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  1. I second the "place your foot further forward remark". When you're ready to ride fast (give it time), place about 25% of your foot behind the center of the pedal, the remaining 75% of your foot in the front. This makes it so you don't have to do much pushing forward to ride at a gentle pace, and it'll ease the foot pain considerably. Then, when you want to speed up, you just gently press forward and it'll take off like a rocket. Foot placement is everything on EUCs.
  2. Reading these posts is hilarious. When I first started riding, I practiced in a school parking lot. There were some 7-8 year olds nearby playing on a jungle gym watching me fall on my ass. One of them: "Do you even know how to ride that?" I'm grumbling to myself "no, goddamnit, that's why I'm practicing." 2 months later I'm slowly passing by an elderly gentleman on a walk and I hear him adorably proclaim "well I'll be!"
  3. I actually love this aspect of the V10F. The bulk of the weight is right underneath my knees, and I can use it as leverage to turn easier. With other smaller EUC's it felt like they were resting on my ankles when making turns; didn't enjoy that.
  4. Thanks for your answer. Generally, users of V10F have noticed more aggressive tiltback on hills than on Gotway or Kingsong. I weigh less than you, but still have problems going up hills for extended periods. This was made clear during my last ride, with a Kingsong and Gotway rider ahead of me. They made it to the top, no problem, but halfway through I had to get off and power-cycle my V10F. I've heard that it is due to underperforming mosfets? That, although the V10F has an incredibly powerful motor, it has an undersized control board (and by that I mean the parts on the board aren't mean
  5. @DjPanJan, is it an entirely new control board? Like better mosfets? Can it handle uphill rides better?
  6. Fascinating! I love living in this age. Every day we see new battery innovations. Even if 99% of them don't make it to market.
  7. @tumbla.jr what's your mileage at this point?
  8. I have giganto feet as well. Most of my foot pain (in the front and arch) went away when I placed my heel just behind the mid-point of the pedal. This is pretty far forward. But it means that just by standing up straight (no lean) you are moving forward at a gentle pace. This means you don't have to lean much to speed up. Downside is if you need to brake hard, you gotta lean way the hell back.
  9. Engineer here. I wish we'd just switch to metric already. The irony is we can't because all of our legacy infrastructure and analytical tools are in freedom units. And so the self-perpetuating cycle continues lol.
  10. While passing a pedestrian, you should never be moving fast enough to kill someone, even if they purposely jump out in front of you. When I'm biking, I slow down when passing pedestrians, slow enough that I'm barely overtaking them. It's not that hard. Yes, I have a beef with fast riding cyclists. It's because I've nearly been hit by them, 3 out of the last 6 times I biked casually along one of the most popular multi-use trails in Washington State. Cyclists hauling ass 25 mph over the speed limit. Lol there's even freaking pedestrian lobbying group that formed to address this kind of
  11. Oh come on. I'm a frequent defender of Inmotion, but this makes it hard to continue doing so.
  12. @LanghamP Elderly Renton Woman Hit By Bike Rider On Cedar River Trail Dies From Injuries Also there are several San Francisco articles citing that the use of the Strava app among bicyclists as the reason for reckless speeding. And you're right, the number of pedestrians killed by drivers is far higher, but we as EUC riders typically (are supposed to) ride on sidewalks and trails, not in the main road. Thus, bicyclists would be the greater relative threat imo.
  13. I mentioned this in another thread, but bear in mind that these guys aren't pissy at just EUCs. They're pissy at pedestrians. You know, the people they're supposed to be yielding to? There've been incidents in Seattle where pedestrians were killed by bicyclists going 40mph on multi-use trails. Zero regard for other life on any other form of transport. I think Lycra was originally designed in a lab as a bizarre indicator of sociopathic behavior.
  14. Was just thinking that as well. Filling in some of the "cells" in the pattern wouldn't hurt much.
  15. I wonder if this could be prevented by JB welding a thin rectangle of steel sheet over that entire point of contact, just to help distribute the load a bit better.
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