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  1. So I am really struggling to build up the miles, even short rides result in extreme pain in my right calf. Yesterday I strapped it and it was great, no pain at all, but today with same strapping I had pain almost immediately, and couldn’t continue riding after just 3,5 Kms any one else had similar problems and how did you get past it? Could it be my stance? Any advice very welcome!
  2. An interesting read as someone who is waiting to get back to learning on my brand new first wheel after my heart attack However the talk about over confidence struck a cord, when I used to fly paragliders the accident rate went up among people who had passed their club pilot level and again among those who passed their pilot level, and the assumption was over confidence among these people leading to poor decision making
  3. 59 with the body of a 70 yr old, only managed a couple of sessions on my first wheel before I had my heart attack and had to take a break so no idea what my riding style will be like, but based on my snow boarding and skiing I don’t think I will be happy at slow speeds only another week or so and will hopefully be back to learning
  4. No way to know for sure, could well be, but it was coming anyway so not blaming the EUC
  5. So 3 sessions on my first V10F, just about getting the hand of it, and can now turn right as well as left. went home yesterday morning after my 3rd session and has a heart attack!!! now in recovery having had 2 stents fitted and wondering how long it will be before I am fit enough to ride again sometimes life is a bitch! That said at least I am still alive so should concentrate on the positives.
  6. Hi, just got my first EUC a V10F, so question, Comfort or Classic mode when learning to ride?
  7. So a V10 with 1800W motor would not be legal? Or would need to be registered and insured? Do they accept the 25KM/Hr being limited in the App?
  8. Hi, as a non Finnish speaker in Finland it can be difficult finding details of the laws concerning EUC´s I know the rules for electric bikes, but not EUCs So before I pull the trigger on a V10 can someone enlighten me on the legal situation? Thanks Dave
  9. Do any suppliers in Europe have stock of the V8F? Or does anyone know when they will be available? Thanks.
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