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  1. yes, you're right, thank you. this charger is customized by one of customers.
  2. No, this is our customized model for gotway, that's the model customsized by one of customers. We also have the 300W/450W models: 1. Current adjustable function 2. Digital dispay on voltage and cureent 3. Partial charge: 80% 90% 100% You can choose anyone function of them
  3. charger with digital display + currrent adjustable + partial charge function 100.8V 5A-7A-9A Current adjustable
  4. Can you see the which Numbers are positive or negative? 1 and 2: positive, 4 and 5: negative?
  5. Need help: can you tell us which 2 is positive and 2 is negative of GX-16 5pin plug?
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