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S-Plus 10km/h only and other problem falls suddenly

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In manual:

For your safety, the miniPLUS will limit the max speed to 2.5 mph (4 km/h) until you complete the New Rider Tutorial. For the first 0.6 miles (1 km) after completing the New Rider Tutorial, the max speed will be limited to 6.2 mph (10 km/h), after which you can disable the speed limiter via the App and reach a maximum speed of miniPLUS (see specifications).

So completed tutorial, made 6km bur still have 10km/h speed limit, speed slider in app settings is up to 10km/h only.

Also when I get off S-Plus it sometimes powers off and falls.

How to rise speed limit and fix these random power offs?

Is it because I bumped few times to  obstacles and and fell off S-Plus? there was beeping sound like some kind of alarm.

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On 8/8/2020 at 8:09 AM, rider6 said:

thank you, was looking at settings -> speed 

stupid app, besides that button is barely visible in sunlight and dark mode on.

anyone experienced self power-offs?

It you leave in n-minutes without it moving it will automatically power-off.  If you mean power-off while riding... well that would be a problem, it can happen with fall electronics or battery, or if pushed too hard depending on what you mean by 'off'  as there are many stores of 'off' for some people, and for practical purposes of a functioning machine.

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I've also had issues with self power-offs, only when not riding it...it's happened twice randomly...when it's in motor assist mode and not lock mode...it can randomly stop balancing. Not power off, but like fall over, but luckily both times it was against a wall and on a carpet. Any idea on a solution? Do ya'll think it's a firmware thing?

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Actually I think I figured out why...so the first time I think I left it to idle for more than 10 mins and that's why it stopped balancing. The second time I was calibrating it using the 'posture sensor calibration' and it purposely stops balancing if you don't hold it in place. So I think I figured out why it would stop on it's own when not riding it. 

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it powers off when not riding, maybe it is around 10 minutes. i think when i push it a little every some minutes timeout exceeds.

however when locked it does not happen, so probably was programmed that way because some “genius” assumed it was left unattended.

locking back and forth when making say groceries is not convenient , you have to reach for remote every time.

is there option to auto-lock for example when loses bluetooth connection with phone?

sometimes it also falls when not riding without powering off but did not figure circumstances 

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