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Gotway MSuperX voltage issue?


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I had issues with my new MSX charger, it popped when I plugged it in and would not charge, the shop replaced it. Now my app shows 64v at 100% charge. Is that normal, is the app incorrect, did the charger damage some cells, should I test the poles on the charge port?

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82V is a bit low after a night of charging, but not low enough to point to a dead cell in the battery. I'd say it does fit in the limits of normal behaviour for an MSX, as the internal voltage metering is probably not the most precise or calibrated one.

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On 10/12/2019 at 3:38 AM, ScottVal said:

I am using WheeLog and have since discovered the voltage setting you mention. It's now showing 82v at 97% after a night of charging. Does that sound normal? Thanks for the help.

I looked into this for ages i always thought mine was not charging full , only way you can tell if it's charged to 84v is to measure the voltage using a multimeter on the charge pin on the wheel , my voltage shows 96% and 81.6v but measured from pin is 84v 

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