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  1. Last time I checked, at least 6 months ago, there was a Wh-limit on what you can bring aboard. It allowed normal powerbanks but nothing more. Most airlines I checked had the same limit. Wheel batteries would be way beyond.
  2. I'm not really using Euc world much yet so I don't quite understand what information I'd be able to see on the display. Please excuse me for this newbie question. Does it mirror any app from the phone on the display? When I do more exploratory trips I use the OsmAnd app for viewing maps+route. If I could get the map with marked route on a HUD instead of having to hold the phone in hand, that would easily justify the cost for a new gadget. On the bike it's easier, phone goes to the handlebar. But on the wheel it's a bit of a pain holding the phone.
  3. I had a switchblade for a while, I really liked it. But I managed to break one of the small plastic pieces holding the chin bar, and totally lost confidence in the construction. The shop took it back and I'm now riding with a TLD Stage which feels really light and well ventilated. The Fox Proframe is same-same and the Rampage is much less ventilated, it's more of a DH helmet. I think the choice is as much a personal one as well as a function of what kind of riding you do. And especially in which kind of climate. For fast road riding in temperatures like 15-20 degrees C you could very well go for the Rampage. For trail riding or warmer weather I'd recommend more ventilation.
  4. Went for a first ride on some easier trails with the Nikola today. All of a sudden those pedals seem awfully low and close to all those hard things you don't want to hit. Fun though, and builds skill I'd think. I can see this become a new hobby!
  5. I'm not so sure... I guess I'll have to disagree just for the sake of the argument :-) I'm a newbie on my wheel and quite an experienced cyclist, having done road riding, mtb riding and commuting a couple of years. Of course I feel more secure commuting through a busy town on the bike, but I don't think that's got so much to do with the vehicle as such, more with experience / mileage on said vehicle. If I'd do 5000km / 3000 miles per year on the wheel as I've done cycling for a while, I'm sure the skill level would be much more even. Controlling the wheel is quite intuitive, almost more so than cycling.
  6. My thought is that we're talking about many small steps. I've ridden about 600km / 400 mi so far, mainly on my Nikola. I reckon I've taken the first step up the ladder now. I've greatly improved my miserable sense of balance, I'm not afraid to fall off at any moment in time any more. I can travel at a reasonable speed and can take smaller bumps and potholes without sh*tting myself. So for me it was about 400 miles to get one small step up the ladder. More steps to follow...
  7. I find the Nikola quite easy to turn at low speeds. Please note that there are several ways to turn with a wheel. At low speeds I find that twisting your body is the easiest, I e you twist the wheel with your feet. At higher speeds you can put pressure on the inner pedal in order to get the wheel to lean, or as you say you can lean the leg against the outer side if the wheel and force it down. There are countless videos out there on different turning techniques.
  8. I don't know why you're thinking about solid tires. To prevent punctures or damaged rims. Today in the mountain bike scene there's a lot of options where you combine a tubeless setup with a high pressure inner tube or a foam insert with the only function to protect the rim. Doesn't prevent punctures though, if the tire gets damaged and the sealant can't cope then you'll still have to repair the tire. But if you damage rims frequently something like this could work if it was available for our tire sizes. https://www.rimpactmtb.com
  9. Yeah, that's so true. Costly hobby, this. This jacket will be fine for in-town errands, customer meetings etc when I want the more inconspicuous look. I'm still looking at the Knox Zephyr though for the pure pleasure trips when I might go faster and further. Another Eur 300 but better fitting and with back and chest protectors. We'll see... https://www.planet-knox.com/product/mens-zephyr-pro/
  10. I got myself one of these. https://www.motocentral.co.uk/held-tropic-3-0-textile-jacket-black.html I will try to add an extra layer of D3O padding though, or replace the existing hard protectors since they move around a bit.
  11. As always, you get better at what you do, and not much better at all at those things you don't do. To progress beyond riding in a straight line you have to practice other things. Ride slowly, do tight manoeuvres, ride a bit of gravel or off road, i.e. varied riding. For me, it was start-stopping that was the most difficult. Still is, I take off nicely 95% of the time, but not always. So I try to get a few extra start-stop every ride I do. It's amazing though how the muscle memory works.
  12. I don't know your traffic situation, but I was quite careful riding the wheel in rush hour commuting traffic before I could start/stop and keep my balance in those crowded and narrow bicycle paths we have in town. Unless you're comfortable overtaking, being overtaken and meeting people everywhere while having others close to you I'd recommend riding a lot in "off-hours" when it's not so crowded. Now 500+ km later I'm much more relaxed. But not commuting any more, due to the virus that shall not be named... Ride a lot off road. Works wonders for balance. And usually there's not too much people around to crash into if it goes tits up... Good luck and have fun!
  13. I tried the Urbane Pro the other day. I also find it runs true to stated size. It was quite comfortable and fitted me well except that the material felt twisted and uncomfortable in the armpit. I think as a pure protective layer for "going for a EUC ride" it fits the bill very well. I wanted something slightly more low key for commuting etc so will be going for a Held Tropic 3.0 instead for the time being. A Knox Urbane Pro or perhaps a Knox Zephyr Pro which ups the protection somewhat may be what I'll reach for later. https://shop.held.de/en/clothes/textile-jackets/749/tropic-3.0?number=062030-00-1-S
  14. Yeah, I appreciate the protection a back protector can give if you roll. I just wasn't sure if rolling is common when crashing or if a straight face plant is more common. I have a mtb backpack with a hard protector in it, I may just aim for using that one more often.
  15. I'm in the process of buying a new jacket and was wondering whether we need back protectors or not. I'd guess that the typical 1.0 euc accident involves flying forward trying to imitate superman. Out of all falls, have you ever used or wanted to have a back protector, or is it just dead weight and extra unwanted warmth?
  16. Yes, it's always the question about range, isn't it? I was seriously thinking about getting the Tesla 2, but ended up getting a Nikola 84V 1600Wh instead, and even so I think the range is limited. I went for a 40km trip today with a fully charged wheel and came back with about 32% (EUC world figure). Some parts were at 40km/h, most of it considerably slower. I'm about 80kgs with gear, so not overly heavy. It was quite windy though. WIth a Tesla that would have been difficult. It all depends on how you're going to use your wheel but I personally wouldn't go for anything below 1500 Wh.
  17. Cool, thanks! The Icon Mesh looks good! I can't seem to work out whether it's abrasion resistant in the same way as the Knox Urbane though. If it is, it really looks like a winner. I'm not particularly interested in the Knox layering, I just want a summer jacket that works as a stand-alone item, possibly with a rain proof over if it gets wet.
  18. rolekl


    Wow, you have so many fantastic roads over there! How come there's so many roads that are closed off to traffic in the mountains? You seem to have endless options of fantastic car free roads. I'm really envious!
  19. I'm looking for something protective but more ventilated than my old goretex motorcycle jacket which gets a little bit too warm already at around 10-15 degrees C. I'd prefer something that doesn't scream motocross or downhill cycling (i.e. Fox Titan and similar) and is fairly easy to put on and off. Something I can wear for a commute through town without looking too silly. It's enough being on a wheel after all... Stumbled across this. Seems to get rather favourable reviews from the slower end of the motorcycle crowd, and Knox is known as a quality brand. OK, approx 300 EUR isn't cheap, but as long as it works... https://www.planet-knox.com/product/urbane-pro-armoured-shirt/ https://www.flatoutmag.co.uk/gear/knox-urbane-pro-shirt/ Anyone has any experience with it? What alternatives have you found that performs to similar specs?
  20. Unless you're 40kgs or something, probably not. But I'll leave the final say to someone who has one. I was really tempted by the Tesla but ended up getting a Nikola just because of range anxiety...
  21. People are talking about a 1480Wh Tesla available on Ali somewhere. I think the original Tesla 2 is the bargain of the day to be honest but 40km range doing 30mph.....?
  22. I'm afraid this might be true. Skateboards are cool, i.e. OW's are cool, even cooler perhaps. EUCs are a bit unknown so can turn out to be hit or miss.
  23. You can always cut a tire open on a rock or similar (think thin mountain bike tires), but yes, nails, pieces of glass etc seem to be what's getting me to repair punctures. In my world more glass than nails. I'll happily fix 10 bicycle punctures though if I don't have to fix one on the euc...
  24. Not even more threads, please... There are so many threads and so many sections to look through in this forum now, in my humble opinion it's a lot easier to cram more of the same type of content into a long, wonderful thread, like the video thread. The extra special content does seem to receive it's own thread anyway. Just my 2 cents.
  25. I'm about 175lbs with gear and I have 35 psi. I haven't experimented much with the pressure yet, but 35 psi works well for me. Ideally I'd like to lower the pressure a bit for comfort, but I'm not that keen on puncture repair on a EUC...
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