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  1. Mark1976

    What EUC for 8 year old?

    My eight year old daughter rides the NB E+ and also a Gotway V2. She says she prefers the Gotway when out and about in the forest as its a lot smoother. On the other hand she likes the NB as its much easier to turn and is lighter.
  2. Would paper jam pose a risk for overheating issues?
  3. Mark1976

    Bluetooth Connection / Msuper V2.

    Can anyone offer any thoughts please?
  4. Mark1976

    Bluetooth Connection / Msuper V2.

    Greetings. I have managed to download the Gotway App onto an Amazon fire 4 tablet, i have paired my wheel and have a number of settings to play with. Questions with regards to settings. Speed Alert Setting. Turn off level one alarm ////two alarm and three alarm. Am i correct in thinking removing alarm 1 & 2 (Lower speeds) will leave me with just alarm 3 which is top end/ hospital speed? Tilt Back Close tilt back at 6km/h ///// Open tilt back at 6km/h I have been riding the wheel for just under a month and have not experienced any sort of tilt back whats so ever, if anything i feel like my foot plates are angled down giving me the feeling my feet are slipping forwards when traveling. This made me question do i have the front end going in the right direction or am i riding it in reverse? When travelling i have the power button and battery LED indicator next to my left leg and the foot plates are rounded on the front which makes sense. I like the idea of the foot plates tilting back when i go over 6km/h if it would solve the above mentioned feeling i have when riding. The only sort of tilt back experiences i am used to is on the 9B E+ which are warnings. Any feedback or advice with the 2 tilt back settings would be greatly received and appreciated. Cheers in advance.
  5. Mark1976

    Bluetooth Connection / Msuper V2.

    Out of curiosity Is there anyway of finding out the year of manufacturing from the serial number printed on the wheel? Serial starts, MS QJ15*#*#*#*#*# Cheers.
  6. Mark1976

    Bluetooth Connection / Msuper V2.

    Thanks Steve. if I remember correctly it does indeed have Google play store on it, will dig it out and have a play. cheers.
  7. Mark1976

    Bluetooth Connection / Msuper V2.

    Any suggestions for a suitable cheap Android device? i remember getting my daughter an Amazon Tablet some time ago, is that Android?
  8. Mark1976

    Bluetooth Connection / Msuper V2.

    Thanks for the reply and information, saved me some time and hassle. We don’t own anything Android nor do we have any other devices in the house. I was riding alongside my daughter (Ninbot E+) this afternoon and the beeps kicked in on the Msuper and nothing sounded on the Ninebot. My 7 year old daughter found this highly amusing which lead to my question. thanks again. Cheers.
  9. Good evening. I have managed to get my hands a Gotway Msuper V2. Can anyone advise if this wheel comes fitted with Bluetooth please? Took her out this afternoon and could not find a connection for her on my phone. i wanted to view the alarm / warning settings from the previous user. Will this wheel work with DarknessBot App. Cheers.
  10. Greetings. Just joined the forum Hi. Understand thread posted some time ago but for the record I'm based in the New Forest, Southampton. Uk. Only had my Ninebot E+ 2 days so still climbing the steep learning curve. ATB.
  11. Mark1976

    My E+ still rocks!

    Evening, had mine for two days now and love it, managed 10 miles in just over 4 hours. its not the actual riding it for me which is hard its the mounting and dismount. Love Love it. ATB.