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  1. I hope commercial applications for this battery are as close as they claim. https://www.wired.com/story/scientists-made-a-nearly-invincible-lithium-ion-battery/
  2. Originally purchased from the esteemed Jason McNeil at eWheels. Includes added Handlebar. Light in weight, nimble, and at 15.5mph it is faster than Bird, Lime-S and Spin scooters. The 500 W motor allows you to carry a maximum payload of 120 Kg (265 pounds), with manufacturer stated maximum range of 31mi. Will be packaged in original box. Located in Washington, D.C.
  3. Ughhh! Thanks for the heads up (and your many awesome Forum contributions that I have valued as well)! I'll check out that thread!
  4. Thank you for your kind words. I really wanted to finally contribute some words back to this amazing EUC community. It has been such a tremendous value to me (your many posts certainly included!!)... I am so thankful for this forum. Yes! The tank pads were a guess, based on size, really, and they turned out to be spot on.
  5. I received the Nikola Plus 100V about two weeks ago from the deservedly esteemed Jason at eWheels. I currently own an Inmotion V5F+ and a KingSong 16c, with the 16c being my (previous) daily wheel. I had some considerable internal debate over the decision to get this wheel. Having ridden KingSong for several years now, my first inclination was to pull the trigger on the 18XL or to wait for the new 16X. Let me just say... I am glad I did not wait. The Nikola+ is absolutely amazing. Size. This wheel is big. Bigger than expected. It absolutely dwarfs the 16c, and initially, you *will* be very taken with its width and its weight. For the first two days, honestly I was actually concerned... my fear was that the wheel might be too large and ungainly for handling slow pedestrians, and possibly to heavy and big to be easily handled in the office. These are both important factors for me. While this initially was a concern, I can say that after two weeks, that fear has 100% evaporated. This wheel IS big, and IS less wieldy than smaller wheels, but amazingly, you quickly get used to it. Riding dynamics. You simply cannot ride this wheel the same way a smaller one. But once again, those concerns disappeared as I quickly adjusted to using more body weight on turns, and the tire, which was initially quite slippery, was "worn in" and properly grippy after a day or two. The Nikola+, with a bit of experience, is just SOLID. It is easy to get to the place where you trust it and its ability to handle anything the road brings, and anything you ask of it. It flies right over rough road bumps that would have put terror in my soul to even consider driving over on the 16c. Yet the feeling of solidity over nimbleness, is not the tradeoff that I expected. In the end, I have actually come to hugely value the feeling of solidity over nimbleness. You feel that you have more command of the road and that is hugely, hugely satisfying. There were a few tweaks that I made to the wheel that were for me, pretty critical. The first was to throw away the spongy pads that the wheel comes with. Honestly they are complete garbage. They have a problem with the adhesive, but even once you address that, they are simply too thick. They make a wheel that is already big feel like you are straddling a truck. Instead I found some motorcycle tank pads on Amazon which provide the perfect grip for the wheel when it is needed. These pads made a huge, huge difference. They only cost me $8.59 for each pack of two pads, absolutely a no-brainer. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SL3JNSC/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_tyEDDbGD2VHFH The next thing was that I also recalibrated the wheel up from the initial 1.5% angle to a 3% angle (after trying some other angles) and settled in on soft mode, which has *not* been my preference previously. After reading that some others recommended it, I tried it and agreed. For me it its much, much less hard on my legs in this mode. I haven't yet messed with tire pressure at all. Cosmetically, nearly every sticker on the Nikola+ (except for the padded stickers that protect the wheel when the pedals come up), peel off on their own. Gotway clearly has some adhesive issue here. My solution? I just removed them all, which really, simply improves the cleanliness of the look of the wheel anyway. The startup sound, as others have stated, is unnecessarily loud, and will have you rethinking where and when you start the wheel. That is an unfortunate annoyance, and an issue that I hope they fix in future firmware updates. But these are relatively minor issues, to be honest. The trolley handle for me hasn't been a problem for me, since it is essentially identical to the one from the InMotion V5F+, which I own. It gets the job done. It works effectively. The light, for nighttime riding, is bright and also quite effective. Power. The power cannot be understated. I am completely awed by the Nikola+. I am a 6'5" tall 220lb rider, and riding this wheel feels like riding a beast. This wheel gives you every bit from it that you ask for. It absolutely *flies* up hills on command, and it comes up to 25+ MPH at an amazing pace... and honestly, in my 100 miles of riding this wheel so far, I have only been a few MPH beyond that. Nevertheless, it is amazing to have reserve power even at that speed. I have spent a lot of time talking about other things, but really I could spend all day talking about how amazing the power of this wheel is. It is absolutely invigorating. In all honesty, I don't much see the point of having wheels that go much faster than 30MPH. At least in the city. That speed will make your heart skip not just one, but several beats. But such is the nature of the EUC arms race... Every year we push beyond... and I am here to tell you that I am thrilled to have gotten on board for the ride with the Nikola+.
  6. Redesigned mudguard. The "ball sack" design seems not to be favored by most.
  7. I am fairly certain that the pedal height is meant to be in millimeters rather than centimeters here. ?
  8. This is a clever solution, but may not be compatible with people who use "training straps" while learning. Maybe that is considered an antiquated learning technique at this point?
  9. If this thing is for real, my electric unicycle dreams have come true. AND, my money will fly out of my wallet like a rocket. 9kg, 30mph, 60mile range?? https://youtu.be/y1i1Y3bWhE8 https://youtu.be/-r9_KeHkBzw
  10. China only?!!! That had better be a joke. A very mean and non-funny one.
  11. We are 4.6 mi from the trailhead waiting at a little rest area
  12. Cool! We'll wait for you guys... We are a little bit up the trail
  13. Kour and I are on the trail... Didn't see anyone... Did the group leave already?
  14. I'll be at Fiola Mare shortly... Running 10min behind
  15. I'm game for a Sunday ride, if we need to reschedule!
  16. I would be game for July 29
  17. There is a very good chance might have been me... I live a few blocks from there :-)
  18. LorenW

    KS14D Firmware 1.02

    Judging from what I have seen of other peoples past experiences, unless you feel very lucky or very brave, I would not be the first to upload firmware for any EUC brand.
  19. I didn't see this thread until now, because it got buried in the Advertisements and Promotions section :-( It has good information in it.
  20. As the owner of a V5F+ and KS16B, both purchased from eWheels / @Jason McNeil, I have experienced the pedal scraping woes of the original poster. When I first bought it, I found the KS16 to have almost unacceptably low pedals. BUT, in all honesty, I almost never ride the V5F+ at this point. I always ride the KS16, and love it... due to the hugely extended range, and also due to the difference in speed and hill climbing power which is very noticeable. When I buy a new wheel, which of course I will, since i am a wheel addict, pedal height will still be a huge consideration. I am just not willing to give up range, speed and power at this point.
  21. I am curious about your impression of pedal height on the GT16... after experiencing the fantastic increased height on the Inmotion V5F+, I really can't see buying another low pedaled wheel!
  22. This is a great video. Great coverage of pros and cons. Thank you. Drone footage too?! Very cool. The wheel looks like an absolute beast! I fear for your life though!! I pray you don't really feel like you need to push the upper limit of the wheel, especially without big-time protection!
  23. Is there any news about enhancements or new Inmotion models for spring or summer 2017? I have heard of a few for both Gotway and Kingsong, but I was wondering, in advance, if there will also be an Inmotion model or two competing for dollars I shouldn't be spending. ?
  24. I have also updated to the latest firmware with no issues. My settings also stayed the same. Low speed torque does seem to be better, and the fix for the flickering lights is much appreciated.
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