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What model of electric unicycle is this?


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I just got an electric unicycle from a friend, but have no idea what kind it is. There is no branding nor text on it, though the tyre has 'Celimo' on the sidewall and cute apples in the tread. Can anyone identify what it is?

Photo here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qa2Q6LZYsFJX3RAT6

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I suspect that is a "generic" EUC - an unbranded copy of something similar to the Airwheel  (mentioned by @Unventor).

What I can confidently say is that it is a reasonably old model with a very small battery and a low powered motor....

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Its is an airwheel clone.Good learner wheel to beat up but hugely underpowered. Dont take it up hills,over curbs or on grass unless u would like to imprint ur face in the ground for future generations to see.Gear up and when u come off it shouldnt be a problem!

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