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  1. Ah, cool, that was actually a nice graph with the historic pricing. Interesting indeed, cheers @adampj. So I'll have faith that the deals will return. At 630 EUR I think the V8 is good value, but I still haven't quite decided which route to go yet. The more expensive V8, which will probably last longer before the inevitable "faster, further" bug bites, or the cheap and cheerful V5F, which could be a learner wheel that takes much of the beating while I try to master the art. Decisions, decisions...
  2. Too bad the Gearbest coupons as posted by @jojo33 seem to have stopped working well in advance of their "best before date". I have tried both the V5F and the V8 for a full week now, but to no use. Are these deals recurring events, or do I have to bite the bullet and pay almost twice as much through a EU-located dealer? I can wait a while since we're going towards winter here anyway, but at the end of March at the latest I'd like to have a wheel sitting here. What to do....?!?
  3. Thank you @jojo33 for your answer with contact details for Inmotion. I contacted them, and will for reference post their answer here, if anyone else is wondering the same thing. "Dear friend, the Gearbest is official dealers. Please don't worry. It is interternation version and it can use inmotion APP. Best Regards" So I find those questions answered and will proceed to order my wheel shortly! Wohoo :-)
  4. Thanx! I've seen some of those threads but I still can't really say it's clear to me if there are problems, or if they can be sorted out. For example, could the app WheelLog be a possible work around for these problems? I guess I'm just hoping that somebody will have gotten a Wheel off Gearbest and can describe the situation :-)
  5. Been lurking for a while, now looking at getting my first Wheel for next season. The "black friday week" deals on Gearbest, as advertised by Jojo33 are almost to good not to jump at. I'd be looking at getting the Inmotion V8, which seems to be recommended as a good beginners Wheel, and probably would last me a while since the speed and range is sufficient. Now, I've tried to post questions to Gearbest, but haven't had any replies. Does anybody know if these are proper "European market" Wheels? As I understand it there's a difference in branded / no-brand batteries and perhaps also the possibility to use the Inmotion app between Wheels for the european and chinese markets. I'd rather pay a bit more instead of getting an inferior Product with less range due to use of lower capacity batteries. Anybody that can confirm they are indeed good Wheels, that you can connect to the inmotion-app etc? Thanx a lot!