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  1. I have giganto feet as well. Most of my foot pain (in the front and arch) went away when I placed my heel just behind the mid-point of the pedal. This is pretty far forward. But it means that just by standing up straight (no lean) you are moving forward at a gentle pace. This means you don't have to lean much to speed up. Downside is if you need to brake hard, you gotta lean way the hell back.
  2. Engineer here. I wish we'd just switch to metric already. The irony is we can't because all of our legacy infrastructure and analytical tools are in freedom units. And so the self-perpetuating cycle continues lol.
  3. While passing a pedestrian, you should never be moving fast enough to kill someone, even if they purposely jump out in front of you. When I'm biking, I slow down when passing pedestrians, slow enough that I'm barely overtaking them. It's not that hard. Yes, I have a beef with fast riding cyclists. It's because I've nearly been hit by them, 3 out of the last 6 times I biked casually along one of the most popular multi-use trails in Washington State. Cyclists hauling ass 25 mph over the speed limit. Lol there's even freaking pedestrian lobbying group that formed to address this kind of frequent behavior. It's unreal. Car statistics may have higher pedestrian deaths, but at least there's some semblance of enforcement on roads. Nothing for trails. There are little kids walking on these trails with their parents. It's dangerous. Not every lycra cyclist is an asshole. But every asshole I've encountered on a trail has been a lycra cyclist.
  4. Oh come on. I'm a frequent defender of Inmotion, but this makes it hard to continue doing so.
  5. @LanghamP Elderly Renton Woman Hit By Bike Rider On Cedar River Trail Dies From Injuries Also there are several San Francisco articles citing that the use of the Strava app among bicyclists as the reason for reckless speeding. And you're right, the number of pedestrians killed by drivers is far higher, but we as EUC riders typically (are supposed to) ride on sidewalks and trails, not in the main road. Thus, bicyclists would be the greater relative threat imo.
  6. I mentioned this in another thread, but bear in mind that these guys aren't pissy at just EUCs. They're pissy at pedestrians. You know, the people they're supposed to be yielding to? There've been incidents in Seattle where pedestrians were killed by bicyclists going 40mph on multi-use trails. Zero regard for other life on any other form of transport. I think Lycra was originally designed in a lab as a bizarre indicator of sociopathic behavior.
  7. Was just thinking that as well. Filling in some of the "cells" in the pattern wouldn't hurt much.
  8. I wonder if this could be prevented by JB welding a thin rectangle of steel sheet over that entire point of contact, just to help distribute the load a bit better.
  9. @Blueblade, I also looked into that, as the V10F has 4p of 20s cells at size 18650. If I were to replace it with 4p of 20s cells at size 21700, specifically the Samsung 50E cells, I could get a 56% increase in capacity. But storage would be the main issue, as 21700 are a 50% increase in volume over 18650. Dropping that to 3p of 20s cells would only yield 17% increase and the battery would only be able to safely sustain ~29.4 amps. The tradeoffs are tough.
  10. Hi modders, I'm looking into putting together a backpack battery pack that I can tether into my wheel and "charge it" while riding. Effectively to slow down the depletion. This has two benefits: longer range and longer time at an unthrottled speed. I'm about ready to begin constructing my battery and DC converter, however the one thing I'm stuck on is how to get around Inmotion's "shutdown on charge" feature. At the moment if you stick a charger into your wheel while it is on, it will shut off and prevent activation while the charger is on. After viewing several videos of disassembly, I see that the battery BMS has two XT60 connectors. One goes to the charge port, the other goes to the control board. Does anyone know if the control board is monitoring the charge port somehow?
  11. Hey @alcatraz, after your battery upgrade, are you observing that the battery state on the wheel correlates to the new battery capacity? In other words, is your battery meter depleting more slowly than before? I ask because it dawned on me that if the control board was measuring capacity based on a coulomb counter, then it wouldn't ever indicate state of charge properly because the coulomb counter would be calibrated to the mAh of the original battery. However if the board is measuring battery state based on some moving average of voltage, then this is a non-issue.
  12. Yeah, older versions of a wheel will typically be "upgraded" by the brand and resold as new version of same wheel. So like @LanghamP says, the prices end up staying high for a brand new version of any wheel, but as soon as you drive it off the lot it depreciates fast.
  13. Yeah my only concern is I think these EUC companies are only able to pull in a profit because the EUC community is more than happy to subsidize the advertisement of the brand through word of mouth, conduct the repair work to undo quality control issues, review the products, and be the distributor of their wheels. This is such a niche thing that it's remarkable GW/KS/IM can pull a profit at all. I feel like if everyone waits too long for issues to be ironed out, then nobody will buy their wheels and the whole "EUC" thing disappears into the ether like most fads. I'm not criticizing you, FYI. I agree with you. I am also of the mindset that I'd rather wait before purchasing another wheel. But I'm getting the uneasy feeling that dealing with quality control issues will likely just be the norm unless this form of transport really becomes popular.
  14. Hey guys, finally found something that I might purchase. I work in a place that probably won't let me ride my wheel in, but they won't give a covered bag a second look. You might be able to use these to get onto a train. Just roll up, shove EUC into this bag, and get on? https://www.gophersport.com/supplies/storage/hoop-coupe-storage-bags?item=5077&gclid=CjwKCAjw8ZHsBRA6EiwA7hw_sXusHRP8-hHf1ZAJiEbAFSGMhIhxPzYqKw3Dk_8kRUe5cBNqM43pehoCYEYQAvD_BwE#longDescription And if someone asks, you can say you're carrying 45 lbs of hula hoop lmao
  15. Dude that guy pulled up freaking close. Jesus.
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