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Found 27 results

  1. Just bought this bad boy, a few weeks ago, and put just over 300 kilometers on it. It is now much too cold where I live, and so I am either putting it away or selling it. I really would like to buy a new wheel in the spring, so if you want a barely used 18xl, hit me up. willing to ship. when i bought the wheel, I also bought a used set of body panels, so i wouldn't have to worry about scraping the new pristine wheel. I will include both sets as I have no use for them. it is the 2000watt version in case that matters. all lights work, everything works perfectly. if you are interested and want to see the wheel, pm me. I would like at l east $2,800 CAD but it is negotiable if you have a good trade or something. let me know if you are interested.
  2. Selling my sweet 100V Gotway Nikola +, 1800wh. Whether this is your first or you are upgrading, this is the EUC for you! Take it from experience....I started EUC's in March and have already gone through 4 models; Inmotion V8, Kingsong ks18L, MSX 84v, and MSX 100v. For me, I would say, its best to get an EUC that you can grow into, instead of buying, selling, losing a few bucks selling after mastering a particular model, ect. The 100v Gotway Nikola + is all the wheel you need! Bought brand spanking new from Ewheels. In my opinion, I personally would only buy from Ewheels or first owner who bought through eWheels. I have sold a few wheels on this forum. Always ask for proof of purchase. I cruise around 30-35 mph easily. You can even reach 39-40 easily, but not recommended. Around 400 miles. No crashes. Just a few pedal scrapes, and some scratches from leaning against walls. Tread is excellent. Even though no problems with the fan or overheating, i drilled some holes in the shell around the fan to test if it would lower the temperature while riding. It improved the temperature to around 10-20 degrees cooler! I've been riding in 100 degree weather and the wheel is cool as a cucumber! Some other riders also did the same thing after i posted the holes in the shell with fancy variations. Dont want the holes? Put gorilla tape over. Asking 1700. Comes with Power Pads, original charger, and original box. Shipping from Spokane, Washington.
  3. I need to sell my wheels. I'm in the Denver metro area. I will include 3d printed stands for both wheels (wheels are on these stands in the photos). I have original boxes from eWheels. Standard chargers for both wheels. Prices will be in addition to shipping if not local. I'll get shipping labels from eWheels. Both wheels still have the one year warranty from their purchase dates. KS-14D (420wh): $500. 167 miles on the wheel. Purchased January 2020 from eWheels. 84 MSX (1600wh): $800. 267 miles on the wheel. Purchased March 2020 from eWheels. Will include seat and self-standing fender. The 14D has the usual scratches from learning. Very scratched pedals. Has baby bumpers and neoprene kuji pads. Some abrasion to the shell and handle from a faceplant. The MSX also has the usual scratches and has been crashed (at 25 MPH). Has baby bumpers on it. It is missing its headlight and the shell screw standoffs are broken. It has a few scratches as well. Selling as-is. Crash details below. Photos: KS-14D MSX About the MSX crash: I faceplanted at 25 MPH. I was wearing a Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Summit mesh jacket, Leatt Dual Axis knee guards, LS2 Pioneer helmet, Demon Flexmeter double-sided D3O wrist guards. I was not wearing motorcycle boots, and should have been. The rest of the gear did its job perfectly, though lack of ankle protection means I sprained my ankle and damaged some tendons in my leg. I was on crutches for a week and in a boot for 2 weeks. As far as the cause of the crash, I do not know what happened. I thought I may have hit a bump or something. Returned to the scene about 2 weeks later when I could drive again, and it was a perfect bicycle lane. Machine malfunction cannot be ruled out. Would probably be fairly easy to repair and make a great spare/project/beater wheel, just GEAR UP and BE CAREFUL. I think riding around cars is just plain irresponsible now. I am lucky the wheel harmlessly flew off the road into the grass and not into a car or pedestrian! Probably not the best story to sell a wheel... But full disclosure is always best. As far as the 14D goes, it's just no fun to me after riding the MSX. Plus, I cannot be trusted on EUC's. I'd rather just quit while I'm ahead. If anyone wants any more photos, I'm happy to share. Shipping update: eWheels requires name, email, phone number and shipping address in order to quote and generate shipping labels. SOLD: The 14D shipped from Colorado to NYC for $39. I left the wheel with Fedex at 5pm on Friday. The buyer, @Seahorse_Dimples, received the wheel Monday at 10 AM. That's awesome... eWheels shipping is fantastic! MSX update: I ordered the headlight parts from eWheels. Missing headlight seems to be a sticking point, so I'm going to repair (or replace, if it comes to that) the shell and reinstall the headlight and then re-list. Probably for a higher price since I will have done the labor and bought the parts I was discounting for. SOLD: MSX sold to @Bao Nguyen as-is for $835.
  4. Super fast Gotway MSX 100V! Currently has 980 Miles. Works perfect. Some cosmetic scratches/damage as seen in pics. Front headlight area cracked and broke the headlight, but the LED still works. Easy fix, just need the silver ring. You can buy a new headlight from ewheels. I just tape over that portion and use my own bike LED light attachement which is better. Tire in great condition, no problems there. I have taken this wheel around 35 mp/h with ease. Shipped for 1600 anywhere in the lower 48 states!
  5. All, With my MSS enroute and 2 other wheels left it is with regret I’m selling my 100v Nik+ 21700 1800wh. Roughly 450km so hardly ridden! Fast (35+ mph), torquey wheel which is a joy to ride with the 3inch tyre. Bought from E-rides a few months ago (need to double check exact date) so still well within 2year warranty. Minor cosmetic scratches on one side of the shell after moving in and out of car.. otherwise she is in pristine condition. NEVER dropped! PLEASE NOTE- ALL side pads and rear light will be removed prior to sale and original pads will be fitted Ideally looking for local buyers who can collect but will consider shipping. Price £1300. Please no time wasters please message me if you have questions Shaun 07731818153
  6. Does anyone in the Washington DC metro area want to buy a lightly used in motion v10? I bought it from eWheels and the only cosmetic damage is on the scratched pedals. There’s a max of 20 miles on it and I have all of the original packaging. It was cool to learn on but I just don’t get the same fun factor I get from my esk8s... my loss, your gain.
  7. Update, 4/25/20, Sold Looking to sell my V10 to upgrade to buy either a KS16x or KS18xl. I would keep the wheel if I didn't already also own a Onewheel Pint and XR...My gf prefers to keep them. The V10 is my first wheel, but I learned on my friend's Ninebot S1 as a beginner. V10 (Non F) 2019 version with the 750W battery. Acquired: From eWheels on Feb 26, 2020. Miles: under 300 miles (482 km) *subject to change. Appearance: Very minor scratches from tipping over once, but it is only at the foot pedal. The protective covering has never been taken off since unboxing. Includes: Inmotion protective covering, stock charger, original box, eWheel-branded wrist guard (unused), slimed wheel Notes: I've gotten 30 miles (48 km) riding an avg 10 mph (16 kph) with about 20% battery remaining. About 2 miles (3.2 km) per volt. Fastest ridden speed is 18 mph (28.9 kph) and it is plenty fast. Only ridden on pavement. Blue self made kuji pads will be removed. Local sale only please. *Price drop $850 *reflective of mileage. PM for questions. I still ride it. Wheel pics https://imgur.com/a/H7154gp http://imgur.com/a/mvz5nvM
  8. Only used 1.25 km, comes with protective case cover and charger. I need a car really bad right now, only reason I'm selling. Will ship if buyer pays shipping, I think it's only $20 for ground shipping. http://imgur.com/gallery/euJP1Ca
  9. Only used 1.25 km, comes with protective case cover and charger. I need a car really bad right now, only reason I'm selling. Will ship if buyer pays shopping, I think it's only $20 for ground shipping. I don't know how to add photos, but I have many closeup photos if anyone wants to see them, diagnostic screen ECT.
  10. SOLD!!!! I am selling my One Month Old Gotway Nikola 84V 1600Wh battery EUC. I purchased this for my wife who I thought would love it. But she Hates the ergonomics of the wheel and it is simply too wide for her. After she rode my sons Inmotion V10 she fell in love with the ergonomics. I have since purchased her an Inmotion V10F from @JZT-Colorado which is enroute. Specifications. Asking $1500.00 including FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 states. Gotway Nikola 84V with 120.6 miles on it but it will be ridden so maybe more at time of sale. 1600WH Battery Charger and Chinese instructions Manual included. Has normal cosmetic blemishes from a few drops while my wife was learning. I can send full resolutions pictures via text. Everything works including the lift sensor. Left side LED light rope went dead. I don't know why. I will ship a brand new one with the sale. Gotway stickers are peeling off (this is normal). Original Side pads have never been used. I can also include aftermarket 1/2" and 1/8" side padding I purchased for it. The rubber grip material on the pedals was moved to the side of the chassis and Viscious Grip Tape replaced the (IMO) crappy rubber pedal material. (See Kuji's Youtube video on Viscious Gript tape. It gives you near unlimited grip.) Location: Salem, Oregon. FREE SHIPPING! E-wheels Wrist Guards in the pictures ARE NOT INCLUDED! Please PM me with questions!
  11. Rides great, No cracks or breaks, 2,200 miles, tire has at least another 1000+ miles of tread left, also have slime inside of the tube. Have original box with packaging and a set of new side pads included. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gx3eLKzh9ofJNKit7
  12. KS18XL for sale 1,800 USD Brand new, unused, parts include: • All outer shell pieces • LED strips and lenses • Upgraded stronger white plastic inner frame • Upgraded lift sensors for new white plastic inner frame • Trolley handle extensions • Mud flaps and bracket • Upper pads • Tire • Inner tire tube Sale also includes: 1. upgraded large American size KingSong Pedals 2. two KingSong chargers 3. 3D printed EUC stand 4. Resurfaced and repainted trolley handle, and Large-sized pedals. Note: *Resurfaced, indicates that the items were sanded, body filled, then primed (three coats), painted matte black (three coats), and satin clear coated (three coats) for a total of nine coats of paints. They look brand new from KingSong. The seller of this wheel is someone in the EUC community that suffered an EUC related, career ending permanent injury. Likelihood of ever riding an EUC again is very slim. Sound off, If you are looking for a used 18XL in excellent shape, or know of anyone. Don’t miss out on this excellent wheel. The forum limits my ability to post photos so to see them visit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Glydiators/permalink/1647305345411960?sale_post_id=1647305345411960&sfns=mo you can also visit: t.me/GlydiatorsAds
  13. Offering a Ninebot c+ with just 100 miles on the odometer, it's in great shape. Asking $300. I also have a Ninebot A1 is perfect condition with 0 miles for $400. All items will come in factory box with stock accessories! This is a great chance to get a very nice starter wheel for cheap!!! Please feel free to text me 1-925-493-0920 I'll be happy to share pictures and details. Quote Edit Offering a Ninebot c+ with just 100 miles on the odometer, it's in great shape. Asking $300. I also have a Ninebot A1 is perfect condition with 0 miles for $400. All items will come in factory box with stock accessories! This is a great chance to get a very nice starter wheel for cheap!!! Please feel free to text me 1-925-493-0920 I'll be happy to share pictures and details. Quote Edit
  14. Yes. Unfortunately, my beloved black beauty is for sale locally in Paris. I shipped it there so that my son would have a useful commuter tool while he was studying in France. Alas, it is time to bid farewell to the 18L. You damn lucky Parisians will be getting the my 18L for a mere 1600 Euros History 1. Purchased from eWheels July, 2018 2. Used primarily by my son as a commuter tool. He used it to get to, and around his university campus and other activities throughout Washington DC. I enjoyed it occasionally for recreational use whenever it was available Details Make: Kingsong Model: 18L Color: Rubberized/matte black Reason for selling: Frankly, return shipping to the USA is expensive. However, I am quite willing if it becomes necessary; so, don't even think about trying lowball me. This 18L is already priced to sell; so, no bullshit offers if you please. Serious inquiries only. Condition 1. This KS 18L has only very minor scuffs on the foot platforms, and handle from leaning it against walls. Experienced rider. No falls occurred on this wheel. 2. Missing eight outer shell screws - four from each side. Came from the factory this way. I just lived with it. I have replacement screws, but it was going to cost me $70 to send 30 tiny screws to France so, for obvious reasons I scrapped the idea. If the buyer is so inclined, replacement screws can be ordered very cheaply on the following website: www.laptopscrews.com. the size you will want is M3 X 8mm. The type of screw is referred to as "panhead phillips." These screws are harder than the soft, easily stripped screws supplied as original equipment, and you can buy 100 for about $5. 3. One LED strip seems to have developed a short. Probably just a loose wire needing adjustment, but I am in DC and the wheel is in France so the buyer might have to replace one LED strip. 4. The wheel has a brand new control board with only 376 km; barely broken in. It has about 1500 total km on the hub and battery; practically new. Features and Specifications 1. Matte Black rubberized finish. 2. 2000 Watt Motor 3. 1036wh Battery 4. 18 inch wheel with Kenda tire. 5. Upgraded, reinforced Black trolley handle mechanism. 6. Upgraded, larger-sized 10.5cm, black foot platforms; very comfortable for longer distance riding. Much better than the originally equipped foot platforms. 7. New control board with only 376 km Local ad can be found by following link below: https://www.espritroue.fr/forum/37-gyroroues/ Buyer will be very happy with this excellent wheel."
  15. Hello, I have an Airwheel X3 that has been sitting around lately and is looking for a new home. There are multiple scratches and scuffs, however, it is still in good condition (7.5/10) and works very well. Comes with training wheels, charging kit and everything included in original box. I am looking for around $250 + shipping but I am willing to negotiate. Located in the U.S. Thanks.
  16. As New they were ridden once NO CHARGERS SF Bay Area or Ship to you at your cost 16S - $850 14D - $450 Take both? Saves me time and you money.... happy to send more pics or answer questions although I know nothing about them other than I don’t want them, thx
  17. Practically new Ninebot One E+ for sale. I decided to go with Ninebot's Mini Pro. Less than 6 miles total mileage. Total run time less than 6 hours. I have all paperwork, original box, US 110 volts rated charger, tire valve extender, foam protective strips and tape. There are a couple of scuffs from falling while learning, but nothing serious or compromising. Continental US shipping only. PRICE REDUCED $450.00. Location Leesburg, Virginia.
  18. Need a wheel to learn on and scratch up before you get your "ultimate" EUC? An Airwheel X3 is perfect: cheap, durable, not too fast ... and did I mention cheap? This one still has a good battery (130 wh), lots of scratches but no serious damage, and it works perfectly. Foam has been applied to the sides but can be easily removed. Complete with charger, training wheels, and air valve extension. Tire is in good shape and holds air. Black color. $100 firm for local pickup (Tucson AZ) or $100 + actual shipping costs to you. I'll even clean the dust off ...
  19. I'm moving to InMotion V5F+. Selling my used Ninebot. No accidents, No severe scratches, No cutoffs on this wheel. Only 180 miles on it! Original Box and manuals Charger cables included Formula One Race car champion Lewis Hamilton also uses Ninebot OneE! So this one has a "Status image"! If you pickup it's just $500 only. Otherwise you pay for shipping. US only.
  20. I bought EUC Uniwheel X5 and planned to used it in Netherlands. In the end i did not have time to learn to use it, so it can be considered as new. complete with charger, box, bumper for body, learning wheel and band Willing to send anywhere in EU or pick up in Delft or i might send it to Madrid later on PM me for price you would like to offer/bid
  21. I have IPS i130+ .. you can check the spec anywhere... 15 km 35 k/h I never try only kind of 26 - 27 km/h. Want to sell US$ 350. Don't know the shipping cost from Sarasota Florida. Scuff here and there. Shoot me if interested. Bennytoro33@gmail.com
  22. Brand New in box 12' IPS unicycle. Bought 2 of these, but my gf never cared to try hers. Best for lighter riders or kids (I would say no one over 200lbs) . I love this unit because of the light weight ~8.5kg and maneuverability. There are a few videos online that have pretty good overviews of this bad boy. NY/NJ (tri-state) area
  23. My twin-wheel Airwheel Q3 is for sale at an asking price of £500. This is the top of the range Airwheel, the only Airwheel so far with a 340Wh battery giving a range of about 16-18 miles. (Ignore quoted range claims - they are of the 'Volkswagon' type, greatly exaggerated) Purchased at the end of September, it has a retail price of £799. I have been learning to ride on it and have covered approximately 100 (dry) miles over 6 weeks. Please note, it has plenty of scratches and scores on the casing as I didn't think to protect it for the first few weeks. (It is now swaddled in cushioning). You will understand why it is scratched after your first attempt to ride one of these things!) At time of placing this ad, it's only on its 6th charging cycle (994 to go...?). Willing to arrange delivery if near Glasgow and can demonstrate to anyone new to Wheels. Otherwise will organise a Payment-on-Delivery exchange at buyer's cost. Willing to drop price to £450 for anyone on this forum. I have a couple of other photos I can email/share which wouldn't fit this advert!
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