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Jean Dublin

Which EUCs have the hardest shells?

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Hi all, 

Couldn't find any topic like this one. Thinking about which wheels are the best to teach people (hard shell is mandatory then...), while still having it as a 2nd spare wheel. 

From my experience, the IPS Lhotz and Gotway ACM have the hardest shells I've seen. 

The Rockwell GT16 and KingSong 18L shell aren't the hardest, but not too bad. 

I'm getting a Gotway Monster now, I've heard it's got a weak shell. 

I've been thinking about selling the Gotway ACM and getting a better 16inch wheel, like the Gotway Tesla (I heard the shell was improved at one point), for teaching people and as a city riding wheel for me (I don't enjoy the Gotway ACM enough to use it often). 

So, from me, so far, out of 10:

(a 10 is where you don't mind giving it to people to try it and letting it fall hard enough shows no visible damage or marks). 

IPS Lhotz: 8/10 (gets scratches easy enough, but still hard). 

Gotway ACM: 9/10 (scratches aren't that visible, but there is some damage to edges of the side panels). 

Rockwheel GT16: 6/10 (side panels plastic holding the screws can break) .

KingSong 18L/XL: 6/10 (scratches easy enough, side panel plastic holding screws can also break, plastic doesn't seem hard enough). 


Not as sure about these, but I'll guess:

Gotway Monster: not sure, but from images I've seen I'd say more like a 2 or 3?

Gotway Msuper v2 I think is a 9 too. 

Gotway Msuper v3 is a 4 or 5?

MSX is a 7?


Looking forward to your thoughts. 

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The less weight the wheel has the better for dropping it with minimal damage. Any 18” wheel will fare worse than a 14” wheel except maybe the tank Z10

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18S has a tank of a shell. dropped it multiple times and it holds up like a champ. 

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I learned on my V10F and I have to say it has been remarkably durable.  I've dropped it on its side and had it do some pretty gnarly breakdance moves more times than I can count.  Also had it go rogue after I stepped off of it and watched it run across a parking lot at 10 MPH right into a high curb.  Plenty of scratches (mainly on the pedals), but the only crack it has sustained was from that brutal collision with the curb and it was small enough I just electrical taped over it.  You can hardly see it.  Still runs perfectly.  Once I'm done banging it up, I figure I'll replace the shell just for vain cosmetic reasons.

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On 9/9/2019 at 9:20 PM, leadfeathers said:

I test drove an MCM5 that was practically totaled and it still ran like a dream.


Yes, I had the chance to try it too, for a weekend in London, thanks to @Afeez Kay

I sold my Gotway ACM yesterday, which was the wheel I was teaching people on. 

The MCM5 is a good wheel for that too I think, changing the riding style to beginner/soft and limiting the speed. And padding it up, for it to stay "attractive" for whenever I have to sell it. 

And I would also use it as a 2nd wheel myself. 

However, I won't get an MCM5 unless I see a great 2nd hand deal on it (800wh). I'm not getting it new, I'd rather wait for a 16inch which has the same or more torque than the MCM5. I heard Gotway is thinking to release something like that in 4-6 months (from Afeez's post about his recent visit to the factory). 

The "?" 16in 2020 wheel on my signature is a sillouette of an MCM5 haha. 


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