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  1. would you recommend solid tires on s-plus? does s-plus has same tire size as s? tires on my new s-plus cracked, cannot figure why, did not overinflate, put maybe 50 or 55psi. they now leak air
  2. ok answering myself, not much help here. rather stupid solution, as it requires removal of bar just mounted new few months ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ay0CWiGcuA
  3. no problemos when riding, but in follow mode s-plus will not go. i am sure slope is under 15 degrees. is it normal?
  4. . I bought n4m350 with help of relative from Europe, apparently there are sellers nowdays trying get rid of overstock. I think they bought in Spain from Xiaomi store but not sure. Before that I saw them on Amazon.de. I paid $400 but segways were stocked for a very long time, in mine battery was dead, tires had almost no air. I am thinking to pump slime in. Battery did not charge for hours, eventually after many times flipping switch it charged but appears to discharge very quickly although I have no other segway to compare battery performance. I have 5.x but u
  5. my n4m350 came with 1.1.9 firmware. please advise should i upgrade? i noticed some disturbing threads about upgrading
  6. i have n4m350 it says on bottom but on the box or in app it shows n4m340 ... let me check that and videos dates, i will follow up. ok will look for action cam, thanks for tips yoybuy will not open for bag i will try to find two plastic containers and connect them somehow my n4m350 came with 1.1.9 should i upgrade?
  7. mine n4m350 came with 1.1.9 should i upgrade? how long can i leave n4m350 in locked position? will something overheat?
  8. Ok but in app there are some videos, appears as made with that camera. About baskets - if you meant these sold on ali for the price of original, look like shit, they have no handle and do not keep boxy shape. I thought that now when I came to the party business for accessories should be booming, right? Thank you anyway. P.S If I may On mini plus, s-plus n4m340 or 350: should I upgrade from 1.1.9 firmware?
  9. so where to get this camera? or basket none of the links open, no longer manufactured?
  10. it powers off when not riding, maybe it is around 10 minutes. i think when i push it a little every some minutes timeout exceeds. however when locked it does not happen, so probably was programmed that way because some “genius” assumed it was left unattended. locking back and forth when making say groceries is not convenient , you have to reach for remote every time. is there option to auto-lock for example when loses bluetooth connection with phone? sometimes it also falls when not riding without powering off but did not figure circumstances
  11. no way to get such? how to get power connector for S-Plus? buy another power brick? is this proprietary connector on s-plus?
  12. thank you, was looking at settings -> speed stupid app, besides that button is barely visible in sunlight and dark mode on. anyone experienced self power-offs?
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