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  1. Does have any way to unlock 22mph in inmotion v8 in android? O just bought one and i want to try 22mph. I tried darknessbot and it worked, but i don't have iphone. I have android.
  2. Guys, in my opinion, in more than 1 month I've been doing this, my Ninebot C+ is really pretty good. I have no problems (in normal use) Once, using the PPE, I tested my Ninebot to the limit on a climb, and the unicycle was unstable, but I think it was 26 km/h lol. I have turned C+ to E+
  3. No. I turned my C+ to E+ and now i can go untill approximately 23km/h
  4. I bought the code to ninetool and i recommend this. I turned my C+ to E+. Before i do that, i had turned C+ to Ninebot P, but i think turn C+ to P is not a good idea.
  5. A few months ago they sent me the instagram of a boy who traveled around the world with his electric unicycle. I found it very interesting and wanted to show my father, however, I don't think his instagram anymore. Can anyone tell me who it is?
  6. Thank you by the help. It really make sense. I will test it two more weeks and after i will say my feedback. So far it seems to be normal
  7. I have X8 and now i also have the C+ and i will say to you just one thing: The C+ is too better than X8
  8. Hi. I turned my ninebot one C+ to ninebot E+ and i get the limited velocity in 23-24km/h. My question is: In your opinion (opinion) can I have problems with this? Considering that there was an increase of only 4km / h?
  9. Guys, I searched a lot and found nothing about. Is there any way to increase the Airwheel x8 speed limit?
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