires melted. After he went over some bumps the wires touched and caused a short.
  8. Yeah I don't want to cut holes. I barely want to cut wires. I stripped off a tiny bit of insulation and put the new wire under the old wire. Seems like I'll have to cut it to get the diode where it needs to be though. @Sebrios I still can't figure out the diagram you posted though. I can't tell where the + is from the motherboard and don't see how the diode gets used. It looks like its running parallel to the new beepers. I don't see how it would come out of the beepers and go back to the positive side of the 9v. Edit: oh, is the diode only needed if you have switches? Edit: her
  9. The next rainy day I'm going to play around with it some more. I will say the buzzers in the parts list are too quiet. They don't make a beep sound either. More like a buzz. Almost like a quack. Also one part is missing. You need wire. I'm not sure what guage the beepers are. I ordered some 22 and it will be here tomorrow.
  10. They want to be god? Really should have asked someone who knows english for thoughts on that name.
  11. Sounds like a bug in the software. Which is bad. Software for these things should have the same quality control as software on airplanes. At least airplanes have redundancy.
  12. I saw a Nikola do this. After it smoked parts on the motherboard exploded and it sounded like a bomb went off. Batteries apparently looked fine. For some reason they guy it happened to doesn't want to go public.
  13. The parts came in. I'm trying to figure this out. Never really had to do anything like this before. I don't get how the diagram makes a complete circuit through the buzzers. It looks like the positive end goes through diode, into the buzzers, and back into the positive end of the battery. I played with the parts and got the buzzer turning on from the 9v when I hook a AA up to the transistor. I wonder what it would do if I hooked just this up to the wheel. I really butchered this breadboard. Good thing I ordered 2.
  14. They might be having growing pains. I know someone who shipped a broken wheel to them a few weeks ago and still hasn't gotten an update as of Friday. The mud guard for the MSP I got weeks ago hasn't shown up and I haven't heard anything about it.
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