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how to reduce force necessary to snap pedals down?


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Hey all,

I have the XL pedals on the KS18L and one of them requires a TON of force to snap down, to the point where most of the time I struggled to snap it down without reaching down with my hand. Is there a way to reduce this amt of force? There's a small bent piece of metal inside the pedal when you remove it -- can I bend that a certain direction to achieve what I'm looking for? I know on my 16B i removed it altogether to use the magnet hack, but the magnet hack doesn't look especially easy (or very practical) with the 18L.


Thanks in advance.

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The piece of metal is spring metal, and it would be difficult to get it straightened just enough.

I used WD40 on all moving parts and contact points on my 16S, made a big difference. It will also loosen up further in use.

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I took my springs off and bent them straighter using two pairs of pliers.  Then I greased the contact area for smoother (there that word again) operation. Works a charm, much quieter too; no more rusty gate hinge sounds


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