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Nikola Tire Pressure

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What tire pressure do you enjoy best for your Nikola and why? What is your riding weight?

I'm currently around 50PSI at ~185lbs. I'll probably drop it back down to the 30s and build back up to try and find my preferred pressure. When I first got my Nikola, I was getting speed wobbles around 20mph. Not sure if it was just me getting used to the new wheel or if it was pressure related. I think I was around 40PSI then. I ended up going up to 50 to see if it would help at all with the gyro effect I was feeling and I think it did, but I still struggle taking turns at speed.

Will keep adjusting to try and find the sweet spot.

@Patton250, if I remember correctly, I saw you mention having issues with speed wobbles in an old thread. Did you do anything to get rid of them? Did they disappear as you got used to it?

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50 lbs sounds way high--the tire itself recommends 35-45 lbs.

I always preferred my smaller wheels around their max pressure (which was usually around 40 lbs for their class of tires), but I started my Nik+ right in the middle of the aforementioned range at 40 lbs and found it still pretty uncomfortable, and eventually after reading many people on here insist on going lower I dropped to about 35 lbs which I've been fairly happy with. (Note that I'm a bit lighter than you at around 150 lbs before gear.)

I too have been considering at least temporarily bumping pressure back up again to 40 or even 45 psi (but probably not 50, that seems extreme) to compare turning performance vs ride quality at those higher pressures. Have you found noticeable difference in turning/'gyro effect' as you explored higher pressures?

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20 hours ago, AtlasP said:

Have you found noticeable difference in turning/'gyro effect' as you explored higher pressures?

I want to say yes, but part of it could be me getting used to the wheel. Going to lower the pressure today and report back.

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I'm about 175lbs with gear and I have 35 psi. I haven't experimented much with the pressure yet, but 35 psi works well for me. Ideally I'd like to lower the pressure a bit for comfort, but I'm not that keen on puncture repair on a EUC...

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