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  1. A mems accelerometer and gyro don't provide 1 value, they provide 3. X Y and Z. Even if the Z axis is still pointing straight down on a bowl and the Y axis is still moving forward, it can see that the X axis has changed by the gyro and that its experiencing gravitational forces by the accelerometer. With a gyroscope which can measure the rate of change regardless of acceleration, it always knows what way its pointed.
  2. Most of these foam pads are $80 or more. You can buy self curing foam at an arts and crafts store for a fraction of that. I want to try making a set. You could make any shape you wanted and sell them for much less. Lots of tutorials on Youtube.
  3. Ive heard of failing circut boards. I've seen that you pretty much need to hit the pedals as hard as you can to make them go back up. (I think the EWheels model has that solved) You spend 2 grand on something you expect it to work. I'm not going to cancel my order but I hope I don't regret it. I sold a 2004 Cadillac for 3 grand 4 years ago. 2 grand is a lot to pay for something made out of plastic especially if it falls apart. I downloaded the app just to see what its like and its half in Chinese and half English with a bad translation - doesn't inspire confidence.
  4. An EUC needs to stay straight up no matter what forces it is encountering. I'm pretty sure a MEMS gyroscope is integral to how the whole thing works. An accelerometer would not keep it straight up because straight up would be the direction that it is moving. And they a really cheep. Less than $1 when purchased in bulk.
  5. I just preordered a MSP from Ewheels. Should I be worried? This is now posted on the EUCO order page for MSP and it wasn't there a day or two ago: Due to recent quality issues, we are pausing on taking pre-orders until further notice. Must be pretty bad for a reseller to turn down preorders.
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