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GX-16 5pin plug with 2 positive and 2 negative???

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Just now, buell47 said:

Red wires should always be the positive. :)

Can you see the which Numbers are positive or negative? 1 and 2: positive, 4 and 5: negative?

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41 minutes ago, Betty Deng said:


Is the picture shows right?

Unfortunately I don't have a gotway EUC and can't see it that way. Does the picture show the plug of the Wheel or from the charger? If Wheel, then it looks good to me.
Don't you have a voltmeter?

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@Betty Deng would it not be better to ask the manufactor of the product, since you are making the charges work with their products?

It seems both simpler and better to ensure it works as intended. Or?

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