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Hope for EUCs on planes again?


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13 hours ago, LorenW said:

I hope commercial applications for this battery are as close as they claim.


The introduction of safer batteries will increase fire incidents, because Chinese companies won't be able to resist buying cheaper batteries and then slapping a safer label on it.

For example, check out the number of fake batteries on Amazon (or the fake memory cards). There's somewhat of a cottage industry in China devoted to making fake products; while no one cares about fake watches, not having a pedigree for a critical usage battery is certainly going to result in a blanket ban of any lithium batteries on airplanes.

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For 99% percent of the applications of batteries the limitation is costs or weight, not invincibility. The chance that we will see non-standard (expensive) battery packs build into EUCs in any near future is close to zero. Sorry for the bad news.

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