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What EUC for 8 year old?


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as some might have noticed my daughter has learned EUC riding and she is really enjoying it. She learned (and still is learning) it on my "beater" generic 14" wheel. It's a wheel with a max speed of 18km/h, that starts beeping at 15km/h, and has a range of 15km (it charges fully in hour, to give you an idea :lol: ). She weighs 22kg with gear.

It's still a bit too early (she needs to ride more) but I am wondering what wheel I could get for her after this. The main issues currently being range and lack of trolley. Since she can't ride everywhere and needs to hop on and off the lack of trolley is a big deal on the current one, as she can't carry the wheel herself easily. Extra speed and margin is always welcome, one can usually limit this through an app, but I guess we won't be going faster than 20km/h cruise speed anyway, no matter what the wheel is capable of. And even then we'll switch from the bike helmet to a full face one.

An Mten3 doesn't seem like a good alternative, because it's a lot harder to ride coming from a bigger wheel. Bigger than 14" will be a problem considering her height. I've never really looked into that market as I currently own Mten3, Rockwheel GT16 and Ninebot Z10 wheels (previously owning an Inmotion V8).

So what are the options that I know of?

Inmotion V5F

King Song KS14 D/S/whatelseisthere? 

... ?


Range is an issue currently but we're not going to do 60km trips together. It's especially the "don't go below 50%" rule that bothers me more than being able to completely deplete a battery when riding. a 40km range will give you 20km with zero risk. In her case probably 30 because of her low weight.


Any suggestions?

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My grandson is still too young and by the time he is old enough all the wheels will have changed. I have thought about the subject. I would tend to favor the KS14D. With a small rider the wheel should go a very long way. My daughter can ride 90 miles on a MSX 1600. The KS14 and KS16 are rental grade tough.  The Mten3 might not be all that bad either. You can limit the speed and kids learn quick. I still think the 14" wheel would be safer. 

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My eight year old daughter rides the NB E+ and also a Gotway V2. She says she prefers the Gotway when out and about in the forest as its a lot smoother. On the other hand she likes the NB as its much easier to turn and is lighter.

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