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Question for the Finns on this Forum

David Reeves

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Hi, as a non Finnish speaker in Finland it can be difficult finding details of the laws concerning EUC´s I know the rules for electric bikes, but not EUCs

So before I pull the trigger on a V10 can someone enlighten me on the legal situation?



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3 hours ago, David Reeves said:

So a V10 with 1800W motor would not be legal? Or would need to be registered and insured?

Do they accept the 25KM/Hr being limited in the App?

No, the structural maximum speed of the vehicle should be below 25km/h. App limited doesn’t cut it.

Technically, the faster wheels should be insured to a different vehicle class, but such insurance will first require changes in official vehicle classifications. Not gonna happen, I believe.

While recent news mention new Police patrol groups on e-bikes to watch over PEVs and such, so far the Finnish Police hasn’t been interested when meeting me in traffic on my MSX. When I do meet them, I tone down a bit, and slow down to around 25km/h.

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