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  1. Tuo on se vakio jos joku jotain sanoo. Yleensä kuittaan että sama, kuin polkupyörällä opettelisi ajamaan. Ajattelin talven jälkeen hukata nuo 64v vehkeet(msuper3 ja mcm3), -> 84v vehkeitä yksi lisää niin pärjää yhdellä laturilla kotona ja töissä -> vähemmän hellasäröä.
  2. Mten on varmaan mielenkiintoinen peli, kun itsellä tuntuu että tuo 14" mcm on tosi pieni ja ketterä.
  3. I also bought older 67 volt msuper and like it very much. 3000kms on wheel now. No issues with 100kg rider. I have jumped curbs and abuse the hell out of it, but I like more softer tyre pressures.
  4. I also have V10 and if riding hard offroad, lot's of hills etc. I might drain the battery from 100% to 20% in 5km's. Paved roads its about 25km's on one charge. (100kg rider) You can ride quite a long and fast with 5% battery also, which I discovered on one group ride.
  5. Richa titan kevlar hoodie is my choise, it's manageable even hot summer day and in winter I can pack stuff under it. I have also demons and foxs upper body protectors, but those need few extra minutes to put on vs putting hoodie with pads.
  6. Ihan pedaalien akselia yritin irroittaa, jotta toisen puolen saisi auki. Pötkö liikkuu kumpaankin suuntaan sen verran, että toisen puolen shimmin saa pois, mutta sitten pää on niin tiukassa siellä keskellä että ei pikkuvasaralla liiku enempää. Täytyy paremmat työkalut etsiä ja yrittää uusiksi.
  7. Huono päivä, kun piti myöntää häviö msuperin akselille, pirun tiukassa. Piti bt moduuli vaihtaa ehjään, mutta jäi haaveeksi. Huomenna isompi leka rautakaupasta, niin alkaa rytisemään.
  8. Jalka ylempänä ja kylmää turvotukseen, auttoi ihan ok, pallo hävisi yön aikana. Seuraavana päivänä ei lisäkipuja niin eiköhän se tästä. Mutta ehkä päivityksenä, että suojiinkin kannattaa sijoittaa vaikka kalliita ovatkin.
  9. Se oli sitten ensimmäinen faceplant 2019. Onneksi kaikki suojat oli päällä, niin vain polvea turvottaa. Jäätävä railo metsäretkellä pääsi yllättämään ja siihen tyssäsi msuperin matka, kuski jatkoi vielä hetken. Ajamalla pääsi takaisin lähtöpaikalle, en hirveästi bongannut damagea msuperissa tai kuskissa. Puolikas tennispallo nousi polven alapuolelle kotona.
  10. Eikös Ian verrannut tuota Z10, niin KS sitten vain. Itse ehkä ostaisin vakio nikolan kun ne alkaa halventua
  11. Just ride when I can, I have around 2000kms under my belt, not much. Practising new skills -> Riding one legged, backwards, hopping over curbs, harder offroad. Trying not to buy more wheels.
  12. Year has passed and 2000€ from savings, since I started this madness, so maybe a review of the whole year. The start: I saw guy riding ninebot on twitter and after googling and forgetting about it, facebook once showed me ad about ninebot c+ for 240€ in gearbest, ordered it on the spot. It did arrive late august 2018. After spending a week trying to go forward it happened, I can ride around with it. Range was poor and it was tiltin back or cutting off trying to kill me constantly. But I was hooked. Rode ninebot for around 100km until winter came and I thought it's upgrade time. Also finding battery with bms that might kill power on the fly, gave me nightmares.. Thoughts of ninebot c+: It actually was nice ride, but max speed was around 17km/h. app is the best in the market. Battery some 200wh, and it did discharge it self to 0% automatically if left sitting for few days. I went to the inmotion direction, Because of the nice looks and production quality that I felt they had. So gearbest again, coupon code V10 it was. Little under 900€. I thought that since riding just around a block every now and then I only need 640wh, dont pay extra for bigger batteries. I sold the ninebot while waiting the V10, during winter for 200€ First ride with v10 was scary on spring, standing on it felt really high, the wheel is a beast that cannot be turned in corners. And the speeds after ninebot, going 25km/h was speed of light, waiting for fatal tilt back to crack my skull. But after I while started to trust it and still think is the best overall handling wheel, minus the smallisht battery. Started to commute to work with V10 with shaking legs. My thoughts of inmotion V10: Superb handling and good amount of power. gentle tilt back. Software protects the electronics, maybe pain in the ass, but no fried mosfets. Pedals are nice big enough for my 48EU sized foot, waiting for cracks.. Battery takes forever to charge and goes down scary quickly. 25kms on charge. After selling the ninebot I started to miss smaller practise wheel so that my new V10 don't get all scuffed up. So I found secondhand mystery gotway (maybe mcm3), 150€ on local listings. The seller never managed to learn to ride it and didn't know any specs. I have rode the mcm3 in snow, ice, loose sand, in the woods, mud and it is still going. Since it's small it goes with me on holidays. Regulary It sits outside on porc ready to be ridden all day everyday, sun shine, snow or rain. And it's the main loaner if someone want's to try learning. I had feeling from the forum that gotway is not so good quality, but this thing change my mind. My thoughts of mystery mcm: The padding digs to your leg making it hurt while you ride. Power is enough to get me around 25km/h max and no fatal tilt backs still. Super nimble being 14", but i'm scared of going faster than 15km/h on it, just dont feel right going faster. Looks retro and is my mainly grocery shop wheel which I left outside store. Battery?? Seems huge since I ride it few kms every now and then and charge it maybe every other month. I actually found app that connect's to it, it has madden mode After my first group ride I found out that the V10 battery capasity sucks, and started to look for bigger battery wheel to my fleet. MCM gave me trust on Gotway, so second hand msuper v3 was next purchase. (it was the only second hand wheel I found in the country). 800€ for second hand msuper v3 64v 1600wh Having 1600wh battery is the best, I can ride around almost all day. I also came with chargedoctor with two ports, so I can use dual chargers for fast charging and babying the battery of course. Msuper v3 1600wh 64v thoughts: Needs more umph to speed up, have to lean harder. Don't feel as nimble vs V10 but close to it, Nikola pedals coud help. trolley handle sucks, never really mastered it. The original padding was too thick for me so I ripped it out -> much better. Dont ride in the rain -> water killed my back light and bluetooth. I feel that many people look away of second hand EUC, but my opinion they are good choices also. Thanks for the great community also ;).
  13. Sure everyone asking politely can try. Happened only once, group of teenagers tried my older mcm3.
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