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Looking to be able to send PMs

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You can go to a thread he has posted in put his tag (@ followed by name) in a post and ask him/her to reply to you. 

If you are active here on the forum your reputation will grow and then you get to PM users too. This is set in place to minimize the spamers attacking users. 

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7 hours ago, arnakena said:

Looking to be able to send PMs to pico

That is the only way I can contact him. Ty !


Welcome to the forum! It was great meeting you!

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Howdy. I've been a member for around a year. While I've read a lot, I also haven't found a need to post a lot. As such, I still cannot send PMs (so can't contact a staff member) to request I be able to submit more than about 1 positive feedback per day. There are lots of valuable articles that I'd like to give a thank you for.

Can a staff member take me off probation?


I'm an active member on other forums (PM me if needed), and don't want to spam this forum just to be able to leave positive feedback.

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@WI_Hedgehog Everything should be good now. You can post without needing approval, send PMs, etc.

Sorry for this, these initial restrictions are surely annoying and frustrating, and it pains us moderators everytime a good guy (like you) has a problem due to this. But unfortunately some restrictions are quite necessary to ward off spammers and other bad actors (the restrictions seem harsh and dumb until one sees what happens without them). You fell through the cracks, so to speak, but it's fixed now:) Happy posting (and upvoting and PMing and...)!

Anything else you need, let us know.

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