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CLOSED - X5 (Chinese clone) - Beeping continuously at startup


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Dear all,

After almost a year of not using my X5 unicycle I decided to give it a try.
I gave the battery a good charge but all  I got when power it on was continuous beeps.

I ordered a brand new battery and tried again. I got the same results, continuous beeps, all battery LED are off. Only the start push button is flashing red.

I tried the gyro recalibration process sometimes I can see the wheel trying to turn one direction and then the other but it is like if there was not enough power.

However the battery voltage is ok.

Any ideas guys ? What should I check?

Thanks a lot for your help.



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It seems to be moving freely. I can feel a little bit of resistance but I guess it is normal.

Sometime when I try th gyro reset I can see the wheel turning very slowly and then I get the continuous beeping.

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Battery voltage is ok (around 65V if I remember correctly) and the battery is brand new !
Does somebody know how I can check if the hall effect sensors are ok and if the motor windings are ok ?

I measured the resistance between the 3 wires (yellow, blue and green) and the reading is only 7 Ohms between each wires (all combinations tested).

Any idea what I could troubleshoot?

Also I wanted to open the motor so I removed all the screws but it seems to be locked by the bearing.
Any suggestion on how to  open it up ?


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Ok guys, looks like I am making some progress here.

I managed to test the hall sensors using this method:

I found one dead. So  I open the motor to check on the wiring.
Unfortunatly the wiring is ok, meaning it is a sensor failure.

Halll sensor effect is Y3141-340 (or 240 not too sure).

It seems pretty hard to find. Any idea guys what could be a good and easy to find replacement ?

Let me know.



2015-11-21 18.36.07.jpg

20151124_142016~2_resized [281460].jpg

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6 hours ago, Herve said:

Halll sensor effect is Y3141-340 (or 240 not too sure).

It seems pretty hard to find. Any idea guys what could be a good and easy to find replacement ?

Not 100% sure, maybe Allegro A1101 could be used as replacement? At least this http://www.instructables.com/id/Hall-Effect-Magnetic-Pole-Identifier/ Instructable states that Y3144 is interchangeable with A3144 and A3141:

Y3144 Hall Effect Sensor, interchangable with A3144, A3141, and a couple others.

Allegro datasheets for the A3141-A3144 (http://www.allegromicro.com/~/media/Files/Datasheets/A3141-2-3-4-Datasheet.ashx) says that it's out of production, and replacements are:


Assuming it works, maybe all the sensors should be of same type though?

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Hi Esaj,

Thanks for your help.
I bought A3144 and also SS41 from Honeywell. ill see how it goes.

I spent too much time on this Unicycle to give up now.
Can't wait to give it a try.

Will come back on the forum if I manage to get it to work.


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For info the A3144 is slightly bigger than the Y3141 so it does not fits in.

I will try to make it smaller, one way or another ;-)

Keep you posted.


Edit: wrong info, it is the same size...

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  • 11 months later...

Hi all,

I have managed to fix the wheel. At first I changed one of the hall sensor but still I was experiencing some issues and the wheel was still not turning.
I made additional tests on the hall sensors and find out that a second one was also damaged.

I changed them all (using the SS41) et voila !

the wheel is finally working. I had some other problems later on with the battery (cut off while riding up hill) so I had to by-pass the BMC.

took me so much time to fix it but never give up !!!

Good luck to all of you who are experiencing problems with an Electric Unicycle.

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Wow :blink: that was almost a full year ago... Thanks for the follow up and glad to hear you persevered in getting it working again.  How did you manage to reposition the stator? Did you use playing card shims or something to get it aligned?  Do you have any photos on how to replace the hall sensors? 

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Actually the most difficult was to remove the old hall sensors.

Those are glued so well...I had to use a very small screw driver and a small hammer to scissor them out.
Then I glued the new ones back with a drop of superglue.

As for the rotor there is no need of any special alignment.

The stator is made of magnet and as soon as you bring the rotor close to the stator it just goes in straight.
you actually have to watch out your fingers as it is pretty strong.

After that, you put everything back together and you can test the hall sensors with the voltmeter as indicated in the video above.
I will check if I have any pictures.



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Nicely done!  :w00t2:  Where did you buy the Honeywell SS41's?  I think you are one of the first people I've seen ever successfully repair a motor.  I think there was one other fellow that I recall who posted up some photos with some fuzz growing on the small PCB boards attached to the Hall sensors, but I think his was more a broken wire issue?  I don't know if he managed to get his working again though.  I wonder if they epoxy the hall sensors in which would explain the difficulty in removing them.  Would like to see more photos as it could help someone else with similar issues down the line!

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Thanks ! Took me a while :-p

I bought the hall sensors from Aliexpress (Chinese website).
I was so frustrated with this Unicycle not working...I had to make it work !!

I have attached some pictures. You can see the hall sensor I used to fix it, the picture of the old hall sensor I removed from the motor and a picture of the Unicycle after having put everything back together.

If anybody has some question, feel free, I will be glad to help.

I have now bought a new wheel IPS 192 for 500 $. That is so much better than the small chinese wheel I spent so much time to fix.
I love it! It can go up to 30 Km /h and has a very good autonomy (around 20 Km).





Hall sensor.jpg

2015-11-24 14.59.48.jpg

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