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who traveled the world of eletric unicycle?


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A few months ago they sent me the instagram of a boy who traveled around the world with his electric unicycle. I found it very interesting and wanted to show my father, however, I don't think his instagram anymore. Can anyone tell me who it is?

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Damn IT...he stole my dream :)))

Don't think to much...just do it ;)

this is my motto cause i don't like to make plans

so about 1 week ago i was thinking to start a trip..Sofia,maybe Istanbul  with my V8..i'm to stupid to work like a donkey 99.9%  and don't spend time to enjoy the trip..so in the last seconds i change my mind and i Say because is still winter lets travel with bus ,train and enjoy city tours with my wheel.

So after Sofia now I'm in Istanbul..few hours before to leave to another destination..

Another thing about me...i fall a sleep dreaming about next city and next day i leave to another destination 😁 

Just right now i was spending few hours to put tohether piece with piece for a crazy journey just to find that for only 1 visa i need to pay about 100 $ for 2 ways entry and its available only after 09 january :(

so,for just a few hours i was dreaming just like Jules Verne ...

but at least in 3 days i meet one of EUC Istanbul comunity...he told me that they are about 100 members on WhatsApp..

Lets see where i will be tomorrow..





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